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11 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:

The videos are back but there's still some work with it because now they can be played in full screen mode only.




Another translation from AERA



"Kimura-san commented that his physicality is exceptional, the height of his jump, the beauty of his physique to his fingertips etc.":heartpound:



By the way Yuzu's has now 195k followers on instagram.:2thumbsup:


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12 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:

The videos are back but there's still some work with it because now they can be played in full screen mode only.

Thank you for your hard work!! :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw:


14 hours ago, Ulrinis said:

Unpopular opinion maybe: I belong to those who would NOT recommend tango or Queen to Yuzu. Not exactly because it's not my cup of tea and I've heard some songs too many times in figure skating competitions. The reason for me is that Yuzu is unique and so is his music choice. Of course he had used famous melodies when he was younger and one may argue that even after his second OGM he had skated to Origin and Otonal which had been used by other skaters before. In this case it was on purpose as both were tribute programs. However, even Rondo, which was popular among figure skaters already, was not used by Yuzu in its original form but he asked a pianist he had co-operated with to play it especially for him, to arrange it to express his personal feelings. I'm a big fan of Yuzu skating to Japanese music. We've seen that Seimei and Ten to Chi have found their ways into the ears and hearts of overseas fans easily. I trust him to chose something very special for his new program(s).

It seems that your opinion is not so unpopular :wink2:


10 hours ago, Yuzurella said:

Aaah! It's already on sale! To be able to just buy a copy (or two or three) in a random kiosk somewhere in town... :64341262:

Beam me to Japan, Scotty! :spacealien:


Every time I see posts like this I think "What would it be like to come across this on any given day in your own city?" Or even worse, some XXL size Yuzu poster on the street while I'm riding my motorcycle lol I still don't know how I was able to arrive to work without killing myself on last Friday after seeing the Prologue ice show news.


Wait Scotty, beem me too! :spacealien:

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Guest Mary_kyo

oh. my. god. @ Yuzu, I promise I have signed this "fanyu forever" contract permanently and I'm not going anywhere.

It looks like the past 4 years were harder for him than I had imagined. In a nutshell, they managed to take everything away from him using a fake champion, everything except the fans love. The bittersweet fact is that the fans love came out as the most important treasure that the fake champion couldn't achieve despite huge investments and finally left the sinking ship with a tainted image but with some metals for the pursuit of another career. 

Anyway, I hope Yuzu enjoys the new chapter as much as fans, gains the confidence that ISU tried very hard to crash and continues his way of skating without any burdens and worries. If anyone should be worried from now on, it is ISU, JSF, their "pets" and their fake champions.


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 From Aera interview (translated by @Ryoko_110YH on Tw)


Yuzu: "It wasn't a comment about the score or the ranking, I think it was a comment about a human being like me. From this point of view, it feels like what I did was worthwhile"


My comment:

Yuzu this is true, you are a wonderful and inspiring human being, and your ranking/score doesn't determine whether we are your fans or not.  However,  please know that we all know that you are the best and most complete men's figure skater by far and that if you (and others) were scored fairly your record of competitive achievements would be even greater than it is now! Also you win the charm and charisma prize by a country mile (ie. a very long way!)


Fellow satellites, I want to say this because Yuzuru seems to recognise there is something about his skating and him as a person that has enabled him to build such a large (and loyal - let's show him!) fanbase, but he doesn't maybe recognise that we all also think he truly is competitively the best men's figure skater, now, and probably ever, when measured by the scoring systems that have been in existence during his career. The fact that this system was manipulated to ensure his demise and others' ascendence will never change that fact.

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Yuzu is not listed under ANA athlete but under ANA sponsorship athlete, alongside Shingo Kunieda. His photo is still used as the header for the ANA athlete page but his record is not accessible.


The link is here: https://www.anahd.co.jp/group/sponsorship/


Edit: I was wondering what's the significance of these changes. This tweet here shows that while still sponsored by ANA, he is no longer affiliated with them (ANA doesn't have any affiliated athletes now).

PS: Still, that said, ANA sponsors only two athletes. Yuzu is one of them :img_21:

PS2: Originally I thought the changes were due to him no longer competing, but since Kunieda was moved as well (he is still active), this is perhaps 1) a change in policy or 2) both coincidentally had the same status following separate negotiation?

PS3: Regardless, I'm grateful they continue to support him. 


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