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  1. Ended!? It was so fast ... He looks so beautiful ... Thank you Universe. Keep this special being very happy and healthy. He deserves. THAT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY DAY! Thank you Hanyu Planet! ARIGATO!
  2. It does not matter ISU or JSF. He has much power in his words. He'll be fine. Ganbatte Yuzu!
  3. OMG! My heart just shot. Yuzu, you need to rest. OK! I trust you. I need to trust and triple my prayers.
  4. OK! It's just another sleepless night. All for our golden boy. HYK is pure magic and beauty. I look forward to seeing again.
  5. I still have not overcome my sadness, by Kaori, Rika and Satoko. Mainly Kaori
  6. Thank you all for the updates and the sweet company during those days so distressing and precious for us. Arigato! I need to eat something and sleep, I think we are all tired, but happy after all. Thank you Hanyu Planet. See you later.
  7. OMEDATOU YUZU! OMEDATOU! UNBELIEVABLE WHAT YOU DO TODAY. You were fantastic !! is no word to describe. You're great, Yuzu. No matter what, you are our champion and we are very happy and proud. Thank you Yuzu! Arigato !! Now please rest, dear child. We will always be here to support you. May the coming season come with a lot of light, health and happiness for your life. Have a good time! Do only what makes you happy, you do not have to prove anything, your trajectory here speaks for itself. Just be happy Yuzu. Be happy! " Yes, we all knew in our hearts that he was not telling the truth about his ankle, and we were really worried, but he did what seemed impossible. I'm just sad that he's so hard on himself and does not recognize the precious diamond he is. Judges ... You are killing this sport so beautiful, but I still hope that this can be transmuted into a pure light, for the sake of this sport.
  8. OK! Yuzu concentrate, relax and let your soul speak in this program. Ganbatte! Do it!! We are with you. Ganbatte !!
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