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  1. There's always some people don't follow rule everywhere but public figure always get more attention. Its just how it is works. I don't talk about the possibility of her training and such because there's no confirmation, but her respond is rude. Guess what ? Her fans who attack anyone who criticize her feel more encourage that she did nothing wrong.
  2. Well, even if its ok to go to the park, her comment is just immature and irresposible. Her fans has been attacking anyone who criticize her since yesterday and I hope someone tell them that its not going to make her look better, it make them look worse. Then turn this into a petty fanwar, urgh...
  3. In my country when we're in 3 weeks lockdown, all the public areas were closed, including parks, lots of people went to exercise on ...road and got criticism. Some people got fine for going out for unnessary reason. The mentality " since its not violate the rule, if XYZ can go outside and do this/that, why shouldn't I ?" is simply selfish and harmful. If any public figure go to my country right before we close the border for a show, then weeks later go to the park, do some choreo then post it on SNS, people will have 1000 essays about how dangerous and stupid it was and demand to kick her out right away. And my country has about 270+ case till now and our situation is much better than Japan (at least for now).
  4. Let's hope that there would be some skating this year before going into the same old new/recycle program. At the moment, most skaters can't train and who's know when they can get back on ice, let alone getting choreo.
  5. If he's in Toronto, of course he can't skate atm. If he's in Sendai, he can't work on new program either because of no choreographer (unless he choose Japanese choreographer, which is unlikely) My guess is this interview taken around late March, because mag content need to finalize at least 2 weeks before printing. Anyway, new program or not, let's hope thing would be better soon so skater can start on ice training and getting choreo and that we could actually get some skating this year.
  6. Yuzuru fortunately and unfortunately has alot of experience of not doing on ice training because of injury during offseason, so I'm sure he knows how to use his time effectively. I'm not too worried about him either as he always learn new thing during rest time
  7. I doubt they could do that with competitive program, gala/ex is way less complex. Agreed with @rubyblue, its gonna be a strange pre olympic season. Very likely no JGP and GP series at this point.
  8. I think Jeff is a great choice for Wakaba as he's always a great SP choreographer. The main thing is how can most skaters get choreo ? No on ice training and no travelling at the moment, and likely to be remain for the next 2 months. Hope everyone is safe and healthy
  9. I won't talk about insurance thing because I don't know about the term in this case. Let's try to imagine, assume Faoi already announced Yuzuru for their cast, and next week he fly to China in order to prepare for Shanghai show in late May. Does it make sense ? To call a skater to another country to prepare for a show alone 2 months in advance, in the middle of pandemic seem close to crime to me. If that's the case, no one should work with these organizers ever again.
  10. How can we so sure its contract when no one know the details ? The ice show is in June and with clear storyline that a main cast couldn't make it/practice alone. Unless the organizer already change all foreign skaters to the local ones (without make it publicity) then call Evgenia to Japan to prepare 2 months before, which still pretty unusual imo. JSF even cancelled a local summer comp in August. I asked a japanese friend and she said most rinks close for public, only a few allow reservation, club, skating class. And the situation in Japan is not good, they could close it fully anytime. I can understand it when Jason, Jun or anyone who go back to their country since they couldn't practice, but other than that, travelling at this point is irresponsible imo. I just hope no one is affectted by this decision.
  11. Don't forget that there's only 2 private ice rinks in Japan, the rest are public rinks that could close any time. It make sense that Yuzuru come back to Japan, as Jason and Jun both back to their country. I hope he and everyone's safe and healthy.
  12. Its a very serious and complicate situation. I think Yuzuru will understand that its something way bigger than the training and all. We can just hope everyone will be fine and healthy and thing will get better soon.
  13. Its not just them, there's also staffs, each of them have family and those who use public transportations as well. Its the right thing to do at the moment imo. I wonder how this would affect to most skaters next season with training time, choreo, summer camp... As for Yuzuru, I think its ok for short run. He might have more time for new music, maintain his image training, play games and study.
  14. Yuzuru's comment on cancellation of WC here : https://twitter.com/megdale1021/status/1238001309170585601 Someone will translate it later but he also said he will practice for next season.
  15. I didn't mention Yuzuru's sit spin because we all know its the best . What make his spins special is the way he add the musicality into them, IMO no one express the music through spin like him. The sit spin in LGC, Chopin, Otonal are all different. And his stsq. That's why fans want new programs from him because there's alot of thing he can offer but its also a reason that it take him longer to master.
