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  1. Ahaha Brian's article was released exactly around the same time when Yuzuru arrive to Korea last year. Everything is calculated =)))))))))))
  2. I think WC is gonna be exciting, when we finally see reigning Olympic champ, WC/GPF champ, 4CC champ at the same comp.
  3. Its in a japanese show, around June-July, I read from Japanese fan's reports on twitter. I try to find some original tweets but I couldn't remember the exact date.
  4. IMO the video is fine, nothing abnormal. Not everyone is close and comfortable with each other, Yuzuru sometimes looked abit awkward with Dai or Patrick, doesn't mean they hate each other. As for the RT, to me its weird that Miki manage to find a post with a few RT/Likes and the tone is abit mocking. The OP hate Fanyus and often bashing them so I think that's the reason why some people upset when Miki retweet that. Lots of fans don't like Miki when she said Shoma is the reason why Yuzuru won 2nd OGM and some problematic thing about team event.
  5. As for the layout, something like this : (1) 4lo 4s 3Lo 4T// 4Tlo3S 3A3T 3A2T (BV = 90.88) or (2) 4lo 4s 3F 4T// 4Tlo3S 3A3T 3A2T (BV = 91.28) have similar BV to Helsinki's layout. In Helsinki he got 1.59 for great 3F3T while a so so 3A combo would score 2.4 or 2.85, its more than enough to make up the BV difference. IMO I hope he take out 4T3A SEQ, its a hard combo and doesn't make his BV any higher. Layout (1) would be the safest, because a harsh panel might give his 3F !. I wish he would do the combo on first 4T but he won't lol
  6. Commentators are free to say what they think, its doesn;t mean its right or its what would happen. As I said before, Yuzuru awared alot of things around him. If he doesn't feel comfortable with someone or don't want to give tabloid materials, he would avoid them. We saw it with Evgenia and Misha. For Worlds I hope Yuzuru would be healthy and skate two great perfomances that he can be satisfy and do those program justice. Whatever judges do or how his rivals skate, he couldnt control. For me, the fact that he still compete after PC is a bonus, he would do ice show, events, CM but still choose to go through intense training, rehab. Some people always eager to write him off everytime there's top men skate well. In 2014, Japanese media said Shoma would overtake him soon, after WC15 people also thought Nam would beat him next season. These kind of narratives are not new and will continue as long as he compete. But he's Yuzuru Hanyu, I truly believe he would find a way to win like he always does
  7. I agreed. I dont think Jonny's comment is that bad, its the fact that he (and other commentator) drag Yuzuru name in US nats multiple times make people upset. Yuzuru aware all of it, he knows what people, commentators talk about him. We're not him and never know how he feel about it. Perhaps he doesn't mind at all. But I can say if Yuzuru don't feel comfortable enough, he would avoid that person with all cost. He's smart young man and I trust him to make the right decision. About Otonal, I'm just glad I only know Yuzuru's program and I can't wait to see how he improve that program by WC
  8. JSF released assignments to some senior Bs. Bavarian Open (Feb 5–10) : Satoko Miyahara, Yuna Aoki, Yuna Shiraiwa, Koshiro Shimada, Yuto Kishina. Challenge Cup (Feb 21–24) : Rika Kihira, Wakaba Higuchi, Shoma Uno, Sota Yamamoto, Yuma Kagiyama Coupe du Printemps (Mar 15-17): Sena Miyake https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2019/01/16/kiji/20190116s00079000178000c.html
  9. Agreed His 3A is so special and I wish it would be perfect at WC. Let's hope he would find the way to do 4A and 3A perfectly at the same time ^^
  10. I took those shaky 3A as early season's state. Maybe you're right that its effect of 4A, maybe not. As for me, at the moment there's not enough data for it. I would like to see his 3A when he's healthy and in top form to judge.
  11. I stand by my point, his 3A in LP is about the same as previous seasons. Maybe you should rewatch his 3A in ACI17 (i hope you not), COR17, ACI16, ACI15, SC15. His 3A is the best in SC16 LP if we talk about early comp.
  12. If I remember right, he only did twizzle 3A in Requiem Boston, for the whole season, its SE 3A. And the success rate for his 3A twizzle in NS is about 50%. Its new for him in competitive program. We shouldn't compare gala program to competitive one, its not only the pressure, but the difficulty and focus it require is hella different. I still think his 3A is fine, its the one in SP make people worried abit but I think its gonna be ok if he stick to back counter entry. I would like to wait until WC (or maybe WTT if we lucky enough) to see. His 3A in LP is pretty much the same as previous season ( we don't talk about COR LP here).
