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  1. That would explain a lot about his shaky form so far this season, if he was dealing this all along... Knowing this doesn't make me any less worried about him, though On one hand, I'd love to see him back in competition asap and getting his spot at worlds, but on the other, skating when he's not fully well... we can only hope that he will be (if that's possible at all). As if it wasn't enough to be worried sick about Yuzu
  2. Rainna

    [2018] Other Federations

    Yes, it's so nice to see her involved! And watching her gestures, facial expressions, smiles... I swear, it's just like watching Javi
  3. Rainna

    Team Spain

    There will be one more show, in Ostrava! This is the ticket website: https://www.ticketportal.cz/event/FIRE-ON-ICE Since Ostrava is about an hour drive away from where I live, it took me more or less 1 second to decide that I'm going. It's in nearly a year but still, so happy that I'm going to see Javi!
  4. Rainna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Already voted several times as well, cause why not. On my most recent vote, the captcha word it gave me was "chin". I found it strangely appropriate.
  5. Well, time to sleep (and be a zombie tomorrow anyway). Thanks for the fun everyone
  6. Every gala must end in a circle, I don't make the rules
  7. Yeah they snaked us on the actual Esp channel, but it's still going on on the Esp Player stream. Still, not cool
  8. I swear, the commentators take EVERY single opportunity to mention that Nathan goes to Yale
  9. Morgan, please handle Vanessa safely, she's national (and not only) treasure
  10. Beautiful love the program, love the music, love the costume, love her
  11. Not bad, but I'll take the great spirit ex over this any day.
  12. Camden, I did not expect a Despacito from you of all people Ouch, that fall looked painful