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  1. Tbh I don't think we should continue to discuss about that 4a anymore. Its not worth it. Certainly the one who start this on twitter want to bait fanyu and get attention. I also hope we don't post that kind of private video, especially about another skater here. Whether what's the intention is, let's not spread the private video. We hate it when people do that to Yuzuru so please don't do that to anyone
  2. Wang/Liu have been in China since April. I dont know how Kurakova and Junhwan could get to Canada, especially Junhwan since its holiday in Korea at the moment. They need some sort of special invitation from CSA to get visa, then at least 14 days quarantine, might be more since they would share the same ice with their national team.
  3. I don't think its wrong to point out those who idolize coaching team, coach/skater bond too much. Some people act like Brian is a gentle dad, a saint who never does wrong to save Evgenia from evil mother Eteri and it bother me. Imo, just don't expect and believe in terms like family, mom, dad, best friend/team/club forever in elite sports. Coach-athlete relationship should be a professional one.
  4. Membership fee, maybe, but its just similar to credit card yearly fee. Each skater have different schedule, its doesn't make sense that someone train for 10h/a week have to pay the same as someone who does for 20h/week. It would be crazy and unfair if they have to pay for ice time/coaching lesson when they don't even there or doing ice shows. About Nanami, if its just some general chat, we'll never know.One time when Yuzuru trained in Sendai and he wanted Nanami to watch over him, she said he need to ask Orser for his permission. I don't know why people put Evgenia and Yuzuru in the same page He's the same situation as Kurakova and Junhwan, not her
  5. I think at worse it will be postponed for a year, the situation aren't that bad compare to 2020 Tokyo. As far as I know, China ban all kind of concerts till the end of 2021 to avoid big gatherings and Imo its a right decision. I do think after Wuhan trauma, China handled all other outbreaks afterwards very well. Of all GPs, Coc is the safest.
  6. The fact that he doesn't even contact much with Brian means the chance he's working with Nanami is close to zero. I also don't see the need that Yuzuru have to announce he leave TCC just because he isn't training there at the moment. As far as I know, he/TCC skater pay their bill each week/month, depend on the amount of work/coaching time/ice time they use. So since Yuzuru isn't there, he doesn't have to pay for anything, and he doesn't need to leave either. Junhwan and Kurakova are on the same situaton as him. Its not like TCC will kick skater out if they won't be there for x months, Javi came back to train for EC after almost a year. I only worried about Yuzuru's training condition in Sendai : practicing at midnights with no off ice facilities, but its not like there's many competition at this point. He can just focus on some jumps and keeping his form. I'm sure he will try to make the best out of this current situation. At least he doesn't have any financial issue. Tbh, if things doesn't get better next summer, I doubt 2022 Beijing would happen as plan. There's alot of traveling involve when its come to olympic and China don't want any outbreak happen to their country. Its a tough situation for the whole world and I think its better to wait patiently
  7. I haven't seen any report about Eteri-Orser co coaching, all of it from Evgenia stans. I doubt Eteri and Orser would agree on that Its shocking but not a bad choice. Trusova and Alena are no longer there, Alina mosly retire, Eteri only have Anna and Kamilla in senior so politic wise, its good choice for Evgenia. I just find its funny, that a few days ago she express how she want to go back to TCC and have Brian watching her skate and now she's back to Eteri. Its kind of similar when she said she never leave Eteri while contacting to Brian back in 2018. There's a reason why I don't like it when people idolize coaching team and coach-skaters bond. The less you believe, the less you would be disappointed.
  8. From Yuzuru's own statement in JSF's website, there's no mention about Nationals. Whether he compete or not, he will let us know when he think its the right time.
  9. Thank you for your info. Yeah, I just check it and there's alot traning in Nagoya. Not sure how they keep pushing JO since its a fake comp in normal season after all. I know there's probably something with media rights and some skaters need money, but JO + its gala in Tokyo sound too risky to me at this point. Again, part of me glad that Yuzuru will never join this.
  10. Mao's tour has audience, with safety plan like smaller audience size. As far as I know, its mostly in small city/arena. And her Osaka leg this month was cancelled. From the entry list, look like JO prefer skaters base in Tokyo, or at least, Marin, Wakaba, Tomoe are there.
  11. To hold JO in tokyo - a hotspot of coronavirus for months with audience is a... choice.
  12. There's alot money, TV rights, sponsors in GPs, very different from JGP and that's why ISU keep pushing it. Yuzuru's WD is not long after ISU revamp GP and NHK's ticket detail will be up soon. As I said, that casino man keep playing with anti and their slanders, and to have a relation with someone openly bashing their star skater doesn't give JSF chairman and the whole fed a good look ( if you look at his tweets, he keep denying his relation with casino man and putting off blame of himself)) I do think if that clown didn't go too far with anti and fans didn't make it a big deal, no way JSF would speak up. At least JSF still try to behave nice in public but I don't trust them lol. About Challengers, lets wait and see since there's a rumor about Shoma go to Nebelhourn.
