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  1. Thanks! Personally I find it very difficult to swallow how people try to type "famous" people at face value too, I mean I've seen people typing him as ENFJ, ENFP, ESFP, even INTJ, and it doesn't feel very nice to speculate like that, but it's Yuzu and I couldn't resist OTL I did try my best to be as objective as possible, and be very sure before I post this. I only tried to type him after I went through in depth about cognitive functions in that blog, in which the author seemed very mature and not the typical "commercialised" sites who only tells you what you want to hear. It is a very powerful tool, I'd highly recommend everyone to learn it! Very applicable in real life too, to learn how to figure out people who think differently from you. I'd say the "dislike long term plans" comes from the stereotype of MBTI profiles that typically only describe the top 2 functions, which in this case is likely a stereotype of Se-dominants and Se-auxiliaries. Most mainstream profiles ignore the bottom 2 functions, which can lead to serious mistyping in well developed individuals. In usual cases it is true that Se-doms tend to dislike long term planning, perhaps someone like Javi lmao. But for Yuzu, his long term vision likely came from the Ni function, which Yuzu has as his 3rd function. Fi-drive can sometimes be mistaken for Ni as well, but the fundamental reasoning behind them are different. For the "coming up with plans", I'd say following a generic Ni-direction or Fi-drive is different from an objective Te-planning. Everyone can make plans, but the thought process behind them can be extremely different. In the end it boils down to "priorities", ie. whether the function is actually the preferred mode of thinking, or is it simply a supportive role used to reach their own goals. I think that's why we need to look at the thought process by quoting their own words, instead of looking at behaviour which can have a lot of different reasonings behind it!
  2. After thinking about it for months, researching a LOT about cognitive functions, and asking around those who are well-versed in it, I think I've finally came to the conclusion: Yuzuru Hanyu is ISFP [Fi, Se, Ni, Te] Before I go on, I'd recommend everyone to learn about cognitive functions from this site: https://mbti-notes.tumblr.com/masterposts . Cognitive function describes our preferred ways of "receiving" and "analysing" information. A successful individual will be able to utilise all functions well, but it doesn't change the fact that we often still default to our "preferences", as it is the "comfort zone" to us. The site collects info from various research, and is extremely detailed in describing how each function manifests in different people, according to stages of development, and even unhealthy usages. To accurately type with cognitive functions, we need to quote his own words, instead of stating our "impressions of his behaviour". This is because cognitive functions measures "thought processes", not "behaviour" which can have different reasonings behind it. Why cognitive functions? Mainstream MBTI profiles only focus on the first 2 functions, which can throw people off if the person is mature enough to develop his 3rd and 4th function well. For example, INTJs who use Fi can be mistaken as Fe-dom/aux, and ISFPs who use Ni can be mistaken as Intuitives. Here's the compilation of his interviews I got from gladi's tumblr translations, just for reference. I arranged them according to cognitive functions. (warning: super long) After looking through these, the easiest way to determine his type is by taking into account the "Dominant" (1st function) and the "Inferior" (4th function). The "Dominant" function is what drives a majority of his decisions. The "Inferior" function describes how he will respond during stress. You can find a guide for spotting dominant functions here. Highly recommended - it includes signs of when people is likely and is NOT likely to have the specified dominant function. Now let's try to figure out which cognitive function is in his stack, and in which order. Judging from his interviews, it's clear that he utilises "Fi" a lot. That is, he is someone who hold very strong values and will live his entire life according to it. He is likely not an "Se-dominant", as he has a few clear signs against it - he's not very particular about getting "new" sensory experiences, he went to Toronto for months and never went sightseeing, in fact he didn't want to go because it "drains his energy", wears the same black comfortable training gears everyday, etc. He showed some signs of Fi-Ni loops, through his "murder look" when people disturb his focus, and obsession on mastering the quad Lutz, to the extent Brian lost his hair over it (haha). He could be a "Te-inferior", as during times of stress, he becomes obsessed about "practicing", wanting to fix every problem that comes across him. Overall, the profile fits him decently well too. ISFPs can be easygoing, but can also be VERY private individuals who find it difficult to let people into their social circles. Even Javi has never gotten the chance to go out with him for meals, throughout the 5-6 years they trained together lol. He describes himself as the typical "hot-blooded manga protagonist", and most "hot-blooded manga protagonists" are ISFPs lol Fi: Feelings (intraverted) - prioritises informations that fits into his subjective values Fi-dominants are most concerned about self-expression and being happy by living with their own values. As Fi-dominants, Yuzu drives almost ALL his decisions by considering whether it fits into his values, and throws them out if they don't. "I want to win on my own terms", "If I sacrifice this style, then it is no longer 'Yuzuru Hanyu'". Se: Sensing (extraverted) - perceiving the world "as it is" Yuzu described that he has an almost 360 degree vision in Aoi Hono, an acute awareness of surroundings that is likely indicative of strong