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VIDEOS - PERFORMANCES [Competitions & Ice Shows]
Thread Synopsis

Competition: Novice &

Junior Level

Information, pictures, and videos of Yuzuru Hanyu's novice and junior level competitions. Includes score

sheet and placements.

Competition: Senior Level

Information and video links of Yuzuru Hanyu's senior level competitions. Includes score sheet and placements.

Ice Shows: 2008-2016

Links to available videos of Yuzuru Hanyu's 2008 to 2016 Ice Show performances.

Ice Shows: 2017 FaOI

Video and google drive links to broadcasted performances of 2017 FaOI.

Ice Shows: 2018 Video and google drive links to Yuzuru Hanyu's 2018 ice show broadcasted performances.
Ice Shows: 2019 Video and google drive links to Yuzuru Hanyu's 2019 ice show broadcasted performances.



VIDEOS - Compilations
Thread Synopsis
News on Competitions 2017-2018

Compilation of news footage regarding each competition in which Yuzuru Hanyu

participated during 2017-2018 season.

Post-Pyeongchang Media Compilation Thread Full interviews + translations of Yuzuru after winning his 2nd Olympic Gold medal.
Documentaries and Miscellaenous Media

Compilation of Yuzuru Hanyu Documentaries, News Fluff,

and Interviews in Japanese from his novice years till the 2016-17 season.

CM Commercial videos starring Yuzuru Hanyu.
Fancam Collections Fancam collection.
Program Analysis

Video links to footwork and performance analysis

of Yuzuru Hanyu's competitive programs.



Thread Synopsis
Magazines and Book List

List of Yuzuru Hanyu's magazine and book appearance (as cover and non-cover).

Includes both Japanese and  non-Japanese publications.

Magazines and Photobooks-

Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations and reviews of magazines and photobooks 

with Yuzuru Hanyu done by Planet Hanyu members.




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Thread Synopsis
Competition Commentary & Translations Non-english competition commentaries all kindly translated by members of the community.

Figure Skating TV

[May 2017 ]

Partial translation + Video Link. Post WC 2017 discussion and interview with commentators Nishioka and Nakamura.

Shizuka Arakawa's Friends+ [2017]

With guest Takahito Mura. Partial translations + Video Link.

Hodo Stn. Special Interview [2015/12/15]

Translation + Video Link. Interview by Furutachi.
Interview with Y. Ueda (in Sochi) [2014/02/15] Translation + Video Link. Post Sochi interview.

Launch event for P&G #Thankyoumom TVC featuring Yuzuru Hanyu [2017/11/16]

Translation + Video Link.

Videos about Yuzuru with English subtitles

Lists channels from Youtube and Dailymotion with English subtitles.

Kenji no Heya with Yuzuru Hanyu

[video + english subtitles]

2014 Kozuki Sports Award and Athlete Acknowledgment Ceremony

Translation of Yuzuru's acceptance speech.


Thread Synopsis

2017 Fantasy on Ice in KOBE Pamphlet: Yuzuru Hanyu Special Interview

Translation. Interview after the 3-day Makuhari run of Fantasy on Ice, published in the pamphlet of FaOI in KOBE.
May 2017 Ice Jewels Vol.6 Yuzuru Hanyu Special Interview: Toward the Ideal and Beyond! Translation. Thoughts regarding the 2016-2017 season.
May 2017 Ice Jewels Vol.6 Brian Orser Interview Interview with Brian Orser. Yuzuru-related parts translated.
Excerpts from Team Brian 2 Translation. Three excerpts from Chapter 5 of Team Brian 2
Yuzuru Hanyu Quotes Translation of Yuzuru Hanyu's inspirational quotes.
Thread Synopsis
Sound Designer Keiichi Yano Interview: The World of Figure Skating An intimate look into the audio aspect of figure skating.
Russian Fan's Thoughts About Yuzuru Hanyu Translation of a Russian fan's collected thoughts, ideas and opinions about Yuzuru Hanyu.




Kiss&Cry Ep. 1

A figure skating podcast by Massimiliano Ambesi. Partial translation.



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Figure Skating Related Threads
Thread Synopsis

Ice skating FAQ

Helpful links to introduce figure skating to new fans. If you have questions about skating technique, jumps and how judges give out scores, please share your questions here.

Grand Prix Assignments and How They Work

Discussion and explanation of how skaters get chosen for their Grand Prix assignments.

[Viktor Kudryavtsev] Jump arithmetic: mistake correction

Translated article written by a well-known Russian coach, Viktor Kudryavtsev.

Flexibility Issue (vs jumps)

Discussion regarding a skater's flexibility and how it affects jumps.

Ballet Styles & FS

Discussion regarding Ballet and Figure Skating - similarities and differences.

Omnyoji I & Omnyoji II

24-Hour Television (NTV’s yearly charity show)

  • 2014 (with English subtitles): Yuzuru visited Ishimaki in Miyagi Prefecture, an area struck by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Performed R+J1.
  • 2015: Yuzuru visited survivors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster living in temporary shelters. He performed Requiem of Heaven and Earth as well as Hana ni Nare.
    • Hana ni Nare (with English subtitles): performed with Sashida Fumiya and MJC Ensemble (Minami Soma Junior Chorus - composed of children affected by the Great East Japan Great Earthquake).
  • 2016: Collaboration performance of When You Wish Upon a Star with Kumamon and skaters from the disaster-affected areas of Kumamoto. Also performed White Legend.
  • 2017: Yuzuru talks about his asthma and gives lessons to a young skater named Sora who also suffers from asthma. He does a collaboration with Hiromi Go, skating to Ienai Yo. (translation here)
  • 2018: Yuzuru goes back and visits survivors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster that he saw back in 2015. He performs a Disney Medley with Disney mascots and young skaters from Sendai. He also performs Notte Stellata.

Spirit of the Athletes

  • 2012: Moving to Canada to train under Brian Orser and with Javier Fernandez
  • 2017 Part 1 2 3 4 5: Challenging the 4Lo and moving forward

Jounetsu Tairiku

  • 2016: Events leading up to Worlds 2016 in Boston and the aftermath of a hidden injury



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