  13. I guess thing blew out of water since that casino guy keep engaging with antis, RT/like the slander tweets about Yuzuru so JSF have to speak up. To me its to save face rather than supporting Yuzuru. I don't have any trust in JSF. But at least, they aren't openly against their skater on SNS, the bar is really low with all the feds.
  14. That casino guy is just a clown who desperate for attention. He has been using Yuzuru name for clicks in the past few days and he wont' stop any time soon because there's alot of people support him . If you spend 5 minutes to look closer, its mainly Shoma and Nathan fans, yeah, I called them out this time. More accounts for me to block ~ At the end of the day, Yuzuru is a better person than anyone who try to bash him and pretend to act humbly.
  15. Translation might come soon, but he comment something like coronavirus and ashma, a health concern, then the coaching team, his coach unlikely can accompany him for competition in Japan, and he would have to self isolate for 2 weeks with no pratice if he go to canada. He said he can't compete in such condition. His action during the pandemic may affect many people to move along and may increase the risk of infection.As the number coronavirus cases in the world has not slowed down, he think he should play a part to prevent the spread of infection Its not an easy decision and Im sure he thought alot. So much respect for him. He not only think for himself. but his team, his coaches, those who will travel to see him.
  16. Its the right decision. I doubt there will be a GP series at all and I'm glad he announce this soon. No need to put himself and his team into those comp with no clear safety plan or details.
  17. In one comment, Panasonic mentioned something like house refurbishment, magical designer so probably not Yuzuru. Its just a way to gain attention by dragging other famous celeb into it - an usual tactic that brands use on weibo. Let's wait and see
  18. Totally agreed. When I saw his topic, I thought it could be a master degree or even PHD level of difficulty in my university. For undergraduate students, they often choose easier and bland topic most of the time because there's more academic sources/references/expert's help. There's very few researchs about FS so alot more work for him. I used to work in library and the fact that many students don't even try to access to our dabadases to get academic sources just drive me crazy sometimes. And to think he might have to work from scratch for some parts make me impressed. I hope one day we could have chance to read his thesis.
  19. Russian drama delievered again I'm glad Alena leave Eteri, but then I read her going to Plushenko and I'm sad again.
  20. JSF cancelled Yokohama event just like Skate Canada, Slovakia fed did with their JGPs. Again, JGP, CS, GPs are all different, they might follow different protocol to act accordingly as well (sponsors, TV rights). This is not the only JSF announcement for the rest of the season, as the event/GP come closer, for sure they will release more. This could turn out like Coupe du Printemps. No one know how GPs and the whole season would look like, and at the moment, JPN skaters, elite or low rank all have no assignment.
  21. JSF said they won't send skaters to part of CS series, not the whole one.ISU doesn't have any decision on GP, that's why JSF couldn't speak out about GP. We don't even have GP assignement at this point, how could one know what JSF goona do with GP ? I dislike JSF alot, I know they made alot of dumb decision but this one is not. Let's be honest, the chance for skater to travel without quarantine in the next 1-3 month is pretty low. ISU and all Feds just wait for the last minute to announce thing. And its not like they can't reverse their decision. If thing magically improve and we have normal season with JGP, CS series, I'm sure JSF would happily send skaters to those comp like they often do.
  22. This is just the beginng. If Yuzuru decide to go to Bejing, there would more and more bias article/analysis like that. I won't surprise if US judges pull off the same tactic that they use against Plushenko in 2010 to him as well. Once they finish all the "wrong" with Yuzuru, they will switch to his fans. Every single move of fan would be analyzed and mocked and they will try to tie his name with negative thing while hyping others. If you don't want to give ISU or OC channel click, block them. Ranting also give them publicity. Some people might not pay attention to bad content, but end up doing so because fans keep talkking about it. As for the award, may it never comeback again. Yuzuru won won't change the fact that its a bad and cringeworthy idea. But some people and agent in FS community clearly care enough and very bitter about it.
  23. I don't think its just ISU who push the narrative about Nathan, but also his federation and his agent -IMG. Its not out of nowhere that Yale come up everytime people mention his name. Alot of his PR articles in Japan have the same formula - tie his name tightly with Yuzuru, and Yale yale yale. He's not a naive kid, no elite athletes are. He doesn't do it directly but he's ok or don't care that people around him doing so, so I don't get why some people feel the need to play the victim card for him
  24. Its pretty clear who's ISU gonna give the award, just ignore them. Its better for Yuzuru not being connect to that local clown show.
  25. Considering how bad it its in US right now, Jason's too lucky to be able to get back to canada.
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