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  1. Hi Just wanted to warn you that your rule post seems not to be up-do-date.
  2. Lys


    Thanks. I won't bother you for two weeks more, then (:
  3. Lys


    Hi! Any news on your report?
  4. Lys


    It's very user friendly :) Thank you for your quick answer! I'll wait for your report in the next few days, then!
  5. Lys


    Hi! First of all, thank you to all admin and mod team (and whoever else was involved, if any :) ) for bringing the new forum up. The new features on new server are really good! But the change of server made me wonder about our donations funds On Kuyashii there was the list of persons with the total amount "promised", but I couldn't find any info here (if it's somewhere else, please point me to that direction, I'm the worst at finding things for myself) :) So I was wondering... how much did we raise? How much did all start-up operations (server + any other expenses you had to face) cost? Is there a "planned expenses" schedule for the near future? Sorry for all the questions but I'm looking forward how Yuzu's fans community can grow and it would be great if the team can share their future vision with the usage of residual funds, so that more members can contribute! Thanks in advance! :)
  6. I would list that kind of "touch down" in "Touch down with one hand or free foot" category (which is worth a -1 in GOE count), I wouldn't list it as a "normal" two-feet landing either.
  7. All his quads are harmful for his hips. :cry: When he lands his quads, I notice that his hips are always misaligned - the hip of the free leg is raised higher than the one of the landing leg which is what causes him to unwrap his free leg strangely (he swings it to the side and then to the back so it's almost 90 degrees to the ice). The proper alignment which puts the least stress on the hips and back is to keep the hips level with each other and the same direction as the shoulders so you create a box with your hips and your shoulders. I made a veeery simple picture below of the view from the back of proper alignment vs. Nathan alignment. Hopefully it gives an idea of what I mean. Sometimes he raises his left hip a lot because he lands a bit off-balance on his landing leg and needs to readjust. Other times not so much but I don't think I've ever seen him land a quad with level hips. I think it's become a bad habit. Thanks, Fresca, for your always great input :goe: I love reading your posts and reading your explanation :goe: (and your picture really helps to see the difference re hips alignment and its consequence on how a jump is landed! :) )
  8. We should all thank Gladi, who was the one who actually did the editing ;) :goe: And thanks to you for providing such great feedback (which would be even more useful for new projects when we can incorporating some of your ideas since the beginning) :D
  9. Quell'intervista la ricordo e devo dire a me è sempre sembrata molto "la volpe e l'uva" :rofl2: Ciò a parte, per quel poco che conosco di David, è sempre stato molto... primadonna. Ovvero alle sue coreografie lui ci tiene e vuole che siano in primi sue. Il pattinatore è un corredo (fondamentale, certo) che serve per dare vita al suo mondo, alla sua idea, alla sua arte. E' una costante che viene fuori più o meno in tutte le sue interviste, come i suoi lavori siano in primi frutto del suo ingengo e non collaborazioni a più mani. D'altra parte abbiamo Yuzu che - per voce di tutti gli altri che lo hanno coreografato - ha bisogno di trovare i suoi momenti, le sue chiavi, il suo spartito. Una situazione inconciliabile? Personalmente non credo. In primis perché Yuzu ora è più maturo e più adulto di quello appena arrivato a Toronto. Sa quello che vuole (qui probabilmente l'ha sempre saputo) e sa come esprimere quello che vuole (e qui credo l'esperienza di un programma come SEIMEI sia icheese holeimabile). D'altra parte, l'ho detto che Wilson è una primadonna? Perché fidatevi, a David che non ci sia un programma con il suo nome di fianco a due paroline come "world record" non va affatto giù. Così come non va affatto giù aver avuto la possibilità di lavorare per due anni con Yuzu, aver coreografato il libero dell'oro olimpico, e comunque essere "dimenticato" tra i coreografi di Yuzu a favore dei liberi successivi. Quindi credo che - al di là di conoscere sicuramente meglio ora Yuzu rispetto a quattro/cinque anni