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  1. Same - ahh, I literally just submitted my guesses with them in GPF (how many more withdrawals before this thing even starts? )
  2. Not very happy to miss probably at least half of the first GP of the season, but alas 1) the hours and 2) I'll be away for the weekend. I might be able to catch men's FS, if Eurosport Player behaves and I get proper signal, and I should be back home for FD and ladies' FS. For now just praying Satoko and Kaori do well
  3. This is fun! I've entered my guesses - probably at least a pinch of wishful thinking in there, but oh well, might as well try to force some stuff on the universe
  4. Rainna

    [2018] Japan Open (06.10)

    Finally managed to catch up with JO after not being able to watch pretty much anything all weekend... I actually really like Deniss's new FS (costume included). Yes, he kind of bombed, but I can't wait to see it performed well NOBU. No words. This was already the coolest thing to have happened this season, everyone else can stop trying. Javi... please don't go *clings to the MOLM shirt Yuzu-style* ...also those saves, I think he couldn't believe the 3Lz one himself, looks like he's grinning Kaori - I'm liking this program more and more, truly can't wait to see her in Helsinki Satton - ahh, messy jumps but everything else excellent as usually. Also she looks gorgeous. Team NA (especially the guys):
  5. Rainna

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    I haven't been able to pay much attention to the SPs today but just dropping by to say (again) that I love Ivett's style so much More of quirky costumes and fun programs like this one, please! And yay, a smile Wasn't bad at all. Hope she keeps improving!
  6. Rainna

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    Yeah... no way. 1 weekend subscription is literally over half of what I pay for a year-long Esp subscription (not that it's going to be broadcast there, just making a comparison) I probably won't be able to watch for a good part of the weekend anyway, so eh
  7. Rainna

    Other Sports

    Poland is celebrating tonight! Back-to-back World Championship in men's volleyball, defending the title from 4 years ago (just like then, against Brazil)
  8. Rainna


    Totally agreed. I do love many of his "softer" looks, but, by default, I'll pretty much always prefer a darker style over a softer style. And he pulls it off so, so well...
  9. Rainna

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    I like Joseph, but this program is kind of hard to pay attention to I like his SP more
  10. Rainna

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    Yes, the North American sparkle reserves obviously aren't huge At least Joseph got some of them...
  11. Rainna

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    Ahh, that spin mess... Well, this was far from perfect, but I still like watching Camden and his jumps. He sure is wearing a non-costume though
  12. Rainna

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    Reminder that the gala is about to start, if anyone feels like watching (in 5 ish mins I think) ETA: Here's the schedule:
  13. Rainna

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    Ahh, it was going so well up until the last jump
  14. Rainna

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    Michal please, drop the tanos And I see he's making good use of Shoma's signature landing arm swoosh