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Junior Skaters of 2019/20 Season

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Both, Gumennik and Danelian look like they grown quite a bit since last season. Samsonov is a cutie pie, so talented and with nice spins! He spins so fast!  Both, him and Gumennik with typical Eteri team programs. Danelian's program looks interesting, a work in progress, he is talented enough to make that music work ... his jumps don't look so good tho ... Gumennik's jumps are looking much better, IMO.

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JGP Riga entry list is up!




Grassl, Samsonov, Mozalev, Phan, Shiyeong Lee, Torgashev and yay for Kao Miura getting a spot as well! 

Valieva, Vasilieva, Kurakova, Haein, Rion Sumiyoshi and Rino Matsuike in the ladies, quite a good list.


There are only a few ID couples that I've heard of before.

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Free programs from Russian Junior Men:














ETA: the videos are deleted...:13877886: they're up here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX9-cJy8dZWDI8hCnmahuLA


I couldn't watch all programs yet but from what I've seen so far, Artur's FS was good, much better than his short program yesterday. He was one of the few skaters today who skated relatively cleanish (lesser TES + risks though) and his overall skating quality just stands out. Petr is good, too, he'll upgrade his BV a lot by adding the 4S also in combination.

Samsonov made many mistakes today, to me it seems he's rushing through all the elements. He's still very young to improve though!


Ladies FS will start very soon, streaming link: https://ok.ru/live/1413338701487

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6 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:

Junior Ladies FS videos:




Valieva - she went for the 4T and landed it, she landed everything else, too. Her spins are so good.






Thanks for posting all of these!


On a completely shallow note, I really like the ombre effect Tarakanova has with her black and grey tights to white skating boots. :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:

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I moved the posts about Summer Trophy here so that we have everything in one place.


@WinForPooh yes, Shun really needs to work on those levels :13877886: He could have won the SP with better levels...


Yuma wins the competition with 230.41 (4T, 3F, 3A-Eu-3S, 3A, 3F-3T, 3Lz-2T, 3Lo - 156.77), Shun is second with 222.10 (4S fall, 4T-3T, 4T, 3A-2T, 3A, 3F?, 3Lz-Eu-2S - 149.61).





End results also for the ladies:



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Some changes at JGP Courchevel, Valieva will be there instead of Usacheva:


In other news, there were test skates in Hungary last weekend and Julia Lang won in the juniors. We'll see her in Courchevel too. She has two triple Lutzes and two Flips in her free program, six triples overall which is a more difficult layout from last season. She had a couple of URs, but hope she improve on them as the season goes. She's also practicing 4T and maybe she'll put it in the free skate later in the season.

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JGP Chelyabinsk entry list is up: http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111898.htm


Danielian, Gumennik, Yablokov, Adam Siao Him Fa, Lilian Binzari, Younghyun Cha in the men (not Japanese men though?), Tarusina, Valieva, Vasilieva, Yuna Aoki, Nana Araki, Jihun To in the ladies, Kostiukovich/Ialin, Liu/Wang in pairs, Shanaeva/Naryzhny and Brown/Brown in ID


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