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  1. When Han Yan and Brezina's bio got swap, it took almost a week to fix it. But this is Yuzuru so I'm sure there's some media people trying to contact with ISU. Japanese media might be on fire when they wake up. Lets wait and see. Here i thought i would be in my peaceful cave for another 2 days before the whole week of stress
  2. The deadline for submitting music for 4CC is 14/1. At 17/1, Otonal and Origin are still in his ISU bio. ISU just updated most active skaters's bio around 13:25-13:27 UTC today. Even Japanese media freak out about this, pretty sure all there's no way non japanese sources would have any insider info. I can get why he bring back Chopin but both programs are just too chaotic at this time of the season. Luckily he doesn't have SNS account since he set the whole FS fandom on fire without one multiple times.
  3. Adjusting Seimei into 4 mins is even harder than Origin with upgrade layout IMO since jumps' placements have to change alot. He skated Otonal clean 3/5 times this season and minus Nats, all his Origin performances are great to solid.Well we'll see. ISU mess up with skaters's bio is not something new, Han Yan and Brezina's whole bio use to be swapped once.
  4. Moi version is about 3.30 min and only 3 jumps. It does not make sense unless there's a major change in music cut. Edit : Seem like they just updated most skater's isu bio, not just 4CC skaters. Well...
  5. i can understand Chopin but Seimei is 4.40 min, how can they adjust it into 4.10 min ??????? I think its a web mistake.
  6. Agreed. There's no rivalry if they are not judged by the same standard and rules.
  7. Shoma has 4lo in 2nd half of 2016-17 and Oly season. If I remember right, he has to place his blade abit different to land it, but this cause him another issues so he stopped doing 4lo after Olympic. Yuzuru said he landed 4F a few times in practice. I hope one day we could see it. His flip edge is getting better and tbh there's not many 4F in the field, let alone the a nice one.
  8. His job is a coach, but these day you cant ignore PR game/SNS , whether you like it or not. Yuzuru is a skater and his job is to skate but I'm sure if he says/does something off, people would go after him anyway. Tracy and Ghislain never face any backfire from their media talk so far. People mad at Brian but not other TCC coaches because he's listed as Yuzuru's main coach. Again, attacking on is IGs is all kind of wrong but as I said this could avoid easily. For sure Yuzuru would learn alot from this, and I hope the same for TCC. It might be abit awkward for both of them when they start to talk (according to the article, its today) but Brian's a professional, he could understand its not Yuzuru's fault at all. As for the article, maybe its not all Brian said but this is not the first time he give his interview to Phil either. If you know how Phil dose with his writing, maybe abit more careful, or ask for pre reading. When I worked in publisher, I often send a draft to those I interviewed, especially the exclusive interview, whether they demand it or not. Sometimes you can interpret people's word in your own way and it could go wrong. And this is online article which can edit easily as well. If Brian say A and Phil write B, I can't believe Brian doesn't contact and ask him to change, unless he never read the article after publishing. Honestly, this article just add more fuel and turn this situation into "he said she said" and its not good at all. Hopefully it won't bring more trouble to Yuruzu/Brian with JSF. I hope this is the end of this. And if there's any miscommunication between Brian/TCC team with Yuzuru/his team, it would be solved right away.
  9. I don't get the point for this article, to milk to drama just when its over ? Yuzuru said he asked Ghislain because Brian is busy but Brian didn't know they register Ghislain over him ? I still stand by my point, TCC and Brian didn't hanlde this situation well. Yes, not everything need to be told and public, but in SNS era, if you don't say anything, nobody would know . He has no problem to share this info with Phil, so idk why he couldn't speak up earlier, to not put Yuzuru into an awkward position as well. Releasing an statement before Ghislain made to Italy doesn't take much time. Any hate towards him on SNS is unacceptable but again, this could avoid easily. Brian is still not very good with his PR/press talk game so I hope in this case, he and the team realize fans/public need to hear their words when something happen. Edit : Don't take Phil seriously. He's the one who ask Yuzuru about his weight at Oly press con and delight when Satoko had to WD from WC17 because of injuries.