  16. Nathan's team sure has done alot of PR in Japan, but like most foreign skaters, his popularity is in FS community, not general public. I would say he's on par with Evgenia, Alina, Satoko. Shoma and Rika can attract more attention. A tiny evil part of me want him to win MVP, just for the lol and this is a clown award after all. I think I said before that Yuzuru + Eteri team = disaster combo. They couldn't be more different. Eteri's method is they control everything, technically and artistically, like you should do this move, give this look at this part. That's why their skating feel very staged and lack of connection. Pretty sure they wouldn't give Yururu that much freedom, whether he's 17 or 25. Yuzuru once said he didn't like all Nanami's choice for him, but he still goes with it because he trust her. He truly enjoy his old programs at Ciontu, and add a new feeling to those piece. Yuzuru has his own vision of skating, and at some points I think TCC even has a hard time to deal with it. Luckily they're very patient and always put skater's opinion first. I often joke with my friend that if Yuzuru come to Sambo 70, he and Eteri would never go through 1/2 hour in peace, and he never get the music cut with Danill. They would kick him out after 3 days Yuzuru's spins are always better in SP, and very underscored. Its a crime that he didn't get perfect GOE for the sit and final combo spin in Otonal and Chopin. His camel position is one of the best (there's alot ugly one nowadays)
  17. Its natural that people like to hear praising more, and people would focus and talk about negative thing more. Just like Brian and most people only remember hate comments in his igs, I followed that post closely and there's also lots of polite comment with genuine concern, or apologize him. But if I'm in his shoes I think negative one would affect me more. Its normal how people react to infomation nowaways. The more you speak to press, the more you would be criticized. Who knows, if Ghislain or Tracy give more interview, people would find alot more thing to be mad. But so far, they did well in general. For me I like how all Ghislain's interviews are mostly focus on Yuzuru, not putting him in comparision with anyone. As I said before, even if I'm disagree with Brian alots of time, I appreciate what he's done for Yuzuru and skating world. I love the part about him saying about Yuzuru has his own vision of matching music. I remember I really impressed about Brian admit Yuzuru's right about 4lo after GPF16, I don't think its easy to say that publicity when he was against the layout at the beginning of the season. I won't comment on the ISU awards things, how Yuzuru should get this or that because I simply dislike it. As for life style's comment, I think its fine, although in the past because of his intervew, lots of people mocked Yuzuru for living with his mother and how he should be like Javi etc (yeah, some even come from his "fans"), luckily, it kinda stop since Evegnia move to Toronto with her mother, and Jason with his family. I've said enough about GPF situation. I don't think its something too serious or I need to know how they communicate in details.I just feel Brian/TCC could handle better, and maybe also from Yuzuru's side. They went through even more difficult period, their bond won't break because of this. I never think Brian is against Yuzuru or anything like that. He clearly respect Yuzuru and try his best to support him. Brian is a human, he can like this student abit more and its normal, just like how Ghislain clicked with Yuzuru better and I'm sure they all professional when its come to traning and skater's career. To sum up, every time an interview from Brian come up, I feel abit tired because half of people try to overanalyze his words and the other half try to defend him at all cost. I find this interview is fine, and the part made me roll my eyes is not about Yuzuru.
  18. I do think compare lutz edge to hair style, costume is wrong. We don't have stylist at tech panel, right ? His comment remind me of everytime people talk about tech flaw, there's always " if you can't do xxx jump, stop complaining". I mean that's one of the worse way to shut people down from discussion. There's very few skaters with correct technique on all jumps, we all know how its hard to fix the the edge, very few succeed. And its ok, just say "its difficult, we will continue to work on it and won't give up". I feel some of the hate Evgenia got towards flutz is because Brian saying they won't hide it in lutz conner (while they still did) or she landed alot of correct one in TCC. And then they put the lutz in SP or 2nd one in LP, it got backfire terribly.
