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1 minute ago, Yuzuwinnie said:



Ahhhh YES  :nod2:  that's a great idea, isn't  :wink2: it: you have to ask for pajamas that are sold everywhere

Hummm sorry for my French, it's gone too early (probably the trouble  :hehe: ) in the WHOLE world and the stocks will be sold very quickly, in my opinion and that's good, because I'm at 7:15 p.m. or 7: 3 PM and soon I will be going to dreamland, after what I :animated-smileys-character-075:read

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9 minutes ago, river said:


A quick Amazon search will show you (very, very unofficial) Yuzu swim trunks available in both Seimei and R&J 2.0. I guess you could sleep in those when it warms up?

I've seen those and no

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8 minutes ago, Yuzuwinnie said:

Beuhhhh, so you have this kind of Yuzu jerseys etc... at home in Canada and the States? (unless it's a joke  :umm: ) because at home, there is none of :sad-smiley-046: :mornincoffee:that 


Oh, we're just joking. These are just swim trunks (like shorts that men swim in) with Yuzu's face awkwardly screen-printed across the front.


Sadly, nobody outside of the skating world in the US has even heard of Yuzu before.

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10 minutes ago, lajoitko said:

Go to Instagram to watch the video Kenzo posted. I have never seen something like that. Here is the link although the tweet has it also https://www.instagram.com/p/CY1PZovPBzK/?utm_medium=copy_link

WOW..... I'm speechless :jaw:


Ok, Considering Brain and Ghislain can’t be with Yuzu in his trainings in Japan, can Kenzo and Kohei temporarily take their spots? Because my god, both are just insane with their rotations and their advices are definitely more than welcomed by Yuzu.

I wouldn’t mind two other names being added to the existing three names for the coaches in Yuzu’s bio btw. Just saying.

4A will be that monster jump wow. No wonder it’s the demon in the nightmares of Raf.

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