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  1. I wonder if girls will get their bf to do it lol also lmao the comments "不小C你错了,我们既不想靠体力也不想靠运气,我们只想砸钱明白不" C-chan you're wrong, we don't want to rely on our strength or luck, we just want to give money get it?
  2. Sad to hear that. Though I was comparing the situation between Toronto which is right next to the New York epicentre, and Sendai which is hopefully far enough from Tokyo. Wherever he is, hope he stay well and healthy. edit: nvm didn’t realise the distance between Toronto and NY is twice the distance from Tokyo to Sendai. US is a big place
  3. just realised my friend already came back from California... not surprised if Yuzu chose to go back to Japan I guess. Hope he spends quality time with his family
  4. There are already studies with the preliminary effects of some medication on helping the condition, like some antivirals, arthritis medication?, etc. Those are peer reviewed studies so I'd trust them, but yea don't take it without prescription because it can kill you (someone died doing this)
  5. True, that's what I thought too. Also, this is crazy. Poor Javi
  6. Agreed. 70% of Singapore's imported cases spike these few days are from UK, yet their official cases isn't much. this video clearly explains the number of hidden cases behind every death.
  7. Show him the videos of Spanish and Italian hospitals, there's plenty on reddit. That changed some minds for the elderlies I heard. They didn't think they'd get it either. https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/ Italian hospital Spanish hospital Hope everything goes well. Best of health to your family
  8. Japan definitely underreporting cases for hopes at Olympics, we know that Japan didn't have aggressive containment measures, and their numbers don't match up with other countries of similar containment measures strictness. I'm not sure if Yuzu is in Japan actually, it seemed like everything happened in quick succession. March 12 Worlds cancelled March ?? TCC closed March 18 Canada inbound travel restriction imposed Not sure if he got the tickets in time. Wish the Worlds were cancelled sooner so he could leave earlier. Then again he is a stats s
  9. YES! So glad to see that you like ToG and Khun too haha, I love him very much too More art from here haha
  10. Need to talk about this haha, I've been waiting for 5 years and finally they have an anime! I know people who have waited for 10 years Basically Tower of God is a Korean webcomic that recently got an adaptation, it has over 4.5 billion views so far. It's still ongoing and you can read it here. For 7 other languages including Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, you can find them here. The reason this is huge, because this is basically the first EVER Korean webcomic to receive a full anime adaptation. It was published in 2010, but despite its popularity, no one knew if it'll e
  11. ice time is really important for them though, I heard one day without ice practice can seriously set back their jumps for a lot. but at least he has experience and is not in a rush
  12. Last I checked Miyagi has 1 case, maybe he can go back for ice time... but flying at this time is certainly very risky
  13. Strange, because mild to severe COVID causes inflammation & pneumonia that floods your alveoli, and I don't know his trigger for asthma but it's also basically an inflammatory disease on the airways of lungs. Maybe what they mean is that they affect different parts of the lungs? I'm scared though, because both have to do with inflammation response, and I hope they really have nothing to do with each other Edit: F https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325312 "Asthma does not directly cause pneumonia, but people with a history of chronic respiratory problems, suc
  14. Oh no Toronto looks quite close to the New York State I hope he stays safe.... He's got asthma too, can't be good :c
  15. Hope you are well, glad that you made it through all that. I think in the end we just don't know whether he needs one or not. Some people take offence at being offered therapy when they don't need them, but many others take offence at being told that they don't need therapy when they really did need them. It's a common problem in conservative societies where the intervention are unnecessarily delayed for people who really needed them, resulting in worsened conditions or even deaths that could've been prevented if their pleas for help was taken seriously. For example, I
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