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  1. Mainstream media only care about FS during Olys and scoring is one of the last thing. They only focus on drama, rivalry and their own skater's chance. I saw on twitter a fan edit several TV news clip to this interview's structure so this was recorded and seem like Olympic channel was there as well. But in the end, only 2 media platform publish the whole thing while most TV/OG channel pick up much softer stuff. I think it tell you everything about what media want to report. They would rather publish multiples artcile and clips about his sbs 4T with Trusova (don't get me wrong, its cute) but won't cover a great/depth talk about sport from a 2 times OGM. That's the way media work these days for you. I feel that fans should be careful to use this interview in any FS argument. After all from start to finish, Yuzuru repeated multiple times its his opinion, he didn't attack anyone or the system
  2. I don't know if we could rely on Beijing. Its too soon, just 2nd season of the whole quad. I think we should see how next year GPF goes, and if CSA would start any campaign for Boyang. And if Yuzuru decide to go for Beijing, things would be chaos. Olys schedule is not out yet but if FS need to compete in the morning once again for NBC's sake of rating, nothing would change. I don't think his programs are problem. At least at SC, its not a problem since he received very high pcs for the first GP (almost the same as his pcs at PC). The whole hiphop mordern is purely a PR talk to push the narratives to influence the judges. It worked because its from the western media. But look at those programs from Eteri's girls that choreo don't match the music at all, it doesn't stop judges giving them candies. Imo, great skates back to back create momentum. Yuzuru need to skate well, especially clean SP. I don't think western media would pick it up. Even in japanese media, there's only 2 platforms published this interview, with one of them cut out the lutz part. And this is Yuzuru with all the media attention we're talking about. No wonder most skaters wouldn't dare to raise their voice about judging because the mentality that "judges never wrong, its you who should try harder" is too strong. Lots of japanese casual FS fan consider his interview as a big step and he's brave. Of course there's also some people paint him as sore loser right away, lots of other skater's fans got angry with his words because they think he shade their faves. And remember Adam Rippon quickly dismiss the korean's article about Eunsoo because lol its korean, those US journalists would be no different. When its come from Nathan's biggest rival, who knows that they could edit/twist thing and use it against Yuzuru. As for TSL, don't trust them. They just praise Yuzuru because he did well and they need clicks. I still remember after SC15, they bashed Yuzuru and said he has no star power like Javi but NHK15 happened and suddenly they're the fanyu lol To sum up, its just a sad and tricky situation overall.
  3. Haha for me ISU doesn't deserve Yuzuru and i hope he stay away from them. I want to see him continue Ciontu after retirement, sold out every shows and those ISU clowns have to see it with their red eyes. I think aside from japan, this interview will reach chinese FS community. He has a huge fanbase there and from what I feel, chinese media have alot of respect for him. They might not speak out at the moment but might take note. I remember there's a big chinese media outlet talk about ACI scoring. As for the western media, I have no hope since they would rather to buy all the hiphop innovation narratives. After all, this is just one competition and there's no one come close to Yuzuru's level at SC. Its too early to celebrate if judges truly start give Yuzuru the score he deserve. Things might have change when he compete with Nathan. But anyway, whatever the behind the scene goes, he always need to skate well and land his jumps, its the only way to reduce all the bias against him.
  4. Not sure if anyone talk about this, but now that SC is over, Yuzuru officially qualify for Nationals since ACI/SC overlap with regionals/ sectional. This is the same way that he got Nationals spot for the past 2 years despite having seed spot. This season, JSF didn't give him the seed spot, the only way to go to Nationals is doing senior B/GP. Maybe those who rant about him getting special treatment could shut up. And I pray that we will see him at Nationals this year, its been so long. Be healthy and careful Yuzuru !!!!!!
