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  1. Maybe he never seriously considered to stay there, but was always just supposed to spy for the JSF.
  2. The latest costumes:
  3. Fulcher

    Music talk

    I'm not even a fan of these marvel superhero movies, but I'd like to hear this at a competition or a gala:
  4. I believe he is part-elven, part-lossoth.
  5. Who was once wearing short lederhosen at a GP-banquet? Ivan Righini Paul Fentz Yuzuru Hanyu Shoma Uno Which skater is known for being a vegan? Mirai Nagasu Meagan Duhamel Kazuki Tomono Shoma Uno What is Kim Yuna's confirmation name? Stella Bella Cella Nella What is Daisuke Murakami's favorite food? Sushi Ramen Korean BBQ Natto What kind of puppy did Alina Zagitova receive in Japan? Pug Chow Chow Chihuahua Aktita How many older brothers does Daisuke Takahashi have? 1 2 3 4 Who is sponsoring Daisuke Takahashi? Hummel Nike Puma Adidas For whom is Yuzuru Hanyu doing commercials? Gabon Gambia Guinea Ghana Who was once mistaken for a terrorist by the police? Robin Cousins Brian Orser Rudi Cerne Scott Hamilton Which music instrument did Takeshi Honda learn to play as a three years old? Tuba Piano Harp Oboe What is Kaetlyn Osmond drinking before each competition? Scotch Malt Beer Orange Juice Riesling Which sport was Jeffrey Buttle practicing after the end of his career as a figure skater? Speed Skating American Football Curling Ice Hoceky Who was born at New Years Eve? Mao Asada Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Patrick Chan Nam Nguyen Which figure skaters married in 2017? Zhang Hao and Zhang Dan Grant Hochstein and Caroline Zhang Patrick Chan and Emily Chan Nathan Chen and Karen Chen Which languages does Misha Ge speak? German, Cantonese, and Korean Czech, Japanese, and Vietnamese Finnish, Polish, and French Russian, Mandarin, and English
  6. In which animated tv series did they ask "what would Brian Boitano do?" Southpark Which Olympic Champion is known for wearing a rosary ring? Yuna Kim Who played himself the tv series "Roseanne"? Scott Hamilton What did Shoma Uno answer, when he was once asked "what would you like to be in the future"? doctor Who was Dorothy Hamill's father-in-law? Dean Martin What was Sonja Henie collecting? modern art https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henie_Onstad_Kunstsenter For which video game series has Yuzuru Hanyu once participated in a commercial? Monster Hunter How many older siblings does hat Brian Orser have? 4 What is Stephen Gogolev's favorite football team? Bayern Munich What is Midori Ito's nickname? Jumping Flea Who appeared in Leonard Cohen's short film "I am a Hotel"? Toller Cranston Who was the WKA Kung Fu Champion of Canada in 2005? Elvis Stojko Which actor was the older brother of an Eurosport-commentator for figure skating? Oliver Reed Who played herself in "Blades of Glory"? Sasha Cohen Which character did Yuzuru Hanyu play in the movie "Tono, Risoku de Gozaru!"? Date Shigemura How old was Alain Giletti, when he carried the flag for the French Olympic team in 1952? 12 Which Hollywood actress had a grand daughter, who participated at a JGP in 2015 ? Grace Kelly Which sport was practiced by Aljona Savchenko's father? weight lifting To which music was Alexander Majorov skating in the 16/17 season? Ievan Polkka For which Cosplay is Evgenia Medvedeva known? Sailor Moon
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