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  1. Rainna

    Other Sports

    Thank you for all the information, very interesting to read, even if it's always sad to hear when sports heroes turn to a much less admirable way of life... I remember Nieminen, though - he was still around when I started following ski jumping as a kid. And I always did have a soft spot for Ahonen and his non-smiling ways. Maybe we'll hear about his son someday, then. Either way, I hope Finnish ski jumping can have a revival somewhere down the road.
  2. Rainna

    Other Sports

    That's very nice to hear! Sapporo happened quite a few years before I was born, but Fortuna's win is still remembered and his name is still dropped every now and then during TV broadcasts. Although in general, it's actually the recent years that have been the best age of Polish ski jumping in history. Hopefully it stays this way
  3. Rainna

    Other Sports

    Unfortunately, ski jumping in Finland seems to have fallen on hard times. There hasn't really been anyone exceptional since Matti Hautamäki and Janne Ahonen (in his better days - he had still competed until last season, but with poor results). They do have some competitors, but nobody who really shines. I heard there are issues with funding and so on, which is sad, considering their tradition in this sport.
  4. Rainna

    Other Sports

    Great job, Ryoyu! And he was 4th after the 1st round, so the suspense was there until the very end And congratulations to Dawid Kubacki for setting the new Bischofshofen hill record in the qualification round!
  5. Rainna

    Other Sports

    And the last stage of 4hills is off to a difficult start (or not really off to any start as of now) - today's qualifications were cancelled and moved to tomorrow due to heavy snowfall in Bischofshofen. Well, at least it looks pretty over there Apparently the forecast for tomorrow is slightly better, so hopefully the competition will happen.
  6. Rainna

    Other Sports

    I really like Ryoyu, hope he keeps doing great! If he managed to get the 4HT grand slam, that would make two slams happening in two consecutive years (after Stoch did it last season), which is quite something, considering it's only been accomplished twice ever. Of course I'm always cheering the most for the Polish guys (still 2nd and 3rd in WC ranking), but if someone is to be ahead of them, I'm happy it's Ryoyu
  7. Rainna

    [2018] Other Federations

    The fingers are forming a heart. So he's pulling a heart from under his jacket
  8. Rainna

    [2018] Other Federations

    He's so adorable But while watching live I literally thought he was about to do this: Jokes aside, I'm so happy for him and that he was finally able to skate clean. I really like his programs, SP probably even more than FS, they deserve to be skated at a good level at last. I hope he's satisfied with what he showed. The gifts he got were adorable, and he's so sweet to help clean up the ice Also can I say I love the flower crown trend catching on? Also, delighted to finally see Sui/Han back on the competitive ice!
  9. Rainna

    Team Russia

    Ahh, I still did have hopes for Orange Colored Sky, it was a nice program and I liked the music. But if she didn't feel alright with it, then that's fair. And I hope she can work well with Misha, since they get along in general. To be honest I would rather see her FS replaced than the SP, but I guess replacing a FS mid-season would be a bigger deal, and maybe she feels there's still potential in it. Either way, keeping my fingers crossed the change works for her. (while still being somewhat anxious about all this)
  10. Ahh, 4th! Just behind the podium. That does warrant me some kuyashii too, doesn't it? Kidding though, very happy with the score and first in pairs, too... it might have been the most predictable discipline It was fun, thank you very much @Joey!
  11. That would explain a lot about his shaky form so far this season, if he was dealing with this all along... Knowing this doesn't make me any less worried about him, though On one hand, I'd love to see him back in competition asap and getting his spot at worlds, but on the other, skating when he's not fully well... we can only hope that he will be (if that's possible at all). As if it wasn't enough to be worried sick about Yuzu
  12. Rainna

    [2018] Other Federations

    Yes, it's so nice to see her involved! And watching her gestures, facial expressions, smiles... I swear, it's just like watching Javi
  13. Rainna

    Team Spain

    There will be one more show, in Ostrava! This is the ticket website: https://www.ticketportal.cz/event/FIRE-ON-ICE Since Ostrava is about an hour drive away from where I live, it took me more or less 1 second to decide that I'm going. It's in nearly a year but still, so happy that I'm going to see Javi!
  14. Rainna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Already voted several times as well, cause why not. On my most recent vote, the captcha word it gave me was "chin". I found it strangely appropriate.
  15. Well, time to sleep (and be a zombie tomorrow anyway). Thanks for the fun everyone