  5. Another translation : https://twitter.com/verona_pro_sec/status/1189002620796657666 It hurt to see him take SC as a one last chance to see if the path he choose was right or wrong. Im glad he got the reward he deserve and hope its not a one time thing to try to keep him to the competition. Of course some people will take it as he's only complain because he's getting old and start losing lol. I'm pretty sure if Yuzuru didn't win SC with 2 great programs, this interview will never see the light. Yuzuru's programs always has good amount of transisions and develop more over the years. Isn't the new system is to award the quality ? I'm not saying he's always underscore or rob. He's got fair score for the most part of his career and sometimes overscored too, it just others is not. This is the man who admit he's overscored at SA2012 and GPF13. And lol that he lied about transisions and taking them out already. Compare to practice, other than the SE before the 3A3T combo, all of his transisions are the same, I think he didn't do the high kick after 4Teu3F in practice either. Whatever, all the points he raised in this interview are the things happening in FS. Imbalance TES/PCS, everyone and their mother can do 4lz, transisions in and out of jumps are not properly rewarded (remember when his 3a twizzle got almost the same GOE with Jason and Junhwan's telegraph 3A at ACI18). Look at Marin with one of the best SS in the field and the most she got is low 8 or Mai's pcs is always stuck at 67 no matter what she does. Yuzuru didn't attack anyone, or the system, just a man who wonder about the path he choose and believe.
  6. I read the whole interview and really appreciate that he speak up. Given how careful and quite he is about judging, there's must be some talk/debate between him and his team before he give this interview. I agreed with all things he said. Its sad that he has a moment of doubt as if everything he does is wrong so I hope SC give him some confidence boost. I said it before most skaters, especially Yuzuru aware of how the judging goes. They can read/study protocol, slow down the jump, count steps better than FS fans. That's why inflation, selective calls were bad. It make the quality of the fields go down, the one with correct technique were punished. Not everyone can overcome the self doubt and believe in the path they choose like Yuzuru. I asked a japanese fan and she said alot people surprised by this interview. Its quite abnormal for an active skater, especially in Japan to talk about judging issue like this. I hope no one use Yuzuru's words to go against any skaters. I'm pretty sure he never want that. Also we might not know exactly what he means because something might lost from his words to the article editing then the translation. Again this is a serious issue in FS, not just him or some skaters.
  7. What a shocking news. I like Kana and delight to see her again but I feel abit scary to think she has a partner with no ID background. Dai is only a few cm taller, and has a chronic knee injury. Maybe apart from Patrick, I don't think any single skaters'SS could be on par with ice dancer. ID has specific requirement for stsq, dance parttern and spins, the lifts and twizzle. There's alot of work. They're both great performer so they might do well with choreo and IN, but the lifts and twizzles would be a real struggle. As for the impact to Japanese Ice dance, I'm not that optimistic. Knowing Japanese media and what they do with single skaters, they most likely focus on Dai-the headliner. The main reason why ID/Pairs is not develop in Japan is that they have no coaches/experts to train these disciplines and limited ice time. As far as I know, to train ID/pairs you really need private rink. Theres only 2 private rinks in Japan and even top skaters like Kaori and Mai have ice time issue. Lets say, if there's 2 ice dance team inspire by this move, is JSF willing to fund them to train aboard and wait for several years for results ? I doubt it. If they pull off great/unexprected results with JSF put more focus on ID, this could be good thing. But it could backfire terribly.
  8. Since when Yuzuru pay attention to his naysayers ? As if he's bother by people who mock his style and costume and those who wrote him off the competetions for years. How long he would be skate is for him to decide, fan's expectations should never play any part in his decisions. New or old programs, he will always be judged in a different standard. I understand why some people hope for new programs. I love it too, but I love to see Yuzuru on the ice enough to accept anything he skate to.
  9. Its a nice song but I think its fit better as an SP. They need to mix it with another song to work for a LP imo. Its quite safe (slow music) and challenge choice (require him to be more emotional) at the same time. It would more interesting if he really understand the lyrics. I'm curious to see angst Shoma lol
  10. I'm not surprise if he reuse both Otonal and Origin, but not surprise about new program as well. In April 2017, he said he's open for ideas about new programs for Olys season, and we know how it turn out . I still remember how the whole fandom meltdown when he skated Chopin 3.0 at Faoi Its only 5 weeks until ACI.
