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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PLANET HANYU !! I LOVE YOU!! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING IN MY WORLD. THANK YOU! Finally my internet has improved for this special day. I wish you the best for your lives and that we can be together and happy with Yuzu for many years. ARIGATO YUZU! You are the reason for the existence of this wonderful and fun place. Miss you
  2. I chose SC and RC for Yuzu, but now I'm thinking he might want NHK.
  3. I wish the best for Shoma, but running out of a coach is really too risky. It's a whole season ... Well, I hope he reaches his goals with this decision.
  4. WOOW! This is beautiful! May this day be wonderful for these talented girls. I'm cheering.
  5. I am very happy and proud. He's a fighter and I love his skating. Let's go Sota! I believe you. Ganbatte!
  6. Thank you for this beautiful project. I'm traveling to work, but I was able to respond to the forms. Yuzu and the Planet has a very special meaning for my life. I liked the idea of the shirt with the Planet logo. I believe Yuzu would appreciate.
  7. It does not matter ISU or JSF. He has much power in his words. He'll be fine. Ganbatte Yuzu!
  8. Sorry if it has already been posted. I love your Smile
  9. OMG! My heart just shot. Yuzu, you need to rest. OK! I trust you. I need to trust and triple my prayers.
  10. Congratulations dear Yuzu! May we share with you more glorious moments like this. That your health is restored and you come back stronger and realize the skating of your dreams. On this day I could not see Yuzu's skating, because the live stream stopped working just in time for Yuzu. It was horrible. I was so nervous, but I closed my eyes and prayed for him. I followed the score on the Planet. It was amazing! I trembled, I cried and could not breathe. Oh my gosh! He did that! He did! He won! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! It was beautiful and unforgettable! I could not sleep. I was very happy . Arigato Y
  11. Congratulations, dear Yuzu. We are missing you. Thank you for gifting us with your sweet image on this special day for all of us. Wooow! You have two Olympic gold medals! Everything is perfect in the Universe now. Be healthy. Ganbatte! Ganbatte !! You can fulfill all your dreams. Yes, today was a very happy day. I love this one:
  12. Thank you! It was beautiful! Time passed so quickly ... It was a year ago ... I could not sleep these days. What a beautiful moment to remember ... I can not find words to describe Yuzu's skating. You just contemplate its beauty and perfection.
  13. I know I'm late, but ... Merry Christmas Yuzu !! Merry Christmas Planet Hanyu !! I desire much light and peace for all and may the Divine Creator materialize all your desires. Dear Yuzuru, I wish for you the total restoration of your health and a steel coating for your body. That you can enjoy your skating with great joy and without injuries. This is my greatest wish. I LOVE PLANET HANYU. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GIFT FROM THE DIVINE CREATOR IN MY LIFE. I was able to overcome many difficulties thanks to your existence. THANKS! Our banner is BEAUTIFUL !!. .
  14. Happy Birthday, Yuzu! The new banner is beautiful! THANK YOU! I have a bad internet. It's raining a lot here. The signal bad.
  15. Thank you Hydroblade for this beautiful project. For Hanyu Senshu Congratulations dear Yuzu! I desire a powerful shower of blessings for your life. Have a good time! Heal yourself! Your skating is very beautiful ... A real treasure. I and my family are proud of everything you've done for this sport and the great athlete and person you've become. Thank you dear Yuzuru. Arigato! Ganbatte! We will always be here for you. Ever! My name is Almerinda, your mother from Brazil. See you later. We love you. For Evgenia Dear Evgenia and I admire the beauty and the powerful for
  16. It's from Friday SP. I see through your hair.
  17. Yuzuru is really very special. Everything he does reflects the person he is. Extremely talented and dedicated. I loved the CM. He was so cute serving chocolate. He was happy and still called other people to serve them too. The cuteness in person. Loved it. My son is very handsome. It's late to say, but I loved the new banner. It's beautiful!! Congratulations to the artists. Parabéns Planet Hanyu! You're the best ever.
  18. I came so late from work today, but ... OMG! WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE !! I'm so happy. I'm just smiling and crying at the same time.
  19. .I always wanted a mosaic for Yuzu at the Arena, but this one is amazing. It's beautiful. I loved. The 24hTV Show was so beautiful. Yuzu really is not of this world, what a good soul he has. Thank you all for such special links and translations.
  20. When I first saw Yuzu in WC 2012, I believed that a legend was among us and it would be the next Olympic Champion. I fell in love with his skating and my heart did not disappoint me. From that day I trusted him and his power on the ice. No matter what they say about him, to me he is the best and greatest skater of all time. I am extremely grateful for everything he has accomplished so far. Thank God. Thank Universe. I just want to see Yuzu healthy and happy. WOOOW !! 4000 MEMBERS. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS !! CONGRATULATIONS PLANET HANYU !!
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