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interview with Yuma


The Olympics have been a dream since I was in elementary school, but now it's not a dream, but a goal. I want to not only get out, but also perform well and make a match that I am satisfied with. First of all, the All Japan Championship in the qualifying I have to stand on the podium, so I want to play each match carefully.


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So, Dreams on Ice will take place today and tomorrow. DOI this year is going to be a bit like a mock match. All the skaters are going to skate their SP today and FP tomorrow.

TBS Channel 1 will broadcast the event live from 18:55 until 22:00 tonight and 13:55-17:30 tomorrow. (JST)

TBS (their terrestrial digital channel) will also air the highlights on September 14, 01:20-02:50. (JST)

There will be a paid stream provided by Ticket Pia as well (costs 3,500 yen per each day)

But today's SP will coincide with RD at Russian Test Skate...

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53 минуты назад, sweetwater сказал:

But today's SP will coincide with RD at Russian Test Skate..

I can't watch anything live today, but Russian test skates must be available later, hope there will be some Doi uploads too.

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DOI wasn't as long as the broadcaster announced...
Here are my random reports on today's SP.


All the spectators' seats were covered with some covers that looked like plastic bags. A small number of people (not sure whether they were from media or JSF) were sitting there leaving 5-6 empty seats between them. Everyone except the skaters was wearing a mask. Some were wearing face guards as well.


Like a normal show, it had an opening and finale. After everyone danced and skated under colorful lights, the arena got lightened up, and the 6-minutes warm-up began like in a normal competition. Maximum 4 skaters (two ice dance teams) skated in a group.


There was a kiss and cry, and each skater/team sat there without coaches, and Junko Yaginuma, who was commentating, interviewed them from the commentators' seat through the PA microphone. While they are airing the interview, the next skater warmed up.


I didn't take a memo on jump layouts, but singles skaters were generally a bit struggling with their jumps. Probably Yuma Kagiyama was the only one who skated cleanish.

Wakaba and Tomoe's Lz looked good as they used to be.

I guess it will be clear after FS if it was skating in front of people for the first time after a while or lack of training due to COVID.


The Pirates of the Caribbean costume looked good on Shun.
Yuma's new SP music was probably the one Denis Ten used in the 2014-2015 season for his FP. A program that didn't have time to catch one's breath.


Utana looked taller and mature than before. I feel that Shingo may need a little time to get accustomed to their changing height.


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