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  1. His anti will always petty even if there's no Dai at this Nationals. They already went after Yuzuru ever since COR but they're not the one who decide thing. Its JSF and Yuzuru earn his WC spot by their rules. Don't forget Dai still need to get TES min if he want to go to WC
  2. Its official. Yuzuru WD from Japanese Nationals. https://www.daily.co.jp/general/2018/12/13/0011901938.shtml Get well soon, Yuzuru !!!!
  3. Its an interview from an JSF official with a tabloid magazine. Yeah, it conflict with what JSF said after COR and I saw japanese fans mad about this article. Yuzuru has some officials support him and against him in JSF, its sad but that's how it is. We'll have to wait and see. I believe Yuzuru and his team would make the best decision We got news today : https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2018/12/06/kiji/20181206s00079000422000c.html Brian said he would discuss with Yuzuru about Nationals and future competitions next week. He was in Japan temporarily for further inspection but he's returning/is back to toronto now.
  4. The journalist might got this from Brian last week at IDF but only allowed to share after WD announcement. I only saw this quote from one source so far.
  5. I read that article a few hours ago and I'm so sad (and its so annoying to see the whole reselling ticket drama on twitter at the same time). At this rate I think he shouldn't do 4CC. Just because its not that bad like last year, doesn't mean its not a serious injury and no one know if 3 week of rest +1 month rehab is enough. Last year, doctor said 10 days rest and 1 month rehab and he's still in pain after 2 months. I think one more month for him would be better, ligament injuries always need alot of time.
  6. Now its confirmed. I hope his ankle wouldn't get worse after COR LP and the recovery would go smoothly. Hopefully he can start his rehab on ice soon. In the meantime, after 3 comps, he and his team would get enough feedback about programs and make change accordingly. Its gonna be hard for him to watch the comp at home, I pray for his metal health as well. He's Yuzuru Hanyu, so he will comback stronger. Sending hugs to everyone
  7. I feel some fans are more impatience about 4a than Yuzuru himself, even when he said clearly he would consider/train again after Nats I dont believe Dmitrive would suddenly land clean fully rotated 4a in just a few weeks. I dont understand why would he and his team put a jump that have low or even 0% success rate in competition....
  8. Yeah, i hope his upper body movement would be sharper, stronger. His movements in Helsinki are abit all over place, since he focus alot on jump, which is understandable. His expression is fine IMO. Hopefully it would be better by COR, although there's only 1 week gap.
  9. None of people I know said his Helsinki perfomance were perfect or flawless. Maybe some, and one or two commentator, but its minority. His SP was great, his LP was good, and I think most people agree there's a lot of room to improve. The praise over his LP maybe due to delay broadcast- people already knew he won the comp with big margin and the 4T3A got alot of attention. And commentator might be abit hype because a 2 times OGM still compete. He's Yuzuru Hanyu but he doesn't get praise everytime, if you remember all those comment about him "vulnerable", "inconsistency" during 2016-17. For sure, once he underperform, those comments would be back faster than lightening. In fact, there's already some articles in Japan and Russia about how overscore he was. I'm pretty sure none of us want to hear that either. As for the Origin, I understand that's the music Yuzuru love and want to skate for a long time, partly tribute to Plushenko but he want to make it his own as well. Shaelyn said its base on Kojiki but what's he think or how he express-its his choice. I remember with H&L, at first Yuzuru said that the theme is about nature. Shaelyn shared she create program base on his skating life and at the end of season, its both. The program is about his skating life and he express that through the motion like the water, the wind. Maybe with Origin, Yuzuru still on the stage to find and discover the right expression/interpretation. Its different from Seimei or POTO because its doesn't have character. I always find its unfair to compare his new program to Seimei or H&L-because most of the time people mention these 2 programs, they only recall the best perfomances. I hope some people would remember how messy H&L at ACI or SC16, how Semei was all over place during summer 2015 and give him time to develop the new program. He will get there, maybe not as fast as some hope it would be but I think Yuzuru won't pick the music if he can't bring something new to it.
  10. I think the article is ok, Plushenko just said what he hope for, not its a must. I don't think it would affect Yuzuru much, he named the program "Origin" which means its not related much to Nijinsky. He and ShaeLyn has their own vision about this program and IMO they would stick to that.
  11. Tbh in the article they said Dmitriev haven't land it cleanly yet, not to metion about the rotation (tbh if he rotated it I think it would be all over internet) With the field in Helsinki, 4A is too risky and would affect his chance to GPF. The current layout is hard enough. COR is just 2 weeks after Helsinki. I dont think he would try in GP. He never do jump just for the sake of doing it. Krasnozhon tried 4lo way before him. Dmitriev tried 4a in comp. I doubt Yuzuru would care about what's other doing (SometimeI feel some fans exaggerate things when its come to Yuzuru and 4A.... )
  12. @makebelieveup -All GPs comp, ISU championship have 9 judges so the final GOE/PCS is avarage by 7 with highest and lowest score were taken out. The Senior B comp usually have 7 judges and they take average by 5. Alot of local comp only has 5 judges. http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1819/gpcan2018/gpcan2018_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf For example, look at Evgenia first 2A in her LP. The GOE are : 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 2 2 A +3 and +1 are out then we have 3 +3 and 4 +2 . (3x0.99 + 4x0.66)/7= 0.8 - As for the UR and edge calls and levels, judges don't call it, its technical panel. There's Technical Controller, Technical Specialist, Assistant Technical Specialist. As far as I know, tech specialist has the most power. There's tough and easy tech panel. People at COC 2016 said Shin Amano took note alot, more than most tech specialist they've seen. All the UR and edge calls were reviewed after the performance, then the judges would change GOE accordingly. That's why you would see TES drop when they announce the score. For example Evgenia's lutzes in her LP got +1,43 and +1.38 GOE in realtime, but since tech panel call (!) and (e), it drop to 0.67 and -0.57.
