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  1. wooow! I'm having an exhausting day at work, but every second with Yuzu is extremely magical. Have fun Yuzu! You deserve! I'm dreaming about LGC, but I love PW too. He is happy and so are we. Gratitude God. Gratitude Universe. I want these moments for eternity. Thank you dear satellites. Thank you Yuzu. Arigato!
  2. My live stream was freezing. I was so nervous. Thank you Yuzu! We miss you so much. You were wonderful. Gorgeous! Thank you all for the updates
  3. No matter what Yuzu, you are the best in the universe for this sport. No one and nothing can erase the stellar and powerful grandeur of your skating. Congratulations on your victory. It was a beautiful start of the season. We love you and will always support you. Thank you for this day. You never let us down. Never. ARIGATO! Yuzu will destroy this wall. I believe and trust.
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