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  1. I really like young you, but I'll be really happy for Anna s if she were to land her 4Lz. What a comeback from sitting out the whole last season!
  2. Really good all-event seats for sale Section 109 (DEAD center, opposite judge side) Row E (actual 3rd row, since that particular section starts at row C) Seats 11-13 I bought them for 220CAD each, now selling for 176CAD (20% off) I'm open to further discounts, especially if you take all three So please PM me if you're interested! Seating map:
  3. I believe the latter. I haven't been to IdF specifically, but usually they let you go to the corresponding practice sessions that happen before each event.
  4. gladi

    Tickets Market

    SOLD! 1x GPF All-event AND Helsinki — 15% off overall GPF: Row 1. Section 118 (Next to judges, close to Kiss&Cry). All-event. Helsinki: Row 12, Section A2. Category 1 All-event. 500 USD for one GP and GPF — PM me!
  5. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sportiva = Noto usually = A LOT D: D: D: D: D: Tanaka especially always tweets his mountains of "not selected"'s (flipped to the backside so no one can see) D: But indeed, a lot... worth kidnapping said photographers and holding them for hostage in exchange for their hard drive XD jk.
  6. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments for the banner, I've been reading them but only had the chance to reply today. I in turn was really touched and felt really honored as I went through each message for him – they are truly lovely, each one of them. The banner developed really organically with the messages, and it does feel that more power is somehow imbued into the banner with each message added to it! He may read it all or he may read a little bit at a time, but I think the presence and weight of each message is a source of strength regardless. So I've been quite a hermit from usual news/articles/magazines because of the banner/video/dead phone/traveling (all happening at the same time :o), but I'll be gradually returning to regular programming. Feel free to DM on twitter/pm here/ message on tumblr or whatever if there are pieces you guys are interested in reading as always! I thought your drawing was absolutely darling too, all the animals :3 *spoons and pours into a teacup* Yuzu did bring us all together! Dec 4, the day before it was delivered, was rhinestone madness from start to finish but we got it done and documented 30 minutes before I had to go catch my flight. XD And then, with that 30 minutes and the leftover rhinestones, we added rhinestone stars to the first galactic panel and rhinestoned the card to him as well \oo/ Only the sparkliest! (of course, the final card says "so yuzu" not "so smug" XD) He can wrap himself in it or he can hug it tight or he can pick a corner at random to look at anytime and maybe discover something new each time! Maybe read 30 messages before he's allowed each quad, 20 if it's all in English *built-in resting mechanism* *Agrees cats as QA managers are totally appropriate* @Yatagarasu is a darling XD I forgot which competition we were zombie-watching while going back and forth on the card...
  7. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The lower risk of catching his edge seems to be largely the implication. On the other hand, Yamaguchi from B.B.Mook was a former ice hockey player, and he did make the observation during COR that the ice seemed to be of the harder variety, suitable for ice hockey. And that Yuzu had to adjust. For figure skating, softer ice (than ideal for ice hockey) is preferable because it has more give ("bouncy"...). From what I'd read, Tracy mentioned today in her commentary for IdF that the ice was hard and crunchy with no give, and that you see toe picks slipping off on take off, leaving many skaters looking uncertain. That some give in the ice would help in figure skating, especially in elements such as jumps, makes sense to me. The Cricket Club rink is built on a foundation of sand as opposed to concrete, for exactly this reason. For sure an interesting topic, just adding to the confusion here
  8. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    She was host for asachan.
  9. Can you elaborate on what you mean by image collage message? Images are preferably of handwritten messages and drawings. Anything too intricate (and too colorful) will be hard to read when shrunk into 7.5cm x 7.5cm max. That's also why black writing/ drawing on white background is preferred.
  10. 7.5cm x 7.5cm. I added post-its as a description, that's all. Sending it to him.
  11. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He was too low and tilted too far forward, mainly too low. All of his jumps that day had little elevation. So there wasn't enough room for him to get into an outside edge, and he actually landed on an inside edge. It's incredibly dangerous to be doing multiple revolutions and landing on the inside edge. There's a reason why proper technique for all 6 types of jumps has the skater landing on the outside edge. Only the Euler/Half-loop is landed on an inside edge, out of the listed jump elements, iirc?
  12. Original post about this project (English) プロジェクトについて(日本語) About this project (Spanish) Let’s send a banner to Yuzu We’re collecting fan messages to print onto one big banner for Yuzu. If you would like, please either send (1) a typed message of no more than 280 characters OR (2) a good photo of your written/drawn message, no bigger than 7.5cm x 7.5cm (post-it size, ideally black on white background for readability). Message in English or Japanese please. Please send to: Email: [email protected] OR Twitter DM: @wherespacepooh Either works, please make sure you send it in by next WEDNESDAY, November 15th. There really isn’t much that us fans can do, but Yuzu does derive strength from fans’ supportive words. Now more than ever, let’s dig deep for every little bit of positivity and show how much we root for him. (Picture from Amazon preview of Figure Skate Memorial Grand Prix Series 2017 in Rostelecom Cup)
  13. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    You mean make a separate topic with information for the banner that we're sending to Yuzu with all the messages? (I wasn't sure if by banner suggestion, you meant that, because there was also talk about the site banner at some point, iirc.).
  14. gladi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    There's no need for donations, just send in your messages of support to Yuzu! I think it's better to stick with a banner (looks like it'll be a very big one :)) you guys rock!) for all it stands for, and also because it's light and easy to handle, and well, he can roll himself up in the banner just as easily too Double duty.