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28 minutes ago, Yuzu Beloved Angel said:

Sorry if it has already been posted. I love your Smile:img_20:



He's so excited he got Shuzo all wound up too. Why on earth are we worrying? AS long as the boy can get his ankle back it'll be fine. 

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5 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

Ele está tão empolgado que também deixou Shuzo todo envolvido. Por que diabos estamos nos preocupando? Enquanto o menino conseguir seu tornozelo de volta, tudo ficará bem. 

It does not matter ISU or JSF. He has much power in his words. He'll be fine. Ganbatte Yuzu!:dancingpooh:

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About quints... given that he pretty much said "well, if I do 4A, might as well do all the quads", it's not unlikely he'll then say: "well, since I've done all the quads, might as well try a quint, too" :hihi:


But I'm glad everyone is more calm now. And the Shuzo interview... everyone was so depressed after the first translated bits came out, but now actually seeing the video, everyone can see how fired up he is. Translations are awesome, but if you take them out of the context, especially the video context, when it exists, they can give a completely different feeling. So, IMO, rule of thumb should always be video first, translations second.


And I'm not at all surprised he's fired up. I'm the same, really. If I get super depressed about some failure, I cry my eyes out, then I get up with fire in my veins and a million thoughts about how to make sure that failure can never happen again. So I get that attitude so well and I'm glad he got there so quickly!

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21 時間前, KatjaTheraさんが言いました:

I think us fans are a bit too emotionally high strung these days, which is understandable. But I think we all need to take a few steps back and relax a bit. I myself find myself first reacting aggressively to stuff I see mentioned on twitter, only to then find the original sources and calm down.


While I agree that this JSF thing could have been handled better, especially by offering to improve organization to make sure there will never be issues for any skaters, it wasn't really as bad as a lot of people are making it seem. He didn't say Yuzu fans are evil spawns interfering with other skaters. He gave a somewhat diplomatic answer about how it's something to consider, for the sake of balance and fairness but thankfully, it was definitely not an issue this time. (If that person was actually complaining for Shoma, tough luck, I guess.) I agree that saying they have to consider leaves room for interpretation that indeed the fan behavior could be an issue, but he was fairly diplomatic, so it's not that bad. It's certainly not Raf's statement. However, it is very bad timing. Probably by accident.


Similarly, the things yesterday about the interview with Shuzo. Everyone was crying all over the place and I still don't get why. If it was any surprise to anyone that Yuzu practices his heart out and that he sometimes breaks down and cries afterwards, I'd say that someone probably doesn't know him. He is so emotionally invested in this, of course there would be times like that. For all that we call him an alien, he's still human. It's a normal human reaction and live everyone, he has good days and bad days. It's precious he chooses to be open and share these things with us. It shouldn't be a shock. Overall, though, he was so fired up in the interview. Eager to get back into it and challenge and win decisively over everyone else. It was a great thing to see. I don't see why everyone focused on the sad part, when you had a Yuzu virtually bouncing in his chair with excitement and fire.


And I think it was in the same interview, though I'm not sure if that was translated, where he said something like, going into Worlds, there was a general expectation that because he had won in Pyeongchang under similar circumstances, he would do it again. And that when this huge bubble of expectation burst, there was of course disappointment, but also freedom. He was free of that expectation. Can you even imagine the pressure of that? To be injured, on painkillers and still have everyone expect you to win. In a way, this might actually have been the best possible result for him, because in some ways, he seems reborn.


This also brings me to the subject of fan projects. I admit I'm biased because for personal reasons, I'm not a huge fan of fan projects, but I also wonder if it's really what he needs now. Fans are tremendous support, but they are also pressure. It can be good or it can be bad. It could make him more fired up or stress him. It depends mostly on where he is mentally, I guess. I don't remember hearing anything from him about apologizing to fans for his performance or anything of that sort. He seemed to understand fans support him no matter what and the disappointment was all his own. So I don't think he doubts our support now. Personally, I'd rather he gets some peace and quiet for a while, until he comes out of his cave again. But of course, everyone is free to think and do otherwise.


As for the scoring, I believe going over whether he would have won or not is pointless. The past is in the past and we can't change it. Yuzu doesn't want to squeak past an overscored Nathan by a point or two with his current technical content. He wants to up his technical content so that he will be unbeatable. No matter what Nathan or the judges or anyone else does. He wants to win decisively when EVERYONE is squeaky clean. That's what he's always wanted. He reached that level for a while, now he only has to reach it again. So whether he would have won or not is irrelevant by now. He didn't win. He'll do his best to get the tools to prevent that from happening again. Let's just look forward to this fantastic crazy ride he'll take us on and rejoice imagining the incredible programs he'll show us in the process.


However, I do think that we shouldn't completely give up on pointing out judgement errors. But that should be done as factually as possible. Detailed rescoring with arguments, based on the ISU's own rulebook (I loved those recores on twitter, but I felt for the FS some more arguments would have helped more, for example). Annotated videos. Side-by-side videos. Analysis. Anything less will only make us look like bitter fans. And with these, trying to reach the people who might actually be able to do something. Judges, federation members, even media. Max will be on board, but it takes more than that. Us fighting among ourselves will not help, and arguing with fans of other skaters will help even less, I think.


I agree with everything you said. I’ve always appreciated your comments on this forum. You are so level-headed and well versed in what is going on.


Watching the interview with Shuzo-san, I think most fans in Japan were so proud of him and happy for him (and of course, worried for his health too) because he looked so excited saying he’d been freed from the burden of being the front runner and found new motivation to keep competing. He said it’s like going back to his younger self who was chasing Patrick.


As for 4Lz, 4F and 4A thing, he seems to have put 4A on the back-burner for now. 4A had been his only motivation to keep competing, one last dream to accomplish, but now it is a tool to win. He wants 4Lz and 4F because they are better weapons for the purpose – less affected by ice conditions, less risky, and enough value. Except, we all worry that they will be hard on his right foot. It made me determined to support him no matter what happens in the future. I just pray that the skating god protects him from another injury.

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Let's be real, no JSF official would say anything against an outpouring of love for any other Japanese skater. 


Let's be more real, this is absolutely nothing new, they can't stop the fanyu power any more than they can stop the Hanyu power, so we'll just...



I mean, look at what fanyus have manage to organise and manage. Look at how JSF has managed to do their jobs, both for their skaters and for their events (it's been great for those of us who watch on TV and they have great aesthetics and security for their skaters, I think, but for people who were trying to physically be there, especially people who have disabilities, it's been pretty horrendous). Think they could ever stop us from showing how much we love Yuzuru? They couldn't even if they tried. Brush them off. 
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