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  1. Sakamoto's SP is good enough for what they seem to be trying to convey: that she's a cheerleader trying to be edgy at her prom. Sigh. Hope her LP is better than that.
  2. ???? I just found it strange they announced it early... The rest of the post was a question, "are they celebrating the Olympics or what?" Because I found it odd they announced a cast member so early. It's Sailor Moon, actually, so idk if it has anything to do with the Olympics at all. It could just be a musical type thing.
  3. They are allowed to. It's unusual though.
  4. They announced it a year in advance? To celebrate the Olympics or what? Edit: Oh it's Sailor Moon. Guess it's like casting a musical or a movie.
  5. wtf are those music cuts? He's growing into a nice performer, but that choreo is [admin edit: non-constructive criticism] rn. Hope the SP music is utilized a lot more effectively. Yuna's Roxanne remains the only program to that music that has fully realized choreography.
  6. I have no idea why this matters in the slightest. Hopefully, The Better Chen will be National Champion, so I can finally have some hope for Ladies' FS again. Liu's jumps are just a myth. I like that she's been working on her presentation though. To me, she's skating to the music better than Zhou does, and The Other Chen too (although here I might be grading on a curve wrt age), mostly.
  7. I'm already bored by the men's GPs. Will skip. ID and Pairs are pretty predetermined, but will watch the GPF. Women's is interesting, complete gauntlet. Might watch the entire thing.
  8. Not sure I'm happy with all these "modern" SPs choreographed by Bourne this season... A welcome respite from warhorses, perhaps, but this might be a monotony on its own. Moreover, I don't believe we'll be seeing any particular artistic depth from any of these. Richaud's choreography can be hit and miss, but hopefully we'll see some amount of personality from his undertakings this season. Sakamoto's much maligned Amelie LP had that. Buttle's done some good work, of course, and I'd love to see more of him next season. In general, though, this is already highlighting the p
  9. Ladies predictions are harder, for me: SA: Tursy, Miya SC: Med, Kihi IdF: Zagi, Miya CoC: Tursy, Saka CoR: Zagi, Kihi NHK: Med, Saka
  10. Looks like we'll be finding out about Team China's programs soon!
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