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  1. Team Spain

    *looks at the background* I bet it's figure curling
  2. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

    Going away for the weekend, so looks like I won't be able to watch live unless I'm lucky to get signal in the middle of nowhere/manage to get a stream working on my phone/the powers of Yuzu miraculously wake me up at 6 a.m., because I will get murdered if I set an alarm at such an ungodly hour... I'll probably just catch up later on Sunday. Have fun watching, everyone!
  3. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Challenge instantly failed. Face now hurts from smiling. No regrets, would watch again
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I love the contrast between Jeff's happy smile at the beginning of the sequence, and the face Yuzu actually makes when skating this
  5. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    So I guess yesterday while watching CiONTU live I was totally blind/overwhelmed with emotion/busy being a puddle of mess under the desk, because only today upon rewatching the opening program did I realize that Shae-Lynn did a fragment of the Seimei stsq and Jeff did a fragment of the Ballade stsq... Such symbolism everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised to find out someone pointed that out in the broadcast thread as it was happening, but too lazy to check now... (only to find out I was even more blind than I thought) I also wouldn't be surprised to find out I've missed more things like this, but hey... that's just a reason to re-watch another 10 times.
  6. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    The power in his movements today...
  7. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I think considering Trollzuru's track of "sticking to his word", we can full well expect Ballade in the strawberry costume as next season's ex
  8. Happy birthday Javi! And thanks for getting up so early to skate for Yuzu
  9. Well, this show just got bigger
  10. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    You're making a lot of sense, I feel the same way. I am so proud of him, to be able to say that out loud - then again we know that he's capable of expressing what he really thinks. Good for him (and us). I hope that whatever he's gone through, also in his head, has only made him stronger. And without a doubt he has a way of passing this strength on to others, myself included.
  11. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Not sure about the opening though
  12. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Because I am the Overlord Also not sure what it says in Russian, but it looks like its the same thing
  13. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful this finale was
  14. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Such huge amounts of extra simply don't fit in 3 hours