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  1. Thank you guys. I have been anxious since last night, I have played sad songs at work (hahaha that's how I cope) I am a new fan so I haven't really experienced Yuzu not #1 for SP. I have seen his previous performances and rankings before, of course but it is waaaay different to experience it as it happens.
  2. 7. For his humble personality - how he takes accountability for his mistakes (although sometimes it can be too much!). This shows how he is far more mature than his real age.
  3. Hi all, I barely post here.. I mostly lurk but I can't resist to join this thread. If not for Yuzuru, I would have been completely lost. I went in 2018 with no clear goals, I don't know what to do with my life. One fateful day, I decided to check our Olympics FS (just because I was bored), and boooi... did it change my life a lot! Since I learned of Yuzuru's story I looked at my life in greater scrutiny and made plans on how to achieve my goals. A lot of times i still feel lazy and complacent; but I always get reminded that Yuzu has already achieved so much in his young life that I realized that every person has an opportunity to make themselves better. One should not stay in the comfort zone.
  4. I wish he will get well soon... I can't handle this anxiety anymore
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