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  1. Is it just me or Zhenya’s 2A look so effortless she could possibly do a 3A someday? I amazed at how much she improved, but again I think there’s a tendency to relapse when she’s nervous
  2. Does anyone have a good quality video or photo of: this this (without the weird edit in) And Yuzuru helping a mascot back to his feet? The one where domo or something got stuck lying on the ground. If anyone knows a collection of hydroblade gifs or videos that'd be amazing too, I've searched around but a lot of the gifs are quite short, would love to make longer gifs Thank you!
  3. it was written as a fall though, would the annotation be different if it was a time deduction? http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1920/gpchn2019/FSKMSINGLES-----------FNL-000100--_JudgesDetailsperSkater.pdf Yuzu's 2017 Worlds SP was labelled as late start http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1617/wc2017/wc2017_Men_SP_Scores.pdf
  4. why did boyang get a fall deduction again, can't find the fall. Was it the Stsq or the ending
  5. Yes. If Yuzu is intending to land 4A this season, there’s no reason not to go to 4CC
  6. I love you As a redditor, for reddit, I guess you can have a look around at the top posts and figure out which subreddit to best post the content, and what title would be suitable. Upload as video too for auto-play haha. Tbh you'll never know what'll take off if you never try. Good luck!
  7. Thanks! Well it'll probably be too late for Yuzu and many others. But better late than never
  8. Boyang should've gotten +5 GOE. Everyone gets bullet 6 anyway, the technical panels even think that little girls should get higher GOE because it's so "difficult". 4. steps into a jump, unexpected or creative entry 5. very good body position from take-off to landing 6. element matches the music
  9. F. Looks like Zhenya's mum Zhanna brought a fan in to TCC and caused controversy
  10. wait why tf is shoma competing with Yuzu, did JSF have that little faith in him?
  11. Boyang's worked so hard on his SS yet PCS is so low too, I can't imagine Nate getting higher in PCS than him. Not all quadsters get a pass Is there any chance Yan Han will get a 2nd GP? I feel so sad now
  12. seriously only in fs you get “if judges can’t see it it doesn’t count”. Every single sports otherwise fixed the issue with technology. Sprinters don’t have their time miscounted because “the referee can’t see or press the stopwatch fast enough”. Why this is ok in fs is beyond me
  13. imo Anna’s flat edge is very obvious from the slow mo played right after her skate. Should that have received e call instead? The -3T should’ve been downgraded too, her weight didn’t leave the ice at all until 180 mark if only they’re this strict for every event
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