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Brian about Medo:


She needs to recover from a chronic back injury ... It looks like it's really a problem at the moment.
Her performance (at the test skates) was below her level. It was so hard trying to train at such a long distance. She definitely needs her usual riding routine, borderline work (general physical training), training and so on. I honestly, I don't know how we can handle this. She misses our program (training) here at Cricket, but the planet has other plans for us at the moment.
In fact, we all need to be focused on fighting this virus.


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Anastasia Gulyakova couldn't attend test skates because of an injury.




Also Daria Pavlyuchenko had foot injury during off-season, but managed to recover until test skates.






Polina Panfilova and Dima Rylov, unfortunately, they did not perform at the box office due to their partner's illness. Dima has problems with tonsils, which appeared several months ago. Due to the pandemic, the operation was postponed, although initially it was supposed to be done in early April. As soon as the quarantine was lifted, we went out on the ice, started working, nothing seemed to bother him, and in August Polina first had a backache, then Dima's throat problems worsened.

In early September, Dima was operated on at the Kirov hospital, and the cyst was removed. (Dima is from Kirov himself, the doctors immediately agreed to do everything). Yesterday, in the same clinic, they did the second one - to remove the tonsils. So after recovery, in October, the couple will take to the ice. We will wait for the decision of the federation on the stages of the Russian Cup and get ready for the national championship. I would like to perform at the Grand Prix in Moscow, this will bring the guys a huge experience.







Work in Novogorsk in the first days after the break was difficult. It was also worrisome that athletes from other sports came to the base, who tested positive for coronavirus. Of course, they were immediately isolated, sent, but be that as it may, before leaving the camp, Tiffany caught the coronavirus. It is good that the disease passed without health consequences. 






Anastasia Shpilevaya and Grigory Smirnov cannot yet fully train. Nastia still has problems with her leg. We are trying to deliver the program, but not yet. Doctors say we have to wait, everything will get better




S/E will have (subtle?) costume change in FD.🧐






Unfortunately, a back injury does not allow Sasha [Stepanova] to live peacefully. A year has passed since she flew to Munich to see a doctor for back problems. Even then, Sasha was told that she would not stop at once, she would need treatment. In terms of diagnostics, things are now much better than last year.


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I've been away for so long but this news is worth returning for, lol.


IF true, it must have happened recently. I wonder if BOrser even knows, Evgenia made sure to show everybody how he's still her coach.


Did Cricket get too expensive?


Or maybe she'll be training with Eteri until she can go back to Canada?


I don't know... She got herself injured while training in Moscow and lost weight, which shows that at least Brian was keeping her healthy. So now she's going to Eteri whose training methods induce injury? When she's already injured?


She must know she'll be playing third fiddle to Valieva and Sherbakova.


Is she counting on the Eteri bonus in her scores?


Or is she giving up on competition and doing it for Eteri's connections in the industry? There was a rumor that Ice Age wanted her to co-host with Alina and Evgenia accepted, but Eteri blocked it.

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