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  1. I actually bought event tickets, but yeah, between family stuff and travel, I don't think I'm going until tomorrow Might get to catch the last group on stream tho *sigh* At least I just bought them on groupon on a whim.
  2. ^ SP Day Full Practice. fixed the block ^_^ I actually tried using Youtube's tools first, but I guess because the original file was 8GB, it never did finish processing. So I muted it myself when I got back to my hotel
  3. My sister questions very much the fact that she has to fight against 'some athlete' for my attention every Thanksgiving X'D
  4. And incidentally the first day I had good enough internet and connection to even load the site in full since Helsinki! * - *
  5. That I did notice. The junior GOE's have been out of control, and less a case in seniors. It's really weird, as if there are two different sets of judging criteria or something. Ask Ted X'D He just commentated for both. ETA: BUT. I'll say that ideally for me, scores shouldn't be affected by whether or not judges are looking at junior or senior skaters. IMO Alyona has better component quality than a lot of top-flight senior ladies, and wouldn't really look out of place there.
  6. I'm on this side too. ahaha... Probably a higher TES than it should have been, but clean Alyona (perennially underscored in PCS) would have been worthy of 34-35 PCS to me, so with 30.x in PCS, overall I'm not upset. (That said, I understand the salt too) Linz had a quite tough judging panel compared to the other events. Iirc she got +3 for her Axel in there, not even that many 4's
  7. There are, and you won't even be taking up lottery spots, you just get seats. But the one I know about is sold out.
  8. If Yelim gets a 2+2 overall, she's going to be up against .... Kanysheva and Tarusina, Tarakanova? In a score comparison, or she's pretty much set? For JGPF I mean.
  9. I think ACI is quite a bit of North American bonus, and here I'm smelling some European bonus ^_^||| Japan should do something better than Japan Open maybe lol.
  10. SCAC and SC are like.... "HI ZU COME COME COME LET US GIVE YOU TERRIBLE PCS * _ *" And every year like clockwork he does go X'D I can't complain too much though, the price can't be beat (altho my sleep schedule totally suffers) and plus he always gets all fired up after. It's like a ritual by now
  11. PCS was a joke indeed X'D 36...... >_> I didn't find that SP unbearable though, which it was during ice shows/ test skate. She needs to fine tune her posture but she was way less sluggish than during off-season. (Can I grow 8cm too? * - *)
  12. ohhh I just missed Alaine :x I guess she never went back to that one very good season
  13. That is probably what rostelecom is doing too, tbh. And it makes sense, kind of. Especially since ACI has always been such a family-style event, well before yuzu fans took over X'D
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoCAOUtA71M&amp;index=3&amp;list=PLnquSc2BwuwNq3F_Zofdz_XdEWzQJSHtW <--- this is (C1) Row 12. So Row 8 is great Don't worry! Plus I think all that has been released up until now is Row 8 at the bestest.
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