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  1. My thoughts are actually the opposite. I like some of the character they provide to the program, although it could be better and might improve. It's the way she's performing currently that I dislike. In that *particular* case, I don't think she'll have the direction she needs with Raf. Rika's was just a practice skate, so I'm holding judgement on her performance there. But I agree the choreography has potential.
  2. Not a fan currently. I like Rika's step sequence (I'm guessing) as it looks currently
  3. The guy doesn't know himself. He could try to go for the performance quality needed, but I think it's too late and he also lacks direction. I'm sure he loves the songs, but nope.
  4. I predict the ISU gets taken over by Blibbering Humdingers before the GP assignments are out... Oh it's already filled with them.
  5. It's O Virtus Sapientiaie apparently, in which case I'll be taking donations on the left.
  6. It sounds familiar. Dickson has taste when it comes to music choices. He uses things from cirque du soleil sometimes, for instance.
  7. I'm not lying when I say I don't recognize half of these new pop stars. I don't like the genre, but there's so many too keep track of, too! Bring back Bieber!
  8. Huh. Have no clue at all why a quote notification redirected me to this. But
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