fa - da parte sua c'è anche la consapevolezza che se vuole arrivare a costruire un programma che rimanga negli annali con un pattinatore che è nella leggenda dello sport, deve anche lui venire al compromesso. Come Caro credo che Notte Stellata sia stata una prova d'appello. Un tentativo di vedere se ora i tempi sono maturi per provarci di nuovo. Non perdonerò mai David per aver distrutto Cocciante :P, ma un libero coreografato da lui non mi fa fuggire terrorizzata come la stagione scorsa, ecco :wink: Mi dispiacerebbe se Shae-Lynn che in tre anni ha tirato fuori tre capolavori uno completamente diverso dall'altro (sì, sono una che ritiene anche POTO un programma splendido, purtroppo dal potenziale non sfruttato in pieno a causa della stagione che fu) non completasse il quadriennio, ma se David sarà sono sicura che le regole del gioco a questo giro sono ben chiare a tutti.
  10. Yes :) To have some "numbers" about how it works, [link=https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/index.php?threads/gp-2016-17-pre-announcement-thread.98437/]this[/link] is the thread on FSU for last year assignements.
  11. Yes, only... there's no-one there for skaters who are not part of Big-6 to negotiate for them. Hosting Federations negotiate among each others mainly (so JSF may try to "protect" its skaters' wishes, and so USFSA, SC and all others... although from last year assignments, Ashley Wagner didn't seem to be too happy about what she got) ;)
  12. Skaters can't choose in strict sense. They ( = seeded skaters) can give a preference, but it's not mandatory for Big 6 (= the 6 federations hosting GPs) to uphold that preference. Federations have final say on picks, so while they may accomodate a skater's wish, they are not obliged to do so.
  13. For me it's "a lot better" on TV than live. I've seen Shoma in three different competitions live so far (GPF15 and 16, WC17) and in all of them I've been quite... I wouldn't say underwhelmed, but for sure not overly impressed by his skating. He has a great quality: to bring it to actual competition, even when his practices are a mess, but skating wise he left me quite untouched. I think that TV/stream feeds usually use a lot of "close-up" that may give Shoma a hand into stressing out some of his best traits (good projection skills, good - albeit quite "rigid" - upper body lines -, a lot of "deep stare" that many mistook for deep interpretation) and into hiding some of his weaker traits (not much multidirectional skating, a lot of cross-over, average ice coverage, little movements with his legs, little "whole body" movements), but live (or with fancams that do not close up on the skater) you notice that a lot more (if you haven't watched them yet, there are a lot of good fancams from 4CC. They are quite... revealing). I hope Sota can recover fully, he had still a lot of room to grow, but I really like what I saw of him in GPF15. Skating wise he was showing much more potential than Uno, imo. As for other japanese male skaters (senior and junior), no-one else stands particulary out to me (despite my soft spot for Daddy Mura). I hope I manage to see live Shun Sato (please, send him to Egna!) because I'm quite curious about him. Re Japanese ladies, Wakaba stands on top of my list right now. Her skating skills, her control, her speed, her jumps, she has really everything (now please, give her a team that can support her fully without making suicidial choice like last season -.-).
  14. http://static.isu.org/media/351567/gp-g ... -final.pdf <- this is GP announcement for last season, in paragraph 2 you have the rules about assignments (fair warning: it's ISU, so rules are all but crystal clear :wink: ), if you are interested in a bit of boring reading :wink:
  15. thanks for explaining :grin: so if some skaters get 2 spots and some skaters only get 1, does that mean that it's much harder for the skaters with only 1 spot to get into grand prix final...? (just wondering how the system works with some skaters getting 1 spot and others getting 2 spots...) A skater with only 1 spot has no chance to be in the final. Best he can achieve is 15 points (if he wins) and 15 is too low to qualify under basically any scenario. Skaters guaranteed 2 spots are top-12 at Worlds for men and ladies, top-10 for pairs and dance. Skaters guaranteed 1 spot are those with a top-24 Season Best
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