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  1. My first impression when I checked his sp score at wtt is " thank god i didnt happen at worlds". Skaters can have bad day even when they're in best shape. If he had a great Sp at wtt people will be "if he do it at worlds" ( see the reaction for Mai and Wakaba). So as long as he deliver at the right time, I'm fine with him bomb early in season. All the men are doing very risky layouts, its unrealistic to ask for an Evgenia's consistency. And for Yuzuru, the pressure he get is unbelieveable. Imagine you enter a comps with thousands of people and medias follow your every single moves, good practise can make they freak out as well as bad practise. To be able to deliver many good m performance with that kind of expectations is outstanding The thing that make me happy about this season is he really care about his health and put it in the first priority. It took him a bit long to get that mindset, it will works well for him in the long term.
  2. World pressure is different from GPF. Many youngster did well at GP series, but when it comes to world, the pressure really got to them. Skaters will always have issues (injuries, sickness, boot issues) whether they mention it is their choice. Sometimes I think people expect Yuzu to be perfect because he never talk about injuries or things may affect him in competition, and he rarely WD and still win/medal almost all comps he enter. Thats why people have the impression that his issue may not that serious ( which I disagree with). People could get a bit overreact when it comes to Yuzu's ability to deliver at Worlds, but I think that because many of them really want him to win it, I means its a shame if a talent like him only got 1 worlds titles. Overall I think their comments are quite fair and full of praise. I agree that Yuzu need this win to get back his reputation. They probably the only ones who not mention about that small gap between gold and silver, which I really appreciate :D
  3. Shae Lynn is absolutely my fave choreographer in this quad. She can work with many skaters and create programs that fit their personality and abilities. If you look at Ashley's programs and Yuzu's or Kevin's, its hard to know they all come from the same person. I hope Yuzu will continue work with Shae for LP. David Wilson can still make his ex :P
  4. Yeah, Its a bit scary if he suddenly get gold at his 1st GP I'm glad this season he bomb his SP at SC and WTT aka the least important comps IMO
  5. If another SC silver means WR later in the season...I think I'm fine with it
  6. This. I remember back then 2012-2013, many people said that Yuzu's chance will be at 2018 but Yuzuru himself didn't think so. He wrote a letter to David Wilson and there's something like "I don't want to wait till 2018, I want it know". I can see that Shoma and Nathan might feel the same. Since they still young, they can be a bit reckless and risk everything if they get what they want. Their goal are medals, not to win everyone's heart (right now of course) I'm glad Yuzuru compete during the period when judges still harsh when it came to GOE/PCS. If he's a few year younger, I don't know what would happened.
  7. As for Yuzuru, his SP layout's ok. The real headache will be LP layout. 4lz will do a wonder to his BV, he can attach combo on every jump and doesnt have to worry about the +REP I think all top men will upgrade their layout next season, maybe minus Javi. I'm a bit surprise to hear 4lz from Shoma, but hey, 4lz has higher BV than 4S, he can try to test the water aka will he get edge call or not. He has the momentum right now, next year might be his best chance for an Oly medal. Who knows what happen in the next 4 years, with all the quads he has been done for the past few years. I don't like his direction, but I can see why he's going for it. And Nathan will get big PCS if he go for 6 quad LP. Its not fair, but its not really skater's fault either. If judges stop give them too many points than they should have, they will have to work on qualities
  8. I think he will share one GP with Javi and another one with Yuzu :grin:
  9. Yeah, the camera follow skaters and change frame quite often so It's hard to see the multi direction in their skating. And i didn't know how big Yuzu's 3F and 3lz are until I saw fancams lol. I know many talks about Shoma's technique, I feel hurt in my knee and ankle when I saw his landings. His skating has many great qualities to admire (I think his SS is better than Javi) if only he has better jumps :'(
  10. I don't like Shoma's jumps, but tbh his stamina is great. He had 11 competitions this season, just imagine the traveling time give me a headache. One can hope he can improve his jump technique. Maybe its just me, but I always feel Shoma looks a bit better in TV record, his two footed skating aka too many crossover only bother me when I watch fancam. Meanwhile Yuzuru is opposite. His speed, flow and even the jumps are much more impressive in fancam. I really hope I can watch both of them live :D Seeing Sota at JOC workshop make me feel relieved. I worried since we didn't hear anything from him after he WD both GPs. If Sota and Dice can come back strong, we will have a really exciting men competition at Nationals :yay:
  11. I think Mai got a little love from JSF after Worlds. I like her, but she should behind Wakaba at WTT, especially in LP when her jumps were smaller than usual. She's very consistent so I hope she has better package next season. Kaori is quite similar to Mai, good jumps, good speed, quite consistent but she need better programs. Wakaba could be a real threat if she get that 3A. Her 3F is still problem so I hope she replace it with 3Lo in SP. And of course, better LP next season. Her Scheherazade is not bad, its actually ok for a senior debut, but I love her Mask of zorro LP more. Marin is very good, great SS and her glide is to die for. I find her a bit overrate at this point, both of her program this season is a bit genetic, but she's still young and has plenty of time to improve. I worry about the hype around her and her agency is affiliated with the media won't help it either. I mean at JOC there're more article with Marin in the titles than Yuzuru :wtf: . It won't be easy for her next season. Satoko is big question. We don't know how her hip injury will affect to her jump, which are not good to begin with. She really lost alot momentum by missing 2nd half of season. I heard she will get new programs in June/July. i hope she stick with Tom Dickson. Its really a shame that there's only 2 spot for Japanese ladies. Next National will be very heartbreaking :cry:
  12. Katt

    Music talk

    I like One winged angel too. FF music have it all, especially when it come to drama :love:
  13. I think he will keep the same layout for SP. He has not skate clean with 4lo, 4S3T/3A layout (GPF came close). As for the LP, it will depend on his 4Lz by the end of the summer. I heard that it will be very difficult to do a combo after loop jump, so I don't think we'll see 4lo3t, although he land it already. I have a headache when I try to think about his LP layout lol
  14. Katt

    Music talk

    I would love if he skate to Final Fantasy OST in LP. Its super popular, especially in Asia. I think many people know the melody of To zanarkand :love: . Last season I have a feeling he might skate to Joe Hisaishi's music, I even imagine a View of silence's SP . So who knows ? Maybe my dream will come true again :love:
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