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17 hours ago, Yatagarasu said:


Hmm, yes there is that (in)famous interview by now with her but then I look at how she handles Zhenya - she was completely blase about the 3-3-3 and it was RusFed that forbid it post-Europeans, not Eteri, so I would say yes, she's demanding and strict, but I think at some point, she lets the reins go a little, as we saw with Zhenya. Zheyna does have input in the music too, etc so it's not all little automaton as some may see it.


I think you've basically hit the nail on the head there, with Zhenya's personality. She's confident, assertive and I think someone who'd respond well to blunt and doesn't flinch easily. I am not sure if you know the story, so I find it a good example for those two. When she was young and came to Eteri, she kept falling so Eteri took her by her feet and dragged her across the ice saying do you like being there (paraphrasing). So how many kids would respond well? Those who would get angry and huff and storm off to do it better. Zhenya's mother was also a figure skater so maybe that was also helpful as the years passed, to have that experience in her corner.


But someone like Yulia? I see her like you do, and then when we think about all the things she faced, I think she needed gentler, softer approach which I just don't see Eteri having. She's too alpha, too dominant for that type of personality, she'd walk all over her, even if trying to be kind. And of course, overall her situation was truly rotten, no child should have to bear with that.

So that nobody misunderstands, I'm not saying Yulia is 'weak' or anything, just that personalities should match up at least somewhat or it is difficult to function, especially when the skater is a minor and in general, much less capable of standing their ground that a fully formed, mature adult would be.

Ohh I just found the documentary (on Eteri mostly) with English subtitles here, complete with the dragging feet across ice story. From this docu, it seems Zhenya is the rare rare breed of human who is galvanised by humiliation/failure and fired up to do better after she gets angry (I think she shares this quality with Yuzu). She and Eteri seem to have that special relationship of two very strong personalities recognising each other and respecting each other, hence being able to work together so well. No doubt Zhenya brings out the softer side to Eteri too (I think they share a lot of common qualities).   


Definitely agree with Yulia and Eteri says in this that Yulia has a very 'dominant' mother as well so I'm not surprised that maybe she needed a coach with a gentler style, who could let her open up and be more assertive in herself. Alas. I hope she's happy now though.



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Aw man I'm not ashamed to admit that Yulia's is probably the only one I'm very familiar with in this list. I've only started following figure skating around Sochi.. I mean I had been aware of the sport but never actually cared enough to follow it.

The first time I saw the program I was mesmerized it's so captivating and how could you not fall in love to that?? Simply ART. :smiley-love017:


It's so sad that it seems to be doing downhill slowly for her and the combination of growing/puberty, media frenzy, coach problem, and injuries certainly hit her hard. I think she's a very determined, strong young lady (teenager, even) but one could only withstand so much. If the love of skating is no longer there and she no longer feels comfortable/happy doing it then I could only wish her happiness and that she finds another purpose in her life.


If I'm being selfish ofc I'd want to see her skating because it'd be a shame that we could only witness this much of her, and she's not even matured fully yet and there is still that much potential we have yet to see.. but yea I just want her to live her life as she wishes, that no matter which path she'd take, she'd find success and happiness. :heart:

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