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21 minutes ago, Pammi said:

@Perelandra I came here looking for all the Gucci tweets!! You are slipping!! :laughing:


I suppose I will have to go looking for them to post then....:grin:




Our branded boy...makes me a bit sad tbh :weeping: I am just nostalgic for simpler times that's all don't worry! I'll get used to him wearing these brands one day....

Hahaha I've been busy trying to make more progress with Japanese lessons. Coincidentally the bus and train transport learning module has several phrases about travelling to and around Kyuushuu!!!. Is it a sign? Could be..... :dontknow:

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I believe that Yuzu is the most perfect man I've ever seen, and I'm 78. I watch him daily on YouTube. It's as though I have an exquisite piece of art in my home that I can view at will. In the past, I sang his praises often on Instagram. I have never been taken by an idol before in my life, but Yuzu is irresistible. 

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