  13. I think last year its around mid-late Jan, this year it could be till early Feb. Not some big announcement but for sure there's some japanese article before entries out.
  14. Whether his 4A would affect to his 3A, its too soon to say. I would like to wait for a few comp or maybe half of next season. His 3A this season so far is ok, its not that bad IMO. If you compare his 3A to the last 3 seasons, from senior B to senior B and 1st GP to 1st GP, its about the same. I think the overeaction mostly come from his 3A in SP, but he tried the new entry instead of the back counter 3A that he did for the last 6 years, so I would give him abit benefit of doubt. I think I talked about his twizzle 3A after Helsinki, that the entry and the placement of that 3A make him off axis easily. At COR, they switched to back counter and its look better. Its never easy to try new jump entry, if you look at top men ( and Eteri girls) , they use the same jump entry for years, for both SP and LP. I refuse to look at the score, because Junhwan & Jason's telegraph 3A got about the same points as his twizzle 3A at ACI or even his perfect 3As got less GOE than Javi and Shoma sometimes . I get why some people worried, because we saw how training 4lz affect to 3lz, but his 3lo still fine when he train 4lo, let's hope that's would be the same for 4A and 3A ^^ I'm not even think about program next season yet, when we still have 2 months until WC
  15. He thought 4 years would not be a problem for him, not that he use the same boots for 4 years now. Remember he switched from Ice fly to Piano in 2016. I read somewhere he changed his boots once per season.
  16. The documentary was filmed in July (4/7), in Japan.But I think his comment at the end might be new.
  17. Nope, Sota is the first alt for 4CC, then Hiroaki Sato
  18. So, we got a comment from Yuzuru : https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20181225-00000001-jij-spo- He said he will work hard to make it in time for WC So he's really gonna yolo to the most important comp of the season again. I miss him....
  19. There's no on ice announcement this year base on Nationals's schedule in October. For sure it has nothing to do with Yuzuru's injury and I don't think its because of Dai either. Some people think it has to do with critisim to JSF when last year, top 6 ladies had to sat in a room with their skates on and wait for the OG/WC team announcement. Wakaba said its hard for her emotionally. WTT base on World standing/points and the team need to compete at WC.
  20. Tbh, in 2013-14, japan had the deepest men field in history, with 5 medal contenders and their scoring potential were quite close. From 2015 till now, Yuzuru and Shoma are far ahead of the field. I think if Kazuki and Keiji are WC medal contender/qualify for GPF, things would be different. I don't think JSF would give 4CC/WC spot to someone who doesn't have TES min. Back in 2017, when Satoko WD from Asian winter game, JSF intend to send Kaori to get TES min so she might do WC later but Kaori also WD because of flu. Rika Hongo skated at both 4CC and WC when's she not in good shape. This year, JSF won't announce 4CC/WC team on ice and so far no one know when the team members will be announced. As usual, I saw some people blame its because of Yuzuru blah blah blah but its already on Nationals's schedule back in October, before GP series.
  21. I'm sure if Yuzuru didn't accidentally appear in the video for 3sec, people wouldn't care about whatever she posted.
  22. She didn't tag any skater, didn't name any of them, the video isn't focus on Yuzuru. People didn't find out immidiately after she posted. None of us know details about TCC policy's for SNS, so its better let them handle it ? If I were this girl, posted random set of photos/video and 16 hours later, strange people came and yell at me to delete it, I would be shock. Its fans who spreading this video should take it down. And anti knows he's back on the ice thanks to fans. Don't blame the poor girl who probably doesn't know anything PS : I saw some fans deleted the gif on twitter already. That's good. Now if some people could stop going to her IG....
  23. I saw this in his close VK group as well. Seem like the video is recent, and he's mostly checking things. Hopefully everything's going well. Take care Yuzuru !!!!!!
  24. It could be just normal gossip but it became this big because they drag Yuzuru name into this, using his name as headline. That's why people got upset, not the actual thing happened. This scandal got trending in Japanese media the whole day mainly because they tagged Yuzuru name. I mean when you see "羽生",you immidiately think of Yuzuru, not to mention they highlighed and put it into big font.
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