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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    True! Maybe Yuzu will shock us all although we all might be bald by then
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I wish the media would cool it on Beijing Let the boy bask in his gold medal glory for a little longer
  3. Yuzuru and Shoma rivalry

    If you ask me, Yuzu's greatest rival is himself
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    If that's true, somewhere there's VR footage of a wild Yuzu appearing and sticking his head in towards the camera
  5. Skating on the Planet

    1 month is pretty quick! My goal is to be stable and skate fast by the end of this year I wish skates were cheaper What do you guys think about Jackson Elles?
  6. Random Thought Theater

    I really hope everyone has better luck next season!
  7. Skating on the Planet

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm short but heavy (60kg at 160cm) so maybe I should get the Jackson Classiques instead... How long do figure skates last anyway?
  8. Skating on the Planet

    So I visited my local rink again today, and I think I'm ready to commit to group lessons! How long did it take you guys to become comfortable with skating in general (I don't mean the cool spins and jumps, just zipping around the rink)? Also, what are some good beginner skates? I've heard Jacksons are better for people with wide feet (like me hehe) so I'm considering the Mystiques but not sure I'd like to get some second hand skates but I'm scared about the sizing. Ive heard that figure skates are supposed to be one size smaller than your shoe size, but the rentals I use are the same as my shoe size
  9. Random Thought Theater

    What comp are you talking about when you say you planned a year in advance but was disappointing?
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Yuzu, the king of figure skating and imitating other people
  11. Skating on the Planet

    I think we might all be masochists. I'm convinced Yuzu is. He loves figure skating because it's difficult. And once he clears an obstacle, there's another one right up ahead for him to beat. If that's not M, I don't know what is .
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Quick rough translation: Title: Yuzu came back strong and mature Yuzu, Evegenia and I are really good friends. The two of them have been through some really tough times. I've also been through the same thing so I wanted to support them as a friend. They're in an even more critical situation because they have medals on the line (not sure about this part). As an older brother that is experienced and older than them, I gave them lots of know-how and examples. Sometimes I sent them emails 5-6 pages long. And so I feel both of them overcame difficulties and came back stronger not only as athletes, but as people. This time, I felt from his expressions and conversations (with him?) that Yuzu has grown a great deal. He matured in a controlled, gentle manner. I tweeted 'ThePrinceBecomeAKing' after his short program, but this is what I meant. We all live in different parts of the world and don't have time so we can't talk a lot, but we all support each other.
  13. Skating on the Planet

    If my local rink charged that much, I would go everyday! In Australia, ice skating is not very popular sport so it's expensive My local rink charges $26AUD (incl hire) for a session (2 hours). But on Sundays there's a mega session which lasts for 5 hours and is great value for money. Only problem is that it's very crowded
  14. Grand Prix assignments and how they work

    He has mentioned in an interview from last year that one of his motivations for attending the 2017 4CC was that he hadn't won a 4CC title yet, so fingers crossed! if he comes to 4CC, let's go together and shower zuzu with winnies and kaneki-kun plushies
  15. Grand Prix assignments and how they work

    I know it's not a grand prix assignment, but what do you guys think about 4CC? Yuzu hasn't really done it much, and I'm thinking the only reason he did it in 2017 was because it was held at the 2018 Olympics venue. Maybe he wanted to try the arena out? A lot of people are saying that he might come to the 2019 4CC to complete his medal collection, but I don't know if Yuzu even cares about 4CC all that much