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2018 Olympics Predictions

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It’s early days yet but that’s what makes it so fun.

Get in your Olympics predictions!

Who do you think are the biggest favorites for gold, silver and bronze in all the disciplines?

Who do you think will even get to go, in cases of closely-run contests for spots?

Who do you think can be a big breakthrough this season and thus maybe spoil some plans? Who of the oldies might surprise us? Let us know!

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Gold: Evgenia Medvedeva

Silver: Mai Mihara. I can see her having two dream skates at the Olympics.

Bronze: Gabby Daleman or Karen Chen. Either way, a North American "upstart" with big jumps and some federation push. 



Gold: Yuzuru Hanyu, duh

Silver: Boyang Jin

Bronze: Javier Fernandez


Japanese ladies' team: Satoko Miyahara and Mai Mihara. They're pushing Satoko a bit this year, and Mai is consistent and does well at nationals, although not as well as Wakaba, but I don't think Wakaba will have a consistent season, and Mai has a 4CC title and will probably get some GP/maybe GPF medals. And at this point I feel she may win Nationals.

US ladies' team: Ashley, Karen, and Mirai. I guess Mirai may be a bit of a blind hope, given her music this year and her 3A are both uninspiring to me. But there really isn't much of a 3rd choice. I think Mariah has great packaging but the beginning of her season last year was a bit of a one-hit wonder. Karen does well at Nationals, and if she places in the top 3 she will go. 

Russian ladies' team: Evgenia, Elena, and one of Alina or Anna. Alina has an edge over Anna because she's a lot more consistent and has fewer meltdowns. But there's a big IF as to whether she'll have a good season. A lot of skaters who have one good season seem to fizzle out the next. Not saying I want that to happen, I do prefer Alina to Evgenia. Elena because I'm optimistic about her coaching change.


I don't watch the other disciplines.

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25 minutes ago, yuzuangel said:

Gold: Evgenia Medvedeva

Silver: Mai Mihara. I can see her having two dream skates at the Olympics.

...is it too much to hope for Mai to win Gold??  Yuzuru has said she is "next to Medvedeva" (does that mean next to as in "the next one", or next to as in "the same as" I wonder?? need expert Japanese translation!) - he is a bit of a figure skating expert after all, so if it's the latter meaning then he must have some confidence that she can beat Medvedeva - she needs 2 fab programmes (do we know if she is recycling any, or if she is likely to have new ones?).  I really would like to see her win Gold!  (I do love Wakaba's skating actually and hope for that consistency next season, but am expecting Satoko and Mai to be the 2 successful competitors selected for the Olympics - wish there were 3 places for the women!)

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I'm always so weary of making predictions because I don't want to jinx anyone (yes, I am somewhat superstitious in these cases). But there's no doubt there's only one gold contender at this point for ladies, and gold and silver in dance is basically a coin toss between V/M and P/C.


As for teams, that's equally hard to predict in some cases. For example, there's really no doubt Yuzu and Shoma will be on the Japanese men's team but I have absolutely no idea who'll end up in the ladies. I do think it's unlikely Kaori will be able to fight for a spot in amongst the other ladies but other than that, I have no idea. Russian ladies is a bit like Japanese men: you know which two will be on it, but the third is a lot less clear. 


It's equally hard to predict USA men team, aside from Nathan. Vincent is a good possibility, with his many incoming quads, but who amongst the rest, between Jason, Adam, Joshua(?), Max will make it?

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Same as @xeyra, I'm a bit superstitious about making predictions....but here we go:


Men: obviously Yuzuru, then Nathan, Boyang and maybe Shoma. I have a gut feeling that Shoma might not finish on the podium, though. Same for Javier and Patrick.

Jun Hwan Cha can have a breakthrough season - if he will be consistent during the season and can handle the pressure well (I am sure he can!), he could finish in the Top 10, even maybe Top 8 at the Olympic Games.


Ladies: Medvedeva for gold, but Alina Zagitova will have a very good debut season in the seniors and she can be a threat. She and Mai or Satoko could finish on the podium. Gabby Daleman, Karen Chen and maybe Carolina Kostner could finish in the top six.


Pairs: Sui/Han for gold, Stolbova/Klimov, Duhamel/Radford or Savchenko/Massot for either silver or bronze.


Ice Dance: if they will have a consistent season and won't make any mistakes at the OG either, Tessa and Scott will be untouchable. Papadakis/Cizeron for silver and the Shibutanis for bronze - but if any of them make major mistake/s, then everyone from the Top 6 at Worlds 2017 could win a medal.    

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 :13877886: < -- me after trying to come up with answers for these



Well, I'd say the number one favorite is Medvedeva of course. The previous two years have only made her reputation grow and if she can keep up, I think she has the best chances. I also love her music choices, so she's done well too. Zagi can probably get in the mix there, depending on how far she can raise her PCS in her first Senior season. I am not sure about Polina's chances. I would love to see Anna there as well but I think it's going to be the worst hunger games ever and we might see Radio win out there. She did move to get some politicking power.

