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  1. #TEAMYUZU Fan Book Project [EXTENDED DEADLINE 12/10]

    Thank you for sharing. I have already sent my message.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    12:50 in Brazil. It's day 7 in Japan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUZU !!! Thanks everyone for the updates. This project is incredible !! Pooh's invasion is so beautiful. This really is a very special day. Thank you, my God, for the life of Yuzuru, may your majestic history in this sport continue with many joys. Thank you Hanyu Planet. I'm ready for the next space battles.
  3. [2017] GP Skate America - Ladies SP & FS

    Go Kaori! Go Satoko!! Go Sima!!
  4. [2017] GP Skate America - Ice Dance SD & FD

    Beautiful!! Beautiful!!
  5. [2017] GP Skate America - Ice Dance SD & FD

    Go Kana and Chris!!!!
  6. [2017] GP Skate America - Ice Dance SD & FD

    This is starting good luck for all