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  1. Yuzu walking in after Nathan's done (off the Fuji stream) "I lost! I lost. (Nathan) is cool, huh? [says this because Nathan at the K+C shows up on the TV screen]. I can't win like this"
  2. I can't even begin to imagine the kuyashii brewing right now
  3. Haven't seen any figure skating since Japan Nationals so I'm super nervous but also very excited! Bless this Finnish stream and its 1080p goodness
  4. In Scotland at the moment and resisting the urge to fill what's left of my suitcase space with Nessie plushies for next season
  5. There's a Family Mart right across the street from my dorm! Is this going to be at every Family Mart? I might ask staff tomorrow OT but I just came back from Sendai today and had an amazing time! If it wasn't for Yuzu I wouldn't have even thought to visit Tohoku. So glad I did!
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