The Japanese ladies are such a huge question mark for me. I have no idea who's even going to go, and that's going to decide a lot. I think chances are high for Satoko and Mai but Marin has a massive push happening. Wakaba is in the mix with her 3A but consistency is something she will need.

Canadian ladies also need some consistency because Kaetlyn can really do great or flop and I'm rooting for Gabby. I think she's chosen some great music. I don't see any potential dark horses here except maybe for Caro. 


Overall Medvedeva then it's going to be tight for the silver and bronze. Maybe Zagi and Kaetlyn, with Mai lurking ready to grab it.



No idea who the third Japanese man will be. Mura seems likely but then could just as well end up being Keiji. 
USA men are an even bigger question mark. We've got to wait to see Joshua, Jason's risking a lot with the quads added. I'd say Nathan is a lock and then perhaps Vincent but who is the third man? I'd love it to be Jason but it's totally open. Adam won't go down quietly either, nor Max but I see him as the least threat.

Javi, Boyang, Patrick, all threats, some 6 men clustering on top there.


Overall Yuzuru and probably Shoma and Javi.



There's going to be a major battle between Sui/Han and Aliona/Bruno. I don't know how strong Duhamel/Radford can return. I hope the North Koreans actually participate, it would be so fantastic. Tarasova and Morozov are still in there, and probably stronger than this year plus Yu/Zhao if they can improve some more and they probably can because she is just wonderful. 
Of course then there's James/Cipres that just showed us a quad throw in practice so they are more than in the game.

Overall Sui/Han, Aliona/Bruno and I'll go for the surprise of James/Cipres



This is rather short as I think three pairs are out ahead.

Overall Papadakis/Cizeron then V/M and Shibs for bronze.



Now this is probably going to be really tight, it'll depend on quite a few things and who skates what so I'll just throw it out there

Canada, Russia and USA.


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55 minutes ago, yuzuangel said:


I agree with this order. I think Patrick will finally get his Olympic Gold. And I will be really happy for him.


I wonder if he'll decide to throw all of it for the team, and maybe skate the Free, considering that is his greatest chance, even with the 4F. It'll be interesting to see some of the choices there, and not just for Canada.

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At this off-season moment I say so about the gold, silver and bronze:

Ladies: Kaetlyn Osmond, Evgenia Medvedeva, Mai Mihara
Men: Yuzuru Hanyu, Shoma Uno, Javier Fernandez
Ice Dance: Papadakis/Cizeron, Shibutani/Shibutani, Virtue/Moir
Pairs: Savchenko/Massot, Sui/Han, Tarasova/Morozov


Some of these are more my dreams than predictions. Like actually I believe Sui/Han will win and I love them very much but I would like Aliona to get the Oly gold, she deserves it imo.   

It would be nice to make another predictions just before the Olys begin when we have already seen how the skaters are doing and who´s going to be there.

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7 hours ago, yuzuangel said:


I agree with this order. I think Patrick will finally get his Olympic Gold. And I will be really happy for him.

And I hope this is his only Olympic gold.... :81:


Men Singles:

I think it's pretty safe to say most, if not all members here are rooting for the same person for gold. :devilYuzu:

As for silver/bronze, I would like to see Shoma, Boyang or Javi in no particular order.  I think it's unlikely to have a major upset, so the top 3 is probably going to come from the top 6.


Women Singles:


Zhenya is almost a given. We'll see how this season goes, but something needs to go very wrong for her to lose her dominance. I don't see that happening and will be happy to see her get gold. 


I've only recently started to follow ladies' skating so I can't give too much predictions or thoughts, but I think silver and bronze will go to Russia and Japan.

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Oh, predictions!!! Wicked!! :devil3:

Well, I'd say Evgenia Medvedeva is the most sure to win OGM from all the competitors men, women, pairs or dance! If she doesn't win it will be the biggest surprise ever!! 

This are my predictions:





Mai Mihara






I really want all top 6 to podium!!! They are all amazing!







Ice Dance



The Shibs

Hope I don't jinx anybody!! lol


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Men: I don't want to say anything about the Olympics podium, no jinx needed, but somehow I see Boyang there.

- US Team: Nathan, the 2 slots left are among Jason, Vincent and Adam. I don't count Joshua and Max out but I don't think they can make it.

- Japan Team: Yuzu, Shoma, Odaddy, uhm, Mura, Keiji and even Dice all have a shot.


Ladies: Medvedeva has a foot on the highest place of the Olympics podium. The other two are hard to say. My contenders include: Osmond, Satoko, Zagitova

- US Team: Ashley, Karen, Mirai because I don't see Gracie find her old 2016-Nationals-self again.

- Russia Team: Medvedeva, Zagitova and the heart-broken image of Radionova crying during the 2013 Russia Nationals medal ceremony is still fresh in my mind. I don't want that to happen again with both Anna and Lena.

- Japan Team: :13877886:


Dance: We need to see how the season goes, but the gold is between V/M and P/C obviously. The Shibs is in good position for the Bronze but we can expect a surprise from W/P or B/S. My personal little wish: Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier crack into Top 5 :10636614:

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