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  1. I think it's really the culture, if you grow up in a typically conservative Asian culture like me you'll get what I mean. It's not just Japan, but perhaps more so in Japan. Girls aren't supposed to be outspoken, girls should be quiet, meek and shy, girls shouldn't be too opinionated or "guys won't like you", girls should be subservient, girls shouldn't be too ambitious, "alpha" girls are lousy girls that no one wants etc. The mentality is everywhere, and you get subtly reminded of it often, whether you like it or not. Granted not all of Japan thinks that way, but you cannot escape the subconscious moulding, and Yuzu is special in a way that his family allowed his personality to flourish instead of judging it like a conservative society would. Not being a girl helps too. There's a saying in Japan that “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”, and I think we underestimate the cost of being "different" in a conservative society. If Rika grew up in a more "open" environment, I'm sure she'll be more "outspoken" than she is now.
  2. Thanks for trying, I don't have the patience of a saint anymore hahah
  3. https://www.weibo.com/5220270792/ItzihAJ1N?ref=home&rid=12_0_8_3383041534594829900_0_0_0&type=comment#_rnd1581347756263 Ahhh what a beauty https://files.catbox.moe/trjehz.png
  4. do you have the link? I'd love to see it!
  5. That was before his GPF loss and his historical record being shattered lol. I won’t be surprised if he holds different views now.
  6. I think it is very unlikely, since I doubt he’d keep going if he cannot perfect it for more than a season. He is injury free so far as well, and his reasoning this year was because he was out of competition a lot last year. He never perfected Phantom and Lets Go Crazy I think, yet he never repeated them. Usually he repeats something when there’s something he’d like to focus on, like using his best WR programs for Olympics as a declaration and to scare his rivals, PW because it was a good fit for the OG, Chopin because he was injured the year before and would be less stressful to keep attempting upgraded layouts if he only has to learn one new program, Otonal and Origin because he’s injured last year as well. If he forms bad memories of these programs this year, I doubt he would continue, look at LGC and Phantom, he never even repeated them in EX. If he forms good memories then there’s no reason to continue using them because the chapter is finally closed with a high note, and he achieved his goals of paying respect to his idols. I suspect he will land the 4A this Worlds and retire. He seems very worn out in this quad race against Nathan at this age, and after landing 4A he’ll have achieved the mark he wanted to. He said himself he won’t go to the Olympics if he can’t win. Even if in the 0.01% chance he did repeat, he’ll develop and change the program such that those with an eye for figure skating will appreciate it regardless. I hated Notte Stellata in 16-18, but this latest one really changed and grew so much I was shocked. Judges who actually judge won’t let it affect them. Judges who let this kind of things affect them won’t judge him correctly anyway even if he changed his program, like in the 16-17 season.
  7. Yes TSL is just forming their own opinions, then finding reasons to support it. That’s hardly a good conclusion to make, and I feel sorry for whoever believes them. If this happens in research, there’d be outrage over the quality of the conclusion. You don’t conclude that people like to eat peanuts, then look for evidence to support it. You look at the evidence then find out what it tells you, while being prepared to accept that your hypothesis might be wrong or even irrelevant. But for fs no one cares about the truth and integrity of their opinions it seems. Let them be, it just revealed their ignorance and short term memory of figure skating, where they seem to have no idea how things are like for the rest of the field, yet still pretend to be an expert based on their narrow views. If they think Yuzu has a reputation for repeating his programs, then they haven’t watched figure skating for the last decade, and have no right to make declarative statements like that.
