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  1. dotsquare

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    Good point! Seems like it'll boil down to NHK/SC or NHK/IdF. I agree, I think Shouma is difficult to figure out But if Nathan picks SA/IdF, then the only combo that would make sense for Shouma is SC/NHK, in which case Yuzu would end up with NHK/IdF. I can't really see Nathan getting anything other than IdF, unless he gets NHK (doubtful) or the new GP (even more doubtful). My money is still on IdF
  2. dotsquare

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    I had a crack at guessing assignments based on this rumour and here's what I came up with. This is assuming 1) new GP will be in Europe, and 2) CoR and SA don't want Yuzu. So ruling out SA and COR, there are 6 combinations remaining: SC/NHK: possible but cutting it close SC/new GP: back to back and jet lag SC/IdF: possible New GP/NHK: back to back and jet lag New GP/IdF: possible but 2 Europe events would be unusual NHK/IdF: possible At first I thought it would be possible for SC/NHK to happen, but looking at Yuzu's assignments in the past, NHK/SC were always spaced roughly a month apart. Last year they were roughly a week apart, which is making me think this is why Yuzu went to CoR instead of SC. This year, SC/NHK are also under 2 weeks apart. Looking back at past years, he spaces his assignments at least 3 weeks apart where possible. My conclusion is the chance of Yuzu attending IdF is quite high (and we all know the French feds want him). What the other event is will depend on feds as well, but I think Yuzu is likely to get invited to NHK. The only issue with IdF is that it's right before the GPF and jet lag might be a factor. But he's done NHK right before the GPF in both 2015 and 2016 (both of which were in Europe) so I don't think it's impossible. edit: Just realised NHK has always been his second event, which fits SC/NHK more than NHK/IdF. But again, he might not have as much control over assignments this time around.
  3. dotsquare

    Random Thought Theater

    I recently had a similar experience! I'm on a 4-week clinical placement in a totally different town out in the countryside (I'm from the city) but I've only got a week left to go It will be uncomfortable at first but after the first week or two you'll settle in and meet some people. What are you interning in?
  4. dotsquare

    2018 Japan Nationals

    Good idea! My Japanese is meh but it's there. How do you normally keep track of Japanese sellers on Twitter? Any buzzwords to search for?
  5. dotsquare

    2018 Japan Nationals

    Oh yes, the dreaded lotteries of doom *cries in Japanese* I'm glad they've put it in Osaka since it's fairly central. I'll be in Tokyo around Christmas time so it'll be pretty straightforward getting to Osaka. Plus Osaka has awesome food and shopping By the way, what determines how many times you can enter the lottery? Is it limited to IPNs?
  6. dotsquare

    2018 Japan Nationals

    Oh awesome! Does anyone know when the schedules are typically released?
  7. Can't decide where I should buy tickets for the free I'll be in M for the short so I kinda want to try section L because it's adjacent to the skaters entrance and closer to the K+C.... Hmmm. Is anyone else considering L?
  8. I booked a room in the Appartéa hotel. It's pretty meh but I'd rather stay close to the rink for safety reasons I am petrified of walking around when it's dark, even in my own neighbourhood Kinda wish I had thought to book accommodation earlier, especially since I've been planning on attending idf for a while now. I ended up having to book two separate rooms back to back which came out to 360 euros I'm a complete newbie at this but from the research I did today, there's 3 hotels within walking distance of the rink (<500m). I think two of them are totally booked out. The one that isn't doesn't seem to offer free cancellations There is a tram stop quite close to the ice rink so I guess other options could be to find hotels on the tram line?
  9. Oh good! So if they do take anything it'll be a tiny amount and it'll come back straight away! Thanks guys
  10. Hey guys, super rookie question but how do 'no prepayment' hotel reservations work? I reserved a hotel with free cancellation and no prepayment for the first few days of IdF but they asked for my credit card details to 'guarantee' the booking. Apparently they take the money out of your account temporarily and then return it? Does anyone know when they do this (ie is it immediately after you book) and how long it takes for the money to go back to your account?
  11. Yup that's right, I think it's been mentioned a few times in this thread. From people who went last year, it was a problem for the first 3-4 rows. I don't know about you guys, but there's no way I'm paying more money to look through a plastic window
  12. Oh no You could potentially go for a Sat afternoon balcony seat? Or do what Sparkle suggested and email them to see if you can change your Sat ticket from evening to afternoon?
  13. Aw man, the vibe on this thread has done a complete 180 but I'm still hopeful.... Maybe we're reading too much into this? Apparently IdF traditionally has closed practices *but* last year they opened them to the public. You had to buy the practice tickets on the day (I believe they were 5 euros or some thing like that). I have no idea if it's going to be the same this year too. What do you mean there's no way you can get a Saturday afternoon ticket now? I'm not convinced that the scheduling means anything. P/C are arguably the stars of IdF and they're right after the men's event in the afternoon.
  14. This....is such a troll thing to do For the last 3 years they've had the men's event in the second half of the free skate day. Wth Didier. I'm still kind of confused about how assignments work for unseeded skaters Do the feds know at this point who's getting who? If they don't, it's possible the French fed are milking the Yuzu rumours *in case* he doesn't come, but they don't know yet either. @narin I'm so sorry that happened I agree with Sparkle, golden skate and twitter are probably your best bets. Good luck!
  15. Like I said, this is all speculation! It could go either way imo as assignments can be quite unpredictable. Just keep hoping, there's only maybe a week or so left!