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  1. Popping in for a quick comment from the arena. Seeing how Misha's costume is so much more sparkly than others', I stand by my hypothesis that he got those rhinestones from Yuzu, who simply had too many. 😝
  2. I agree. I'm glad to see him remove the 4Lz from his sp. When he's not pushing for technical difficulty at the expense of artistry, he's pretty nice to watch. [Admin edit: Please don't bash anyone and don't wish for skaters to make mistakes.] I hope at Beijing 2022, Boyang will be scored rightly and rank above the jumping beans. Boyang for OGM 2022!
  3. My top 3 personally would be 1. Boyang 2. Mikhail 3. Nathan Based on the GOEs they're giving, it seems like they're trying to make someone break Yuzu's record. But of course, that's not possible cos the quality of their skates aren't near that level yet. I'm ok with lenient judging ONLY IF everyone's treated the same! Poor Boyang...
  4. I agree! You don't hear athletes of other sports attribute poor performance to equipment issues. I would even say it's expected for athletes competing at that level to have sufficient back-up plans. Even if equipment issues is the reason, then the more the athlete should be blamed for that. I agree...I like Vincent, but I'll only root for him to podium when he grows into the awesome skater he has the potential to become.
  5. Argh......What is THIS???? I can't believe Nam didn't qualify for free! And Boyang was robbed!!!! No matter the odds, I'm rooting for him to pull a Yuzu to go grab the Gold medal! I don't want Nathan to get Gold, and I don't want Vincent to podium.
  6. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to see Zhenya, but I'm even more sad that she's still injured . I can't help but wonder if she could have won over Alina had she not been injured. I want next season to be extra awesome to compensate for this cursed season!
  7. singcarcom

    2019 Four Continents Anaheim

    It's still a year from now, so I can't say anything for sure yet. But since I'm in the United States, and I like California, it's possible that I'll go especially if Yuzu is going. If I'm going, I'll be excited to meet you! If not, I'm sure there will be other satellites there as well. This is a beautiful satellite family.
  8. singcarcom

    Team China

    Aww...this is so cute. I wish for the day when Boyang receives so many gifts on the ice, that it's physically impossible for him to bring them all back with him.
  9. Maybe we should get a list of satellites going and start a chat group? There can be multiple meetups because we'll be in and out of the city at different times. 😛
  10. singcarcom

    General Skating Chat

    I watched the interview video, and I didn't feel like Zhao was saying that the judges were ready to give him gold. How I understood it was that he's saying if Yuzu goes clean or cleanish (no major mistakes), it's a consensus (or common expectation) that he'll win gold. Which I think is what most people agree, that clean Yuzu is unbeatable. And I felt that Zhao was giving an objective interpretation of Yuzu. Perhaps it feels like he's damping down on Yuzu cos the interviewer is very enthusiastic. Probably a Yuzu fanboy. About the part where he mentions Yuzu's involvement in the music cuts and costumes, he said that Yuzu can hire the best designers or editors he wants, but he's involved because he's interested. Cos of the intense training, many athletes kinda "switch off" the athlete side when they're done with training. But for Yuzu, these other aspects of figure skating is what he does during his off time. The title of the video was "Why is Yuzuru Hanyu so strong, as explained by Zhao?" Zhao summed it up pretty nicely at the end. That Yuzu has crazy confidence in himself, so whatever he's lacking, he'll work on it cos he knows he can do it. That he lives and breathes figure skating is what makes him a great athlete. I think some of what he said didn't sound very nice because he kinda implied Yuzu wasn't the only one who's been learning the sports from all aspects, including anatomy. That there are others as well. But, he's involved in everything (e.g. as compared to skaters who are invested in their costumes but not in other parts) That's my personal interpretation after watching the video. Thanks those who translated the interview. That's a lot of work!
  11. singcarcom

    [2018] Olympic Games Ladies Free Skating

    Meanwhile, I think Eteri deserves some credit. Not only is she the coach of Zhenya and Alina, she's also the coach of many young and potentially great junior skaters. I applaud her not for her ability to "produce" Champions, but for being able to manage it. Even at TCC, Brian and team has to be mindful about their approaches with Yuzu and Javi so that neither will feel neglected or let the competitive tension run high.
  12. singcarcom

    [2018] Olympic Games Ladies Free Skating

    I think she knows Zhenya is the one more loved by the audience...it's kinda like when Nathan won CoR, but all the love and attention is still on Yuzu. Gala might be awkward
  13. singcarcom

    [2018] Olympic Games Ladies Free Skating

    Somehow I feel mentally exhausted after watching this...I'm sad for Zhenya, but I think Alina deserves credit too. She's only 15! When I was 15, I was only in school without doing much in life. Let's hope Alina won't get too overwhelmed by the attention she's gotten herself cos of the OGM.
  14. singcarcom

    [2018] Olympic Games Ladies Free Skating

    This kinda reminds me of Adelina during Sochi. They might have won the gold medal, but not the audience.