  11. There's no reason to believe TSL since they never have any actual information about Yuzu. I read the tweets and its just their speculation, and alot of fans speculate the same things way before as well. Most of the time they talk about him and put his name on videos just for the sake of clicks. I read a russian source said he trained 4A and quint in harness in April. So in term of rumor, nothing new.
  12. Of course, I think I should make it clear that Wakaba has better projection than Kaori but Kaori is not bad. The tiny ice show rink may effect on most program look like, especially with Kaori and her great speed. At some point, I thought she would jump out of the rink. Milano Skyfall is iconic but the COC/Lombardia performances are amazing as well.
  13. I can't say I'm not disappointed that Shae and Shoma collab turn out like that. I don't like great spirit, the program and concept are messy, and imo, it doesn't fit as a competitve program Kaori's LP does remind me abit of Skyfall. What make Skyfall amazing is Wakaba's wild and abondoned energy and her projection the audience. That's what Kaori lack, but it would improve as the season goes. For now she just try to keep up with the music, the same with her SP. Her arm and upperbody movement need a lot of works. Marin's LLL is actually quite nice, better than Lovers. She's so charming and know how to perform, the way she move across the ice and her soft knee bend are to die for. Her jumps are a big sigh and its sad to see.
  14. Alina's SP is mile better than Poto, she actually feel the music and look more relax.I like this song's version. The choreo is quite average but I don't have high hope. Her spins and 3F entry are amazing. Wish they let her hold her spirals and movements longer. Love the costume and I wish her keep it. Rika's LP has potential, this is very challenge program for her in term of IN/PE/projection which are always her weaker part (the same with her SP). The music cut is ok, but because of 5 pieces it lack of flows at the moment, the same with the program itself. Her spins look improved. I think everyone talked all about issues that Nathan's SP has and I agreed. If you muted the music, you would've thought he skate to Nemesis. This music require softer movements and hold the position better. When I heard this song, i think of Patrick Chan or Jeremy Abbott. There's a lots of movements from Nemesis and Caravan as well and at some point they don't fit the music. The costume is boring as usual. Rika, Alina, Nathan all looked rush in their perfromances, understandable because the program is still new to them. I have hope that Rika would fix it as the season goes, not sure about Nathan and especially Alina.
  15. I think its become this big because we hear the music and I believe this is the first time that happen. Most of the time those TCC IG clips are muted or its skater's own music. I have no doubt this is just mistake, and its very unfortunate (you can hear Evgenia's LP music in one of the clips) and hopefully all people involved would be more careful. I dont know about TCC's policies and how Yuzuru and his team deal with all these sns meterial but I hope this won't effect too much on that junior boy and Yuzuru. Again, there's no confirmation atm. We'll know everything by ACI or even sooner *cross all fingers* and have a whole season to talk and complain about that.
  16. Some people always find reason to mock anything Yuzuru does. Last year, when he announced Otonal and Origin, some bash him for choosing western music/choreographer and only idolize western skaters. Some folks often say he can do whatever he want but won't lose any chance to criticize any decisions from him. After WTT2017, most fans hope he won't reuse LGC because that program is a trauma but now many people beg him to recycle it. If you don't like Origin/Otonal just because of Johnny and Plushenko, I would say its a pity because out of great music cut, choreo, transision, interpretation, and Yuzuru's own input into those programs, you choose to focus on that tribute thing. Remember, this is his 10th year on senior circuit, and his competitive time won't be long. Its already a miracle that he still compete. Injuries can take him away anytime, there's not alot of chance to watch him skate. He's so private so we don't know what he think most of the time or only know about it way after thing happen, I hope none of us have to regret about what we say/write about him.
