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  1. singcarcom

    2019 Four Continents Anaheim

    It's still a year from now, so I can't say anything for sure yet. But since I'm in the United States, and I like California, it's possible that I'll go especially if Yuzu is going. If I'm going, I'll be excited to meet you! If not, I'm sure there will be other satellites there as well. This is a beautiful satellite family.
  2. singcarcom

    Team China

    Aww...this is so cute. I wish for the day when Boyang receives so many gifts on the ice, that it's physically impossible for him to bring them all back with him.
  3. Maybe we should get a list of satellites going and start a chat group? There can be multiple meetups because we'll be in and out of the city at different times. 😛
  4. singcarcom

    General Skating Chat

    I watched the interview video, and I didn't feel like Zhao was saying that the judges were ready to give him gold. How I understood it was that he's saying if Yuzu goes clean or cleanish (no major mistakes), it's a consensus (or common expectation) that he'll win gold. Which I think is what most people agree, that clean Yuzu is unbeatable. And I felt that Zhao was giving an objective interpretation of Yuzu. Perhaps it feels like he's damping down on Yuzu cos the interviewer is very enthusiastic. Probably a Yuzu fanboy. About the part where he mentions Yuzu's involvement in the music cuts and costumes, he said that Yuzu can hire the best designers or editors he wants, but he's involved because he's interested. Cos of the intense training, many athletes kinda "switch off" the athlete side when they're done with training. But for Yuzu, these other aspects of figure skating is what he does during his off time. The title of the video was "Why is Yuzuru Hanyu so strong, as explained by Zhao?" Zhao summed it up pretty nicely at the end. That Yuzu has crazy confidence in himself, so whatever he's lacking, he'll work on it cos he knows he can do it. That he lives and breathes figure skating is what makes him a great athlete. I think some of what he said didn't sound very nice because he kinda implied Yuzu wasn't the only one who's been learning the sports from all aspects, including anatomy. That there are others as well. But, he's involved in everything (e.g. as compared to skaters who are invested in their costumes but not in other parts) That's my personal interpretation after watching the video. Thanks those who translated the interview. That's a lot of work!
  5. This trip is also a vacation for me, so I'll be there! I'll be sad if I can't see Yuzu skate, but I really want him to rest, both physically and mentally. I don't mind watching a stress-free competition where I can root for Boyang! =)
  6. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Never underestimate Mr Hanyu's fans. In Yuzu we trust! Like mentioned before, I've never seen Yuzu so cheerful during practices! We always know that Yuzu's biggest enemy is his own mind but seems like he is in a very good mental state now. Tbh, I don't think Nathan will accept that arrangement even if that's what the Fed wants to push for. He wants to go to med school and I don't think he'll relocate to Toronto. And since skating has always been a "thing-I-do-when-I-am-young", I don't think TCC's slow and steady approach will work for him.
  7. I'm going alone too. I have to skip the SPs because of work, but I hope to be able to meet up with fellow satellites at the Men's free =)
  8. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This kid is going places!!! I see that he already has the talent to incorporate a fall into the choreography.
  9. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yep, Now I'm really looking forward to Poohalanche! They should let Yuzu skate last so that it's less of a logistical nightmare. 😂
  10. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This is so badass and so Yuzu This hype is going a bit too far. Is a single Olympic Gold Medal that important? Not saying that it isn't, but do they think it's worth exaggerating Nathan's strength and unfairly discrediting other skaters? Or are they that blinded by their patriotism that only a US flag should be in the middle during the victory ceremony? One beauty of figure skating is how a great program can touch the souls of the audience. Nathan's not at that level yet. If Nathan skates back to back with Yuzu and Javi, the difference in skills will be so obvious even to a casual audience. Same!!! I would put Javi as Bronze though because I think it'll be a sweet touch for his career to finally have an Olympic medal. Looks like Yuzro Hanro and Una Yasudo are OGM contenders as well! The men's field just got deeper! The world doesn't deserve this beautiful precious little cinnamon roll.
  11. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If Brian can say that, it must be because it's good by Yuzu's standard too. And Yuzu's good is VERY GOOD! And I'm still not fully convinced that Yuzu won't go for 4Lz, after he spent the last off season denying OUTRIGHT that he's not including 4Lz. We'll see what Trollzuru brings! If he's clean or clean-ish, Yuzu will win. Period. South Korea hasn't forgot about the Sochi scandal about Yuna's silver. They will not allow a deja vu, especially since Yuzu's bv isn't trailing as much compared to Nathan/Shoma/Boyang.
  12. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Should Yuzu start filing for copyright so that anyone who wants to use the name Yuzuru for commercial purposes needs his permission?
  13. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Nathan is old enough to vote in US elections so . He's not even in college though. On this note, since Yuzu (other than his muscles) basically looked the same for years, so if he's hot now? Was he hot when he was 18 too? I'm not crying. It's just the sand from the desert kept coming into my eye.
  14. singcarcom

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I've been busy for a few days, then there has been a . There's been many good arguments put forward, so all I want to say is that hearing that Yuzu's first competition in 4 months is the singles makes me think of this: Is this asking how high Yuzu needs to go to do a 100-tuple axel? This is a great way to motivate people to do some math and physics! What? Only one? You need an army of ambulance on standby! And @SparkleSalad, your signature is so squishy!!!!