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1 hour ago, Perelandra said:




Back in the olden days, before Yuzu moved to senior circuit, Dai T was immensely popular. He was regarded as a skating hero, many fans adored him as much for his good looks as well as the skating and his medals. He was touted by many as being very masculine and we all know the story of certain fans who wanted to closely involved with him. Closely, being the operative word. Foolishly, many FS fans most likely regarded Yuzu as a rather cute novelty, a successful junior who would skate in Dai T's shadow, until the former was ready to move to professional and Yuzu might be one promising young skater to grasp the baton and continue to represent Japan's interest on the ice. That was most likely what was expected. It is doubtful that anyone truly entertained the possibility that Yuzu would surpass his senpai so emphatically and at such an early stage following his debut in the senior circuit. The result at 2013 JNats was akin to the world being turned upside down. The die hard Dai fans loathed this competition outcome to the point where the usually etiquette respecting Dai fans actually vocalised their displeasure in the despicable fashion which was later deleted from official footage, because it was a huge embarrassment for the TV network to have recorded this behaviour. The rest of the story is well known.

The signs were completely apparent in Yuzu, even during his novice and junior years. Someone even spoke about a 'genius Mushroom in Sendai'. Yuzu was always destined to surpass the entire competitive field, it was perhaps the meteoric rise which gave everyone a complete shock.

Sadly, people who live in denial never want to recognise or acknowledge the signs, their bitterness is all pervasive and even more sadly, they allow that bitterness to fester and taint every activity in their lives. Once again the retribution exacted on Yuzu has been appalling and clearly some people have continued in their campaign to attempt to destroy all of Yuzu's triumphs, achievements and aspirations. Some people are too entrenched in the past and are stunted with their fear of change, so much so that rather than accept or embrace the fact that the world turns and things change, they would prefer to cling to their beliefs and just continue to spoil anything good for everyone else. The number of people who support Yuzu far outweighs the naysayers, they can be drowned out by sheer numbers and one day they might be able to discover and enjoy the brilliance. 

Yuzu as we know is like the warrior of the poem "I am the storm"

One can only imagine what the aftermath of such a storm might be. 


One last thought to ponder for today:

Let's face it, there is a 'Flat Earth Society' so it is possible to question whether the beliefs that some people choose to cling to have validity or not.

Would the fact that Marina coached Patrick Chan, and was dropped by him as Patrick did not have success against Yuzuru Hanyu....have anything to do with her sour grapes attitude?  She has certainly drunk the #JSF anti's koolaid0:):shrug:

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Guest Mary_kyo
11 minutes ago, liv said:

I seem to recall Yuzu being described as an alien on this board many times. Just saying. 

The context is definitely important. Just saying. :flowers:

Referring to him as an alien to describe his other-worldly talent? Yes, I do too. But using that to describe him as unrelatable distant person? Well. The whole translation is provided in spoiler if you want to know the context.

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Wanna know who is still the most popular and most relevant skater and superstar? Look no further than at whose show is the most coveted by far, who sells the most tickets, who sells the most merch, who fills ice rinks and arenas to the very last seat, who is on the covers of most magazines, who gets the most attention by the media, who gets the most coverage by TV and press, who gets mentioned the most in social media and pop culture, who has the most followers.


Who? The one and only. The best ever. The greatest ever. The GOAT. Yuzuru Hanyu. :multibow:

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7 hours ago, Mary_kyo said:

The context is definitely important. Just saying. :flowers:

Referring to him as an alien to describe his other-worldly talent? Yes, I do too. But using that to describe him as unrelatable distant person? Well. The whole translation is provided in spoiler if you want to know the context.


Many Fantasy/SciFi genre works have the main protagonist becoming a hero endowed with super powers - either from having come form a superior race from another planet, born with genetic mutation which confers super/magical powers or being exposed to some other substance which causes development of enhanced nature. Hence the comparison of these augmented humans who possess 'super powers'. Yuzu has displayed such prowess in the skating arena and also high intellect and other seemingly greater than average human traits that his genius is described by many as 'alien'. It is a marker for Yuzu as a top end of the bell shaped curve compared with the majority of humanity. If one occupies the part of the graph of 99th centile or above then by definition 99% of the population are below in terms of skill, talent, ability etc what ever the graph is representing. For many people this can only be explained by attributing these traits to be super human or magical.


Yuzu is the mythical unicorn/ alicorn,  nigh on unique, some are entranced by this and admire him. Those who do not wish to acknowledge this may descend to the consumption of sour grapes or worse as @Dreamermentioned.

The latter situation could be easily remedied, it is a matter of making more positive choices rather than being mired in the past. 

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Guest Mary_kyo

Hey @ buddies from salt mines, I’m moving to twitter to keep forum as what some members would like it to be (aka gist of daily updates). I only found few of you there. DM me so we can keep contact there. :happy:

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2 minutes ago, SaluYuzu said:

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea Prologue had a YT channel. 

they uploaded first video 8 hours ago with no announcement so we didn't find out. They even put English subtitles in these videos, I'm touched.

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