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  1. I’m all for new programs, but I can’t imagine him leaving the tribute pieces incomplete. He never skated Origin completely clean this season, let alone incorporated the iconic Biellmann. Also, if he takes on a huge task of adding new quads, it would be much easier with a familiar program. I’d rather have Origin for FP, if it makes the challenge a little less taxing. He might go for a new SP, though. I wish for a new SP and EX, hopefully something upbeat and danceable for a change. P.S. Thanks so such, admins, for keeping this planet going!
  2. I agree with everything you said. I’ve always appreciated your comments on this forum. You are so level-headed and well versed in what is going on. Watching the interview with Shuzo-san, I think most fans in Japan were so proud of him and happy for him (and of course, worried for his health too) because he looked so excited saying he’d been freed from the burden of being the front runner and found new motivation to keep competing. He said it’s like going back to his younger self who was chasing Patrick. As for 4Lz, 4F and 4A thing, he seems to have put 4A on the back-burner for now. 4A had been his only motivation to keep competing, one last dream to accomplish, but now it is a tool to win. He wants 4Lz and 4F because they are better weapons for the purpose – less affected by ice conditions, less risky, and enough value. Except, we all worry that they will be hard on his right foot. It made me determined to support him no matter what happens in the future. I just pray that the skating god protects him from another injury.
  3. Yeah, but the funny part is, she thought the ad was a manip at first
  4. I feel you! My skin is trouble-prone, so I take choosing skincare products very seriously. Then, Yuzu starts advertising a skincare brand I have never considered using, and now I’m wondering what product I can safely buy. So far, I found that they have some face powders and sunscreens I could try. If nothing works, they still have a plant-based supplement. I don't know what I'm doing...
  5. We all know Yuzu’s clear, radiant skin has nothing to do with cosmetics. And he probably can’t use Sekkisei because its lotion contains alcohol, which he’s allergic to. But people are saying he is the embodiment of Sekkisei (雪肌精), which could be translated as “Snow-skinned Fairy,” rather than an endorser of it. I totally agree with them! KOSE is a long-time supporter of figure skating. That's the only reason I can think of for his endorsement.
  6. I love love love the KOSE's CM! The images, the words, and his voice, everything is perfect People are guessing it was a mistake/false start. No official press release yet. Can't wait for it!
  7. The LINE app for iPhones doesn't have a gift option, but you can do that through LINE STORE website.
  8. Yes, I just heard that! So, if you have a friend with a Japanese account, you could ask them to buy them for you Apparently, you can purchase them using VPN, too. I'm glad to hear that
  9. I got the Yuzu LINE stickers! Yaay! This is the first time I have ever purchased a LINE sticker. Sorry guys, but I read somewhere that you are identified with your phone number and cannot buy any LINE stickers outside of your country due to the license issues. Unfortunately, we can't get any stickers from overseas accounts, either
  10. Miyagi Furusato Plaza website says they will temporarily sell “Hagi no Tsuki” from March 16 to 24, which suspiciously coincides with the Worlds Good luck! http://cocomiyagi.jp/information/2019/01/post-47.html
  11. Your entry made me curious, so I did some research and found that there were actually a few fans who had measured the Madame Tussauds’ figure. Their approximate measurements are: Chest 79-80 / Waist 69-70 / Hip 88.5-90 cm http://yuzuemon1207.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-854.html https://ameblo.jp/akucelhappy-cat/entry-12034842536.html This blog entry has some other measurements if you are interested. http://yuzuemon1207.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-855.html His waist was broader than l thought. But considering that the custom-made torso at the photo exhibition had the same shoulder width as a standard one, the shoulder-waist ratio might explain the illusion. I’m sure his measurements are a little different now. The funny thing is that some Japanese fans in the comments say that their son or husband is the same size. Maybe his body type is not that unusual. So I did some more research and found that the average chest and waist circumferences of 20-24 year old Japanese men are 86.8 and 72.9 cm. http://warp.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/286890/www.meti.go.jp/press/20071001007/004_bessi.pdf Okay, enough about his measurements. Believe me, I’m NOT obsessed about it! It's just that I’m a translator and doing research is my second nature now. Sorry, sorry!
  12. It doesn’t say anything about the waist, and I don’t know the answer. But 80+ cm of chest (because his costume looks tighter around the chest than the torso) and 63 cm of waist sounds about right. It’s weird to say, but I’m about his size except for the height. LOL. 90-100 cm is quite average for men. He’s way thinner than that. Here are some average torsos. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-displan/sg940a-1w-03/
  13. Apparently, B80 means the bust (chest) measurement. 80 centimeters, everyone!
  14. LINE Japan will release YUZU LINE STAMPS (stickers) from March 7 to April 11 as part of a 3.11 memorial project. All proceeds go to the disaster restoration fund. Many of you might not be able to get the actual stickers, but I'm sure you will see images of them soon http://official-blog.line.me/ja/archives/78412699.html
  15. That would be great. Jason’s comment about Yuzu really warmed my heart You know, I watched his recent