Se. He learned most of his jumps by "watching" others, eg. 2A (His sister), 3A (Mao), 4S (Javi), and has difficulty landing if he can't visualise it. Ni: iNtuitive (intraverted) - perceiving the world by how it fits into his subjective theory of how the world works Yuzu uses Ni to support his Fi visions, by drawing links between information from his own research that will help him reach his goal. This can make him seem like an iNtuitive type, but again it's clear that he doesn't want to sacrifice his Fi under any circumstances, something unthinkable for Ni-doms. Te: Thinking (extraverted) - ranking information by how it can bring him to his goals Yuzu is very capable of taking steps to reach his own goal, but from what he described in these interviews, it seems like it is a "step" for him rather than something natural to him, like how people with Te in their top two functions will relish and get energised by planning ahead. He is also willing to relinquish "efficient" strategies to prioritise his own values. Other options I have considered INTJ due to the Fi-Ni/Ni-Fi loop, but as an INTJ myself, it is very uncharacteristic for us to behave the way Yuzu does. [Fi-tertiary] We tend to be uptight and don't show our emotions easily, I'll probably drive myself mad if I have to be as expressive as Yuzu when interacting with others (Fi-dominant). [Te-auxiliary] It is also uncharacteristic for us to be as stubborn as he is, we tend to let go our "values" easily to prioritise more "efficient" options (Fi-tertiary instead of dominant, favours Te), while for years Yuzu is willing to let go of "easy shortcuts" just to get what he wants according to his values, even for the most important competitions. [Se-inferior] Se-inferior people like us tend to fall into addictions (ie. looking for excessive sensory stimulation) during times of stress, like gaming 20 hours a day or overeating for months, which we don't really see in Yuzu. Instead he frets and wants to fix everything, a sign of Te-inferior. I have also seen ENFJ, but ENFJs are Fe-dominants, which is straight out of the question since it's clear how Yuzu uses Fi so strongly. [Fe vs Fi] Treating other people well as motivated by Fe or Fi is very different - the entire thought process is the opposite. Yuzu tends to not care about what others think when it comes to "living his own values", while Fe-dominants WILL care. There's also ENFP, likely due to the similarity in Fi-auxiliary. [Ne vs Ni] ENFPs are Ne-dominants, while Yuzu goes into Fi-Ni loop often during his "hyper focus" sessions. It is probably very stressful for Ne-doms to hyper focus for such long periods. [Ne-dominant] Ne-dominants often think about a LOT of possibilities before they take actions and like to confirm with others before they make their decisions, and use Fi to support their possibilities. Yuzu makes his decisions first with Fi, then consult others lol. He is also very decisive, and moves very quickly to zero in on a path he wants to take according to his values. [Si vs Se] Due to Si-inferior a lot of ENFP's ideas may not line up with reality or even their own experiences, and may end up being called "hypocrites", but we've seen how Yuzu is quite in touch with reality in his decisions (Se-auxiliary). I'd say he's a very mature ISFP! In fact the pinnacle of one haha, seeing how he can "put aside his happiness" to reach his goal before the Olympics by adhering to strict training and rehab regimes.
  3. "Optional: You may join add a picture if you want to" also I think having default options is ok, but Yuzu probably appreciates those who appreciate his lesser known pieces as well? Like if they choose "other", perhaps have a text box that lets them write them which exactly it is? rather than "other" category that doesn't really show what it is. also people probably have a few that they like, i was thinking about having 1, 2, 3 rankings and compiling the scores, that kind of thing (like 1 will have 3 points, so in the end whichever piece that has most points), but probably too much effort. i think that will show a more accurate picture of preference but yea. should we invite well known fan artist like runrun to share their art as well? theres a list of well known yuzu artists who are very good and it seems a bit of waste for their work not to be shared. or allow sharing of their art as long as it is credited - ie. provides a link to the original post.
  4. I think China in general is just more open to celebrating overseas talent than US, look at how their national TV shower Yuzu with praises over the years. There's an actual channel in bilibili dedicated to uploading every single mention of Yuzuru Hanyu on CCTV, and there's A LOT over the past 4-5 years. Actual content, not passing mentions. They are actual praises that appreciate his character, strength, and influence, while US was quick to stamp him down even before Nathan appeared. I think China is happy to have Yuzu as a face of virtue, ie. having celebrated traits that many parents will want their child to have, while US didn't care about character as much. Even during the Olympics, where Boyang is a medal contender, no one, no TV outlet blamed Yuzu for squeezing Boyang out to 4th place, and even appreciated him for being gracious to Boyang in the green room when he was squeezed out. All the official news social media picked up Yuzu despite China's strong suit being at pairs, and loved him all the same. Famous TV personalities don't hide the fact that they love Yuzu, and they're proud of it. Of course they support Boyang all the same, but China just have more gracious attitude towards rivals than US. In short, the Chinese value virtues like hardworking, being polite to others, humbleness, many of which Yuzu exemplifies. It goes back a long way to the Confucianist culture, and they are in awe with someone who can embody all of the prized traits like how Yuzu can. He is the ideal son, boyfriend, husband, grandchild and employee, so no wonder everyone loves him.
