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  1. And the 4CC men gold medal provided it's a curse itself, once again
  2. I want fly to another universe, somewhere that doesn't have the "Vincent Zhou, the world bronze medalist".
  3. Wow, so Nathan is now a double world champion, good for him. Now it's time for you to take that bronze, Jason.
  5. Obviously he's not in the best condition but he survived
  6. [Admin edit: Please don't bash any skaters.]
  7. Dear JSF, where is homecooking when you need it. Don't tell me about fairplay, you just need to do something like what US Fed did at Boston. I don't think I have enough courage for tomorrow
  8. I'm crying for Kao-chan. Obviously they will rob her on PCS, and that damn flip
  9. Lighting all my candles for Rika bebe
  10. According to Johnny: It's simple that your body screams "NO". That's all
  11. If Mikhail doesn't move up in the FS, Russia can say goodbye to the third spot
  12. Salchow didn't know how to behave today, huh
  13. Urggg, I think I would hide under the table. See you guys later.