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12 minutes ago, fuzz_ball_21 said:


Oops, Perelandra already shared.

Actually, please share all of the links. People on twt are recommending to get the views to 1M on all of the platforms


There is a YT short as well


Buckle up, my darlings let's fly with our Captain



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10 hours ago, AngelOnIce said:

To anyone who plans on applying for the tickets: has anyone already tried registering for the TV Asahi ID? I tried the first step (entering my email address and agreeing to terms of use) and I couldn't even click the button (disabled). Anyone else having this problem? Or can we only register for the ID once the lottery starts? Sorry for my confused ravings...

Same for me I did see an error code for geo restriction! 

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18 hours ago, fuzz_ball_21 said:



Thank you for posting! I was going to drop the link to the video, because it's so much fun! It's really great to see their lively reactions :laughing: Besides, they managed to see the details I haven't noticed even though I watched IF so many times.


Edit: I hope someone will do a full translation, I have the impression that some parts are missing from the text posted above.



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