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Ghislain about Mao. He talks also about Yuzu.



Thank you Ghislain 🙏

"When I worked with Yuzuru Hanyu, Hanyu was good in everything. He had great spins, great skating skills, great turns, great footwork, great jumps. Beautiful skater, beautiful body! So if you have all this, the package, you can afford to miss something and still be great."


"When I worked with Yuzuru, the problem with his ankle really diminished a lot of stuff. Before the Pyeongchang Olympics, it was devastating and it was hard to recover from that injury because you need to stay up ..."



"I show them videos mostly with Yuzuru because I have all the jumps with Yuzuru. I show them that body alignment is the secret. If you wanna do a quad, there is no shortcut ..."





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