  17. If recycling means he's healthy for the whole season, I'm all for it. I love Origin enough to forget about the tribute thing. Remember that this is the music he loved when he's a child and always wish to skate to it, its not really different from Kolyada with Carmen, Evgenia with her programs and multiple skaters out there. Honestly, I think some people hate Johnny and Plush too much and somehow let it effect to the way they see Origrin and Otonal and IMO, its abit unfair. Its unfortunate if he's indeed reuse Origin and we knew it by now, by this way. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the skater who upload that IG vid. Some of the jokes on twitter make me feel abit uncomfortable and i hope they know this "mistake leak" is not funny. There's must be some reasons that Yuzuru so secret about his programs/layout and plans. I don't doubt that Yuzuru and TCC might know about this vid already. Maybe its a good thing that there's no media day this year.
  18. I dont think recycling has anything to do with media day. In 2015, he skated Seimei in ice shows, reused Chopin and still had media day.Media days used to be in early Aug, except 2016 (mid sept) and 2018 (late Aug) because of injuries. Maybe because of scheduling or he want to announce his programs/plans in a different way. Or at least I hope so. As long as he's healthy, i will take anything
  19. Maybe he decide to focus more on training. Lets be real, doing media day for 2 days, with multiple journalists and cameras require some preparations, physically and mentality. I just hope its not relate to his rehab or injuries. The ACI is not confirmed.
  20. I think its more like the style/ theme of those programs. He's just back to japan from Eteri's camp, pretty sure he hasnt get his choreo yet, at least the SP since Shae worked with Mariah last week.
  21. This account is reporting Team Japan's programs for this season : https://twitter.com/AxelQuadruple Kaori Sakamoto : SP : No root, choreo by Shae Lynn LP : The Matrix, choreo by Benoit Richaud Mai Mihara SP : La Gitana, choreo by David Wilson LP : Fairy of the Forest / Galaxy piano version, choreo by Lori Nichol Yuna Shiraiwa : SP Concertino Bianco, choreo by Stephane Lambiel LP- Amen OST, choreo by Benoit Richaud Mako Yamashita : SP : last season's program LP : Scent of a woman, choreo by Mihoko Higuchi Keiji Tanaka SP : Hip Hip Chin Chin, choreo by Massimo Scali LP- Sherlock Holmes OST, choreo by Kenji Miyamoto Koshiro Shimada : SP : Stay by Oliver Tompsett, choreo by Sarah Dolan LP : The Artist, choreo by Stephane Lambiel
  22. Jeff never does half of amount programs Shae took this season. Working with Yuzuru make more people know about Shae but she already did choreo for top skaters before him. I dont know, maybe alot skaters want to change their style and Shae is known for up beat, morden programs. She did programs for top 2 men (Yuzuru, Nathan) and it might contribute abit. But I agree it seem too many at this point, like its easier to list skaters who dont have choreo from her this season. Benoit seem to be the#2 popular choice. Beautiful storm was by Tom Dickson. I wish we could see more programs from him, although i heard he's abit picky.
  23. I like Kaori's sp choreo, the music cut is good, lots of potential with this program. Its still messy so far and she need alot of work for her arm movements which is often her weak point. The IN is not there yet but still very early. This remind me abit of Wakaba's Energia, just abit less wild. Kazuki is a great performer with energy and always commit to his choreo but that MR program is not good. The stsq/chsq are the highlights but the rest is bland. And some parts looked awkward to me.
  24. I have no hope in Jack, after some shady articles about Mao and his Yuzu's today tweets. He doesn't deserve to be near Yuzuru other than being the same press conference room Someone on twitter point out that Nathan would miss the same amount of classes whether he's at NHK or IDF. He has break from Nov 22 afternoon, NHK is Nov 22-24, he has to be in japan a few days before for practice as well, not to mention time zone difference.
  25. Host's pick >>>>>> skater's pick. Sometime you get what you want (Kolyada), sometime you don't and I'm sure Nathan isn't the only one who didn't get the GP that he request. Javi used to do back to back event when he was WC. Of course some people would use this for another round of lets blame X for Y's assignment Edit : Seem like Nathan said NHK is the best choice but the 2nd option IDF is also good. No COC because he's busy that time. He didn't mention any skater, its Jack who drag Yuzuru's name into this https://twitter.com/IceTimePodcast1/status/1144013509455314945
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