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  1. I am a Filipino and I was really surprised that 2 of my countrymen were competing against Yuzuru this year's ACI. I was feeling bad for Edrian Paul Celestino when he paused mid-program but it really warmed my heart when the audience cheered for him (well obvs it was mostly Fanyus :D) and he was able to finish his program. Philippines is a tropical country so Figure Skating is pretty much non-existent so it was a pleasant surprise for me to see them skate side by side with Yuzu. By the way, Christopher Caluza is also a huge Yuzu fan!
  2. Nope.. just a quick visit. I think Yuzu wax statue will be back by Sept. 3. 😭 Does anyone know if the Rugby World Cup bench art is still in Marunouchi?
  3. I am actually quite depressed about this. 😭😭😭 Me and my friend bought tickets a week ago to see Yuzu at Madame Tussaud's Tokyo (Aug. 27) ... oh well
  4. Me and my friend are visiting Japan on August 25-29. very short! But I am planning (forcing) to include Sendai in our itinerary. Thank you for the links here! I will use these to convince my friend to include Sendai.
  5. Hahahah my thoughts exactly
  6. Thank you guys. I have been anxious since last night, I have played sad songs at work (hahaha that's how I cope) I am a new fan so I haven't really experienced Yuzu not #1 for SP. I have seen his previous performances and rankings before, of course but it is waaaay different to experience it as it happens.
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