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  1. Eh I'd be more impressed by Kolyada doing 5. I'm just not a fan of this jump-small-to-conserve-energy trend... Obviously if you remove one aspect of it, you can add another. Not impressive.
  2. My main issue is that the layout kind of just doesn't build with the music. If you remember there's the high energy choreo sequence at the end, and yet nothing segues into it. He can just be a jumper, whatever, but then at least arrange bigger jumps towards the end. Or choose music like Kozuka does here where the more energetic music slowing down into the less joyful music section is represented by transitions into a big triple lutz into a smaller 2T and then into an even smaller 2Lo with the flow naturally slowing down progressively as it enters the introspective cut... Since Nathan instead backloads and hits his smaller jump combos (nor do his jumps get good lift) it just looks like he's jumping down while the music builds. Anyway, boring program from a boring skater for me.
  3. Is this serious...? That thread may be conceivably read as a joke.
  4. Her practice ones are better for sure, and she's stepping up into it more even in competitions, but the quality difference of practice vs competition is apparent sometimes. I am guessing she gets nervous and freezes up a little.
  5. Since I can't watch this, should I bash the programs before or after the events?
  6. hoodie axel

    Team China

    At this point, I will be fine with them not doing the next two seasons and coming back for 2021-22 and ripping it up.
  7. hoodie axel

    General Skating Chat

    Does anyone in their right mind believe this anyway? I can make several stastically unlikely assumptions and conclude that Slavik Hayrapetyan will be WC 2019. Hardly a shock that Weir hasn't taken a 5th grade course in mathematics.
  8. hoodie axel

    Team China

    Erm, is Sui really injured? Again? https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1627845327815931456&wfr=spider&for=pc&sa=vs_ob_realtime
  9. hoodie axel

    Team China

    S and H! http://sports.china.com.cn/zutu/detail2_2019_03/14/1074697.html#pn=1
  10. hoodie axel

    Team Russia

    Russia is going to struggle for three spots next season... The team is Samarin, Kolyada, Lazukin, who could all easily bomb and place out of the top 6.