  10. I voted for yes. Its the only title he lack, and a good chance to test his layout before WC. There's 3 months between Nationals and WC, and imo its too long. He need to compete in between to get the competition feeling. Edit : If Yuzuru want 4CC, there's no way JSF wouldn't give him a spot. He still their best chance for gold.
  11. Yuzuru also went back to Toronto after NHK. In the past he often stay in Japan before/after GPF but now I think he prefer to be at TCC rather training alone in Japan. Plus, there would be more demanding from media if he stays in Japan. These days he's back to Canada as soon as he can, despite jetlag.
  12. If recycling is an excuse for low pcs, how about the same program with different music ? That's exactly what Eteri camp famous for. Evgenia skated with the same partern, layout for years under Eteri, that's the main source of her consistency as well but did her pcs suffer ? Remember the first time she broke Mao's SP record, its due to pcs, not tes (yes, I'm still bitter about this). Japanese ladies bring great, new programs every year but they never get close to Russian ladies's pcs despite being better in everything. Nathan's SP choreo this season is basically a Nemesis recycle. Daniil's programs with mutiple leg kicks/leg grabs that have nothing to do with the music. If recycling programs should get lower pcs, then everything I listed above should be dingged harder. Do we really expect judges to pay attention to music and programs ? Shoma and Nathan still get good goe when step for SP solo jump was a rule. If judges don't even follow the rule/goe guideline most of the time, why they suddenly invent new one for Yuzuru ?
  13. Oh my the whole recycle program to excuse his score is ridiculous. It does not matter and never matter. Yuzuru is not the first to reuse program and won't be the last. If they want to give him low score, they can find every ways to do that. How can program can affect to jump's goe ???? Don't forget those phantom UR at ACI. Don't forget how H&L get low pcs despite being new. These days judges don't care about music choreo and all. Look at Danill's programs with boring partern get all the pcs in the world, look at Samsonov, Trusova, Anna get away with bad technique and shower with goe because they have Rusfed and Eteri bonus. I don't get it, recycle programs is just a strategy, like Nathan don't bother to put transisions to get the consistency. Its not as bad as cheat take off jumps like those ladies's quads. If judges want someone win, they will do that with all their power, look at P/C in ice dance, they even get WR for a messy perfomance. As for Philip Hersh or NBC, of course they would do everything to boost theri countryman. An US judge email to 60+ judges about how empty Plushenko's programs were and how he should get low score. They can do everything and run multiple campaigns to ensure the gold. There's a reason why NBC mock Yuzuru every chance they get since PC because he ruin their perfect scenerio.
  14. Yeah I agreed. For Yuma, if Samsonov mess up at JGPF and he win, that would make JNats even more interesting. He got 81 pcs at Junior Nats and it will rise more at Senior Nats. I trust Yuma more because he's quite consistent at the moment. As for Yuzuru, I only know he's gonna be fine as long as he deliver since JSF is dumb.
  15. Don't forget Yuma. From Junior Nationals, seem like JSF want to push him into senior podium this year, the same what they did with Shoma in 2014. Yuma is consistent and has some good qualities. I think aside from Yuzuru, JNats is wide open. As for the Happy birthday thing, its not that deep, singing a HBD song is just about 10-15 sec. Of course not everyone there is Yuzuru fan, but I don't think anyone would be against when fans want to celebrate his birthday. If its Kevin birthday and his fans start to sing, I think fanyus would help them as well. I think at the moment, people debate about the timing, and everyone agree after the LP is a big no. I think at the end of the victory lap is quite ok, when they turn off the music ?
  16. Its just a matter of time. If Yuzuru struggle they would make fun of him but he's doing well so far so the only thing they can do is spreading these nonsense. Its gonna be more when GPF come close and soon US media would pick up. I know those us stans. When I start to follow FS in 2014, they're quite famous because there's not many active FS fans on twitter. And its funny that they mock fanyus for complain about scoring when they did exactly the same to Yuzuru back then. Complain about GOE/PCS, JSF politicks for him (they went full force after him around GPF/Nats 14) but now they act like they're above and better than fanyus lol
  17. A GP win is 400 pts but since they only counts 4 highest event, a win at NHK only give Yuzuru 148 pts. He would be above Shoma after GPF, as to be back at No1, it might be after WC --------
  18. I read this on twitter and tbh this is abit creepy. I think its expected that people would raise their concern but its up to TCC to deal with it after all. I remember Brian said there's people occasionally go to TCC and ask if they could see Yuzuru's practice and the answer is always no. But honestly, better to let it go. Those who spread this story are as bad as those who defend this behavior.
