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  1. Senior Men SP Standings: 1. Nam Nguyen 2. Keegan Messing 3. Conrad Orzel
  2. Jack Dushenski SP: Game of Thrones OST 3Lz+3T 2A i missed this spin lol 3Lo StSq CCoSp CSSp score: 64.81
  3. Matthew Markell SP: idk the title 2A 2F? FCSp 3Lo+2T StSq CSSp CCoSp score: 56.70
  4. Nam Nguyen SP: sorry i don't remember the title, but i love this music choice for him 4T stream froze 3A CCSp 4S+3T CoSp? FCSSp? StSq (dang this one slaps!) score: 92.34
  5. Alistair Lam SP: 3Lz+3T 3A (fall) CCSp was this 3F/3T? FSSp StSq CoSp score: i missed it again
  6. Meng-Ju Lee SP: idk the title 3Lz 4T+3T 2A ? CCSp FCSSp stream froze again lol CCoSp score: 43.77
  7. Bennet Toman SP: No Matter What 3A ? 4T (fall) ? i missed this spin 3Lz+2T StSq stream froze lol CCoSp (sorry the stream was pretty bad so i'm not sure how accurate this is - i bet it's not lol) score: 60.73
  8. Max Denk SP: lol idk the title 3Lz+3T 2A SSp 3T FCSp StSq CCoSp score: 55.45
  9. Keegan Messing SP: Perfect 4T (fall) 3A FCSp 3F+3T CSSp StSq CCoSp lol i missed the score
  10. Conrad Orzel SP: In My Blood 4T 4S+2T FSSp 1A* StSq CCSp CoSp score: 67.34 (sorry if there are any mistakes)
  11. yeah it's working and i'm watching now. senior men sp is next. i'm excited to see keegan, nam, and conrad!!
  12. is anyone watching too? the stream isn't working for me
  13. yeayy!! i got my friday & saturday tix too!! i got mine about an hour in after the presale starts. good luck for those still hoping to buy tickets. they sell out pretty quickly.
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