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Junior Skaters of 2019/20 Season

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Eteri probably didn't want to risk her girls lose to next American hero with her shaky 3As (mostly 2.5As) and "4Lz" (and send anyone across the ocean...). Sigh. I'd take Sasha's quads any day against that, sorry.

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Tomorrow, Russian junior test skates are starting - let me remind you, they will be streamed, but you’re going to need a VPN. But if you’re curious about the Russian junior field, there you are! They’re starting with Rhythm Dance in a few hours. 


the schedule is 

RD August 1st, 14.00 (Moscow time) 

FD August 2nd, 14.00


Women SP August 5th, 14.00

Women FP, August 6th, 14.00


Pairs SP August 8th, 14.00

Pairs FP, August 9th, 14.00 

No information about men so far. 

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Ladies SP videos


Ksenia Sinitsyna

Kamila Valieva

Alena Kanysheva

Anastasia Tarakanova

Daria Usacheva

Viktoria Vasilieva

Anna Frolova

Maya Kromykh


Tarusina couldn't attend the test skate due to illness.


ETA: the videos are deleted...they are up on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX9-cJy8dZWDI8hCnmahuLA

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