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2 hours ago, Yuzu_legend said:

Hi guys 

For those who couldn’t join our YuzuSkatingParty last Saturday, I’d like to highly recommend to watch the SOI special, translated and subbed by our amazing fellow satellites @Umebachi and @yuzuonice!!!:worship::worship::worship: :tumblr_inline_mto5i9TIpx1qid2nw:






Big thank you to @Umebachi and @yuzuonice for the work:heartpound:


Thanks again for the amazing Yuzu skating party:tumblr_llidknnxec1qzbrv5:

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Thank you very much everyone :thanks:


Finally a place where Yuzuru Hanyu is not listed as a two-time Olympic attender or simple Olympic champion (or Winnie Pooh maniac or obsessive Moby Dick hunter *cough*)... but a two-time Olympic champion that he is. And despite the fact that anyone can edit Wikipedia, it's still an encyclopedia that many people read and many people trust in. It's fantastic to see Yuzu featured on the mainpage and I hope that some people who didn't know about him before, will have a better picture of him now than what they might get from the press.


It's also funny that today is the reverse date of his birthday (12.7.) :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:

Yuzu things only.

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19 時間前, Henni147さんが言いました:

Why do I have the feeling that of all iconic skating things that could be named after Yuzuru Hanyu, it will be the

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Hanyu scream



It's only Yuzuru Hanyu in Japan who can get such screams Gyaaaa just by throwing a glove.  - by Nobunari Oda :biggrin:



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1 hour ago, Melodie said:




New poem by ToshI-san 🤣


The fanboy can strike late, but he never disappoints😂


PS: Can some charitable souls translate what he wrote? 



Here, we must thank google translate, which I use here and I translated into English (and then into French) what Toshi wrote 



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2 hours ago, SuzyQ said:


It is only Yuzuru Hanyu in Japan who can get such Gyaaaa screams just by throwing a glove. - by Nobunari Oda :Big smile:





I have already seen this video several times (this is only an excerpt, because there is Nobu's "bang"  :XD: ) and it communicates and quite funny Nobu  :girlsigh:and the pharse qu 'he had to sign him well 

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