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    Music talk

    I just recently discovered that there's a Japanese band calld Yuzu. Maybe he can skate to their music.
  2. One more Who speaks Japanese and Spanish? Yuzuru Hanyu Javier Fernandez Paul Porier Shoma Uno Who competed at the European Championships and the 4CC? Kana Muramoto Misato Komatsubara Cathy Reed Rikako Fukase Who is a vegan? Rikako Fukase Mao Asada Shoma Uno Misato Komatsubara Who speaks Italian and Japanese? Daniel Grassl Shoma Uno Misato Komatsubara Caroline Kostner Who became a Japanese citizen in 2020? Javier Fernandez Keegan Messing Evgenia Medvedeva Tim Koleto Who owns a goldfish? Yuzuru Hanyu
  3. I've just made a fan edit that combines Yuzuru Hanyu's performance at the last 4CC with the LotR-music from You Young's FS this season:
  4. Philip Glass is known for his criticism of China. He's also a supporter of the Free Tibet movement. https://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/46005/
  5. I wondered whether Nathan Chen lost some popularity points in China now that he was skating to the music of Philip Glass.
  6. new questions What animal has Yuzuru Hanyu compared himself to? Swan Dolphin Cat Frog Which Dutch artist served as inspiration for one of Stephen Gogolev's costumes? Vincent van Gogh Rembrandt M. C. Escher Piet Mondrian Who has competed for two countries? Debi Thomas Katarina Witt Anna Kondrashova Elizabeth Manley What kind of mascot does Shun Sato have? Tiger Donkey Panda Kangaroo Who has once been allowed to light an Olympic flame in an opening ceremony? Shizuka Arakawa Mao Asada Fumie Suguri Midori Ito
  7. The costumes reminded me of this: http://www.frockflicks.com/snark-week-no-18th-century-men-not-wear-lace-bibs/
  8. Yes, the orange one is from Mars.
  9. planetarian costumes
  10. Melon Yuzu https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IDC1njqYh?fid=1034:4494101765095485
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