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Forum Rules Guidelines (Updated April 2021)

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Forum Rules


0) This is a Yuzuru Hanyu fan forum. Please only join and post if you are a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu and his skating.


1)  Forum Etiquette

- Keep criticism constructive! Constructive criticism is always welcome on Planet Hanyu.

- Non-constructive criticism and abuse of either skaters or other members is not allowed. Keep your criticism specific (i.e. not X sucks or even X’s jumps suck but, for example, X’s air position is frequently off-axis, or X has a mule kick on her toe jumps).

- Acceptable criticism may become non-constructive if it becomes excessively repetitive. 

- No trolling, harassment, personal attacks, character assassination, discrimination, or excessive profanity.

- Don't post speculation, whether your own or someone else's, that malign anyone, including but not limited to skaters, their families, and members of this platform or others. Potentially harmful, unproven speculation may be moderated with discretion from staff members.

- Don't call out anyone from other platforms. Don't start witch hunts. Don't link to or engage with haters; this only gives them more attention. Use a screenshot or archive.is if necessary. 

- Don't feed the trolls.

- Don't discuss politics on this forum.

- No sexual content allowed. 

If you are going to quote several posts at a time, please consolidate them into one post. You can use the multiquote button which is the plus sign next to "quote" and reply by clicking the "quote # post" button that will show up on the lower right hand portion of your screen. This will help lessen the load on our server. 

- NEW This is not the place to criticize Fanyus. Remember, Yuzuru has a lot of fans. This means lots of people who all express themselves differently, so generalizing fan behavior is not allowed. Calling out individual fans on other platforms is also not allowed unless the topic directly impacts Yuzuru. Only constructive and evidence-based discussion allowed.


2) Privacy

- Do not post personal information about other people, including but not limited to skaters, their families, and members of this platform or others. Personal information includes your own insider information and other information that is not public.

- Whatever information you post about yourself (i.e. addresses for collecting letters), expect it to be public forever. Nothing is encrypted, so for safety reasons, don't include sensitive information in posts, PMs, or anywhere else.


3)  Posting Guidelines

- Keep general chatting out of clearly labeled threads (translations, fan cam compilations, etc.).

- In general chat threads, conversations should at least tangentially related to the topic (i.e. in the General Yuzuru Chat, keep the topic related to Yuzuru).

- Adhere to these subforum guidelines when starting threads: 

Yuzuru Hanyu: Anything related to Yuzuru. Anything Yuzuru-related can be cross-posted from other forums, i.e. translations from the Translations subforum.


Translations and Media: Check out the Translations and Media Index Post for help navigating this forum.

Translations and media threads split into 3 categories:

Translations: Translations for videos, articles, you name it! Most substantial translations have their own threads (with the translation in the OP and discussion below).  If you have something you want to be translated, try posting in our Translation Requests thread.

Compilations: Here you can find compilations of things like videos, magazines, news clippings, etc. Usually these are organized and maintained by hard-working members. To keep things organized, please do not post in these compilation threads unless the OP specifically allows it!

Fan-Created Content: Threads for posting content created by yourself or other fans! Includes fanart, fancams, etc. 

If you have a request, please post it in the Media Link Requests thread.


International Talk: Threads for chatting in other languages. Feel free to start a new thread for a language that isn't represented.


Space Junk: Everything that doesn't go in any of the other subforums. Rules still apply, of course.


Event Discussion: Events include broadcasts, shows, and competitions. Threads for each event will be opened ahead of time by the staff. Depending on the popularity of a competition, we may have one thread for all disciplines or a separate thread per discipline. If you don't see an event thread, please request it. Events will be archived after each season.


Community Talk: All other event-related talk, like tickets, meetups, etc.


Igloo World: A place to post about other skaters. Please keep posts constructive, and contact a staff member if you would like to see a new thread here.


Knickknacks: General skating-related chat, including personal skating, threads about multiple skaters, threads about the state of the sport at all levels, etc.

CoP-ernicus: Skating-related references will be posted here, including reference videos and guidelines.


4) Crediting

- Give credit to images, articles, and other media you didn't create.

- If you want to post an article (including translations, news articles, blog posts, etc), try to post a quote and a link instead of the whole article unless you have explicit permission from the author.
- Please check with content creators regarding reposting their work. We will comply with any requests to take down posts by the rightful content creators.

- Fan-art and fan-taken photography must be credited. If you don't know the source, put "PM me if you know the source." Edit your post if you later discover the source.
- As a general but not inclusive rule, if there is a watermark, you should link to the source. Please do not remove watermarks.


5)  No solicitations or spamming

- Don't post for the sole purpose of promoting other websites, asking for money, or advertising.

- We don't allow people to advertise commercial links on this site.

- If a non-profit, website, or fundraiser is relevant to Planet Hanyu, it may be allowed, but please check with forum staff first. 

- Reselling things like tickets is allowed but we are not responsible for any transactions done on or off this site.


Use the report post button if you see anyone violating these rules. We will try to respond as soon as possible.


In the rare event that any rules are violated, we have a points warning system. Warning points expire after 1 month and vary depending on the offense. They vary from small (repeatedly not crediting fanart after being asked: 1 pt each) to serious (personal attacks: 20 pts).


After accumulating:

40 points - moderators must review all posts
50 points - suspension

until your points have expired and fallen below the thresholds.

After reaching a cumulative 100 points, the user may be banned. However, we reserve the right to immediately suspend or ban users who have no intention to follow the rules. 


When posting about COVID-19 keep the following rules and guidelines in mind: 


Thank you for cooperation and being part of our planet!

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are we allowed to discuss other skaters (objectively and no bashing or personal attacks, of course!)

such as skating technique, styles, etc.


You're allowed to discuss anything and anyone as long as there's no trolling or bashing anyone for no reasons, I'd say.

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Yup :)

Is not like i am going to ban you for being off topic LMAO



OMG that shit never gets old hahaha


I swear this has become our inside meme :grin:

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I just want to bring the update on crediting avatars to everyone's attention


To provide credit for you avatar go to User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit Profile. There you can edit the Image credit section for this purpose that will show up under your avatar.


Thank you!


eta: outdated

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On 4/30/2017 at 3:14 PM, Planet Hanyu Staff said:

NEW This is not the place to criticize Fanyus. Remember, Yuzuru has a lot of fans. This means lots of people who all express themselves differently, so generalizing fan behavior is not allowed. Calling out individual fans on other platforms is also not allowed unless the topic directly impacts Yuzuru. Only constructive and evidence-based discussion allowed.


Added a new rule.

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  • yuzuangel changed the title to Forum Rules Guidelines (Updated April 2021)

Just a reminder:

4 hours ago, WinForPooh said:

Please do remember that we do not condone fetishizing any race of people on the Planet.

23 minutes ago, WinForPooh said:

Please do not police what others may consider racist based on your own experiences. Your experiences are 100% valid, but others have other points of view based on their own experiences and those are also valid.


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