  5. lol i didn't know such a photo existed, i wonder how the photographer feels haha!
  6. For fanarts I think cutesy / heartwarming stuff like those from runrun, hidetamama, or that fanartist who makes cute stories from Origin / Otonal / Haru yo Koi as characters, or monji who draws Yuzu with his "jumps" as little clones of himself, those kind would be more adorable than plain portraits I would think. Or people who make pretty charms like Luxury Carrot or costume badges like Illogicalpins. I mean he did request for the poohs that are dressed up in his costumes to be sent to him ^^ Yes memes plz, I have a feeling he'd fall off the chair laughing hahaha Also for photos, I think we can put photos of him having fun with his friends, considering that he doesn't have public instagram etc to be tagged or document his own life lol. Like all the wholesome Yuzu/Shoma or Yuzu/Javi content, or even those from back when he was messing around with Jeremy Abott / Nobu, recently I've watched those photos again and god I forgot so much about those happy times. I think he enjoys the "important" photos too, like how he mimicked his own pose in the Sochi / Pyeongchang banner, so those should be fine as well. And that "mirror" photoshop at the end of Seimei haha! Not sure if he's seen that yet Messages is a little touchy there imo, I mean we don't want to act as a "judge" as to which messages get to Yuzu, but we don't want to add more pressures to him too, even those that are unintentional. But if handled well could be ok I guess. And yea I don't think he has the time to read through everything. Also there's a new hashtag #LoveYuzuruFromAllOverTheWorld , maybe we can add nice hashtags too so he can check them out when he's free haha, like the one with Yuzu and cats
  7. Seems like we can make a survey out of this, we can share these with the Japanese speaking fans on twitter too! And across other platforms haha, like tumblr, Facebook, etc., no reason to limit it to Planet Hanyu imo, but if there are other considerations I can understand. I'd love it if this can become one of the largest Yuzu fans survey ever conducted though! Yep I wholly agree with the humour part. I'm sure he's had a lot of supportive messages, but those aren't really something you'd read when you're sad or down, at least from my personal experience - it just adds to the frustration that you've disappointed those who've had expectations on you, or those who had an image of you that you never really were in the first place. So something lighthearted, like a welcome distraction will be nice.
  8. Someone tweet this to ISU plz, tbh I think the old bald leaders are so disconnected from the latest technology and standards in other sports they don't see what they can improve on. http://the-real-xmonster.tumblr.com/post/183752140319/hi-alice-the-recent-events-lead-to-a-discussion Even if it happens after Yuzu's era I think he'd be glad to have more accountability in the sports. I think the biggest turn off for this sports now seem to be the lack of objectivity in judging, that's why no one takes it seriously, when there's no obvious metric of what is more superior than the other. Well there is, but it's not enforced anyway. I think it's a vicious cycle, they probably will cite lack of resources for not implementing the changes, but it's precisely because of the lack of change that resources are not pouring in in the first place. When will they realise that what Yuzu brings to this sports is unusual, and they shouldn't take it for granted, or see it as a norm.
  9. Actually why not we just compile the favourite programs into a few pages, since he only has so many programs. then we can squeeze in two templates into a page I guess. Same goes with other questions that has a lot of repetition, like country, fan since xxx, etc. Also I think he'd appreciate quality over quantity, I mean P&G had sent him encyclopedia sized fan appreciations too, and I honestly don't think he has time to read through all of them. Just something light than he can flip through while he's bored or something to have a laugh, I think that'd be good enough. Like when he said he was bleeding blood and cried in his last performance :c We should be careful not to add more expectations to him though, from his description in the Matsuoka interview, he does feel pressurised by it somewhat, and he felt free after the competition. Cute things, happy things, pretty things, I think he can do with that. Just things that makes him happy.
  10. I think fan arts should be fine, as long as the artist is notified and credited, they'd probably be proud to show their art to Yuzu himself. Also so many talented artist out there, it'd be nice for Yuzu to know he inspires so many ppl, not sure how many of those arts Yuzu have seen himself. Some funny fan photos too probably haha, I'm sure he'd get a good laugh out of it
  11. yep, hopefully the 4cc curse doesn't affect him though lol. Nathan and Shoma got 4cc gold and bombed the Worlds D:
  12. If he had recovered in time for 4CC and Worlds, his profile will probably look like: 4x GPF Champion, 3x Worlds Champion, 2x Olympic Champion, and 1x 4CC Champion It'd be perfect
  13. What a nice article written by the newspaper agency from my country... https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/winter-olympics-japanese-icon-yuzuru-hanyu-goes-for-history-on-a-shaky-ankle Really comprehensive, they actually do their homework and respects Yuzu, unlike the stuff we got from CBC / US news / JSF lol "And before he closed by saying "thank you" in five languages - Japanese, Korean, English, French and Russian"
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