  8. We cannot say what is most likely or not as an outsider, unless you happen to know the judges themselves. Many Russian officials still prefer Yuzu’s skating as seen during their interaction after GPF. It’s true that Nathan’s ChSq gets higher GOE, but personally I think the nationality is a much bigger factor than whatever excuse they try to come up with. Even with new programs they’d mark him down the same because “he didn’t fit in yet”, like what happened in the 16-17 season. Personally I think the 3 biggest factor is 1. Nationality. Boyang had similar achievements with Nate when he started, but his PCS remained a solid 10 marks below Yuzu, while Nate’s shot up by 5 marks within the season, and more than 10 marks across seasons. 2. Results reputation (the more you win, the more you’ll keep winning due to memory bias of the judges in the scene. Yuzu haven’t been in competitions a lot, which allowed Nate to win and nab the advantage. If he came in as the 6x GPF champion (which is very possible for the last 2 years) things might’ve been different. Evgenia missed one GPF and her Olympic fate was sealed for her. 3. Consistency (a very small factor compared to the other 2, but still significant somehow if all else is equal. Just see Dima vs Samarin)
  9. I think you’re putting a lot of your own interpretation in these things. Shizuka and many others repeat their programs 3 times, but no one saw a drop in PCS. Alina repeated her junior program for Olympics yet her PCS shot up like crazy. The “excuse” for the current penalty is just politicking. No judges takes PCS seriously anymore, you can look at the skatingscores data and see how obvious the “coalitions” was. The Italian judge this GPF too, it’s just a tool for them to prop up their favourites without having to justify it like BV. If Yuzu was American, Russian or Canadian I bet you his PCS will shot through the roof regardless of what he does
  10. Yes. I have to say that each program he repeats gets upgraded a LOT in terms of transitions and his connection to the music. I believe he cut down the crossovers in Chopin from 20? to 11 when he did Chopin 3.0. Otonal and Origin got very obvious composition and transition upgrades too, which his skating skills even improved visibly to someone like me who is not good at recognising steps. If I can see the difference but the judges can’t, they need to do retraining. Sometimes I wonder if they can actually read the step sequence maps the fans made or are they just marking based on “feelings”, which does seem like the case for the Italian judge this Men’s GPF It saddens me that these skating skills are not appreciated as much as before. In the past you have to be Patrick Chan to get 9 in components. Now quadsters with simplified layouts can get 9.75 easily. It’s becoming more like a reputation and consistency score, something’s thats very obvious if you compare Nathan and Yuzu’s GOE on 4Lz. Judges are not used to seeing Yuzu doing 4Lz so they immediately have a bias to apply lower marks, even though they shouldn’t. Which criteria didn’t hit at least +4 GOE? Yet a few judges have +3. Did Nate have steps and unexpected entries? Yet he easily gets +5 because of consistency
  11. Ikr, it's not even from some random coach or something, it's the fricking official RusFed website that said "Rika took out her Lz because she has problems with her edge", like look at your own skaters ffs. And they have the galls to complain to ISU when the tech panels called their skaters correctly. Maybe they think Lz should have flat edges or something lmao. Just shows what kind of people they are.
  12. Yet they refused to file a complaint for Plushenko's Olympic results even though he pushed for it, but immediately filed one for Alina's accurate edge calls and made up stories about Rika's edges later. Weird RusFed.
  13. Isabella Boylston, American Ballet Theatre (one of the most famous in the world?) wanting to be like Yuzu Artistic swimming Bronze medalist ToshI, the singer who worked with Yuzu for FaOI US Ice Dancer US Olympic pair skating coach and choreographer US Ballet instructor and choreographer
  14. wow just checked the rules, that's awesome lmao. The media vote looks silly though, how many journalists cover ice dance compared to singles skating? Bold of ISU to assume that they're more knowledgeable than the fans I'd say let's still try to crush them in the most valuable and best costume category though haha, maybe even most entertaining program too! Even though public scores only 1/3 of the total score. From the FAQ it seems like they're trying to put about 5 skaters/pairs for each discipline to put up for voting in each category, but only 3 nominees in total will remain in the end Saw this article by Mags a while ago, seems like ISU tried to emulate other sports awards but made it turn out like a joke. I mean none of the awards are technical related? How are they going to get prestige like the hockey and basketball awards like this. https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2019/06/19/fs-figure-skating-awards-an-idea-for-the-isu/?fbclid=IwAR31CNcveQVEU-hzV-S8uzEgLiZ410-uA8MlqFmbdrvn2oSquBFmZvVTYh8
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