  13. Its still a private conversation and I doubt M&A were there to witness in person. This is more likely a second, or even third/fourth hand of account no one know its true or not. I stand by my point, I don't like commentators talk about private/behind the scene thing like this. I read another translation and its sound like some kind of gossip. I think most people who love Yuzuru know the reason why he's being that private. I don't care about what antis's doing, but its always better to not give them new material.
  14. They're already at it And correctly its might be from Yuzuru's English to Italian to English . Twist it or not, I don't like commentators spread unconfirm/insider report. B esp uncle said Shoma had leg injury a couple of time last season and people worried until a fan asked his manager confirmed he's healthy =.=
  15. Idk if this info is true or not or how they get it from but I hope they would keep those behind the scene things private. Maybe I'm not a fan of all insider sources or stuff like that. His antis are gonna get new material now. They pick up and twist these thing at LTE speed.
  16. The SE in Otonal is one of my favourite detail. The music went silent so I think it make sense that he didn't have any arm movement ?? Maybe a deeper hip turnout could highlight his SE better. I think there's couple of timing in 2nd half that he could put his combo and its till match the music. The layout like 4S 3A sit spin 4T3T spin stsq spin could work well, or even move the combo after 2 spins.
  17. I agreed its too soon to judge both programs. Unlike some top skaters, he didn't have chance to skate to it in ice show, ACI is his first outing and it wasn't perfect but its far from bad . Tbh, nobody can skate a program perfectly in his/her first comp. If we rule out ACI17's Chopin, Otonal is his best SP debut, both technically and perfomance wise, even with the spin mistake. IMO I found the SP layout is fine, I like his idea for all jumps in quite part, you can hear the sound of his blade when he land the jumps. Tbh, this layout is not any less risky compare to his old one. He did combo as last jumping past, all the jumps are quite close so if he make mistake, its hard to recover. With this music cut, he can move his combo in 2nd half if he want. I think we will see some changes in both programs at Helsinki.
  18. Eunsoo got NHK : http://www.isuresults.com/events/cat03108896.htm @kaeryth : Japan already max out GP spots (18) in ladies so Yuna S and RiKa H couldn't get 2nd assignment, unless WD come from japanese ladies.
  19. I haven't seen quad battle for a long time and tbh it should stay like that. I don't think he should try 4a in gala. There's no warm up, under gala lightening, its too dangerous. Yuzuru stop doing quad at gala comp since 2016 ( He sometimes did lots of quad at gala practice though) Don't forget Nathan broke his hip because he tried 4S in EX. I'm pretty sure he never try 4lz in LGC costume or else there would be multiple video/gif. Maybe you mistake it with another quad ? This video include all of his 4lz attempt until COR : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJHTryl-smI
  20. He did 4lz at WTT gala practice, after the comp. The jump is good, not the landing though.
  21. ^ the gala in Helsinki is about 2-3 hours after men's LP, so for his own sake, he shouldn't do any quad. I would like to see Yuzuru focus more on his current LP layout, especially the 2nd half than 4A, there's enough things he has to work on that LP in GPs series. From all the interviews, that 4A is not ready yet, UR or not or how's the landing we never know. Landing jump in practice is one thing, landing it in program in a competition is a whole different beast. I keep my old prediction, the soonest is the 2nd half of this season. And what's wrong with WTT ? Its an ISU comp and all records and jumps are ratified. The problem is not where he land it first, its how he gonna do after that to prove is not a fluke. Boyang is not the first one who land 4lz, but people always remember him first in every 4lz talk because of his quality and consistency
  22. I actually think there's high chance Yuzuru will go. He said he want to compete as many comp as possible this season. And tbh, Yuzuru often doesn't do well after a long break (PC is the exception). Japan often send their top team to 4CC unless its Oly season, and yet last season they send the Olys team minus Yuzuru to 4CC. I think it would depend on his condition, if he's healthy enough, he would go As for Dai, even if he get good result at Nats, to compete at 4CC/WC, he need to get TES min at a senior B first.
  23. 2010 I think. There's a short clip about that comp : http://tsukihoshi14.tumblr.com/post/171946688328/yuzu-eastern-japan-2010
  24. If Yuzuru does regionals, its gonna be Tohoku-Hokkaido regionals right ? This year there is only one (1) senior men at this comp so.... Yesterday, Dai said its 18 years since the last time he did regionals
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