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  1. I love this crazy boy ... ARIGATO YUZU. Always be yourself and we'll all be fine. WOOOW! I'm still ecstatic with Hope and Legacy. It was amazing and magical. The internet worked this time and it was possible to see my king. Thank you dear Planet. Now is the time to get back to reality. I only slept two hours, but I am immensely happy. See you soon dear Planet. Thanks for the updates.
  2. Congratulations Yuzu! YOU WERE AMAZING! THE BEST! PRETTY! You did your best today. It was two weeks of training boy and you were amazing! Rest Yuzu and thank you for leaving our days and this sport more beautiful. It doesn't matter what YOU ARE THE BEST. Ganbatte! We will always be with you. Thank you dear Planet for your updates. I Survived.
  3. The internet is still bad, but I will follow the Planet reports. It doesn't matter what I will be here for Yuzu. He is fine. Everything is perfect in the Universe. I am just repeating this mantra to myself and trying to control my nervousness. I wish him to be happy and satisfied with his FS. He deserves. Thanks for the updates dear Planet. Thanks. Good luck to everyone!
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