  19. I just don't know how we could take Yuzuru's GP assignments 5 years ago to make any predictions about him do 4CC this year or not. Different situation, its not like he consider Nathan as the only competitors either. There's no sign about him not doing a comp because of small rink either. I think there's several skaters who hardly compete in small stadium like him. As for 4CC, I think people said enough, he often injuried during that time (2015,2016,2018,2019). The only year he skipped when he's healthy is 2014, but most of JPN Olympic skaters also skipped it. I hope he would do 4CC mainly because I wish him have a full healthy season, and he need to do a comp between Nats and WC. Also, he could finally get 4CC title.
  20. I don't know where you get this info but Yuzuru never said anything about small rink. Its never be a reason for him not to do a competition. Whatever issue with audience and stadium's capacity is not his job. If he's healthy enough he will do 4CC. Nathan or any skater don't play any part when Yuzuru choose to compete or not. Why do people think Yuzuru won't do X or Y comp because no Nathan there? He's not that obsessed with Nathan.
  21. TSL is unbearable. I also hope people would stop giving them any view but well. I don't take any podcast too seriously, but hey, give people one day to rant and forget it all tomorrow I'm about to send a comment to their website but connection issue happened and well, I will watch origin and go to sleep
  22. They're not. I can't believe I have to defend them but ITL is much better than TSL. I would say their twitter content is good, quite fast and professtional. I stop listening these kind of podcast for long. I only read the newest ep's transcipt because I read some complaint on twitter.
  23. They defnitely better than TSL, quite professional with their content on twitter. I would say its better to follow them on twitter for FS news, as for their podcast' content, its about 5/10 I don't think anyone take it too seriously but we can disagree with their opinion because its a publish content. I mean we can agree and disagree with each other on this forum, why can't we can't complain about ITL ? At least on their website, nowhere they imply that their podcast is for fun, so what's wrong with some people take it more serious than others ?
  24. ITL has alot of members and hosts and some of them are abit weird. Last year they went after Yuzuru's ACI otonal with multiples complaints about choreo, he's not underscored because his program is not complete for the 1st comp, as if everyone's program are perfect at the beginning of the season. I'm not gonna lie, his goe for the combo is abit too high, but when they spend 70% of time to complain about that, 20% to suprise that he got stsq4 and 10% to ok that 4Flo3F is nice, it doesn't look good. Once in a long time he has higher score than expect and they act its a crime. No one say Yuzuru is free from criticism but some balance is need. No wonder that judges/media has double standard on him, even some "fans" have it.
  25. I do think people have legit reason to worry about. Yuzuru got high score at ACI but we don't know how judges would do when he's the same event with Nathan. Nathan's pcs at SA is basically the same at WC ( 46.5/94 vs 46.42/94.78), and it will rise at GPF/WC no matter how we think it shouldn't. Let's take a look at both their LP so far. Nathan's SA LP : BV : 78.86 TES : 102.38 TES Yuzuru's SC LP : BV : 92.98 TES : 116.59 TES They basically got the same goe despite Nathan pop 2 jumps and lost level. With these layout, in term of TES, Yuzuru has about 8--10 pts at max that he could gain from goe. Nathan has 13-14 pts from lost BV with some more goe. So yeah, they pretty tied in TES and historically, judges would go wild with Nathan's goe and weird with Yuzuru's. Yuzuru must upgrade his BV to not let many power to the judges. While I think his 4lo will be fine from NHK, his 4lz is too risky. Don't forget Nathan could upgrade his BV to 5 quads +2 3A as well. Its gonna be a long and stressful season.
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