  19. I thing hate is a strong word and just because I disagree with Brian alot of times, it doesn't mean I hate him. i think some people upset with some of his PR because whether you want it or not, its a part of the game right now. And Brian did a wonderful pr game at Olys so it make sense that people expect it again and got disappointed. I said mutiples times that I like TCC coaching method but it doesn't mean I like everything they did and all of their skaters. I don't like Eteri's team but I can't deny they're master of milking the system and there's a few thing they do well. I have problem with some team TCC/Eteri stan, act like TCC/Eteri team is the best and could do no wrong, if you say something against them, you're anti. As for Brian, I think he is a nice person and a great coach . I appreciate that he and TCC team create a great enviroment and dynamic between skaters from all over the worlds because its not easy. We see how things went wrong with Eunsoo/Mariah. I love Yuzuru, but I have to admit, coaching him is gonna be a nightmare for me. While TCC let skaters to decide thing for themselves, its different when coach has a little say when its come to their student skating. Yuzuru choose his music, have a final say for the music cut, decide his layout and jump entries, costume.... and I think he even take part in arranging his training. When I see Yuzuru's perfomances nowadays, I can only see "him" because his touch is everywhere, while if its Javi, Evgenia I can see the coaching team and choreographer's hand in their style/program (Its even more obvious when you see Eteri skaters). When Yuzuru decide to continue to compete in 2018, Brian ask him something like what's his role and I still wonder about it. I think its harder for Brian because he's like a general manager and cover more parts in his student's skating while its more about jump with Ghislain and SS with Tracy. I still believe TCC is the only coaching team that support Yuzuru to do whatever he want like that for almost 8 years. I can't imagine Raf, Eteri would allow that. About the GPF thing, I guess he's too upset since he brought it once again. Understandable because everyone would be mad if their insta filled with hate comments. I hope he know that posting the pic is not a right way to dispel the rumor. It only make things worse. Idk but sometime Brian's interview sound abit tone deaf to me, not sure if its because of translation (Eng->Rus/JPN->Eng). The communication issue make me worried because it lead to Boston nightmare and Yuna's ugly spilt. At competition, the dynamic between Yuzuru and Brian is still fine. Again I can only hope if Yuzuru's not ok with anything, he would speak up. At least its good that there's Ghislain and Tracy behind the boards now.
  20. It sound to me that Brian was abit offended by what happened at GPF, both by Yuzuru's decision and the IG chaos. I understand everyone would mad at those hate comments, but after months I feel he didn't know the core of the situation. But well, what's done is done, I hope it does not affect to his relationship with Yuzuru. I rolled my eyes a couple times with this interview, but mostly because of his talk about other skater so I won't go further. And yeah, its like everyone in FS business keep convince people that the awards is amazing and the more they talk, the more it backfire.
  21. I think this is the time Yuzuru really need the support from fans. He has alot of things against him, ISU, crap juding, his own fed and media while carrying more expectation and pressure than anyone. I looked back at the past 5 years and realize we could lose him at least 3 times. So as long as he decide to fight, he always have my support. Simple as that. I only hope for his health and happiness. You might feel disappointed with his decision, but trust me once he leave this sport, you gonna miss him dearly. Just think about how heartbroken we were when he got injuries and WD from competition, don't take anything for grant.
  22. Its 4:40 mins verson, reducing 30sec is another beast and if you re watch Seimei COR, the last 3 jumping pass were already really close to each other. One of the most amazing thing about Seimei is the chsq, with 33s long and most chsq under new system are much shorter (Origin is about 18sec). I just can't imagine how he's gonna handle it and I'm so looking forward to his first practice. Edit : His isu's bio got update again today and still Chopin/Seimei. Well, better light all the candles now
  23. Origin has been underscored in both PCS and GOE, with or without 4lz, minus Skate canada. He didn't get the results he derserve most of the time with these two programs. In this new system, his score have been dropped even with the same qualities. I can understand Chopin when he struggle with Otonal combo and said the layout isn't working. Its Seimei the biggest mystery, I can't imagine a 4 mins Seimei unless there's a major music change. If its true, he must has a good reason for it. Yuzuru wouldn't go this far if he care about criticism and narratives. He and his team must foresee the reaction. I'm worried but at the same time I'm excited to see how it turn out.
  24. I think this is becoming true since lots of JPN media reported (althought they mostly cite ISU'sbio as their sources). There's no way ISU haven't fix it yet if its a system mistake. After 5 years of following Yuzuru, this is the most chaotic decision I have seen from him I feel he take a harder road because he has been practice Otonal/Origin for 1.5 year, switching programs at a comp right before WC is just too risky, even its the one he's familiar with. I really want to know when he decide to do this, at least he still spend time to change Otonal layout for Nats. As I said, I can understand Chopin, but readjusting Seimei is even harder than upgrade layout Origin. Arhhhhhhh, all the attention would be on his practices and I can't wait *watch him skip the first one*. *I have some conspiracy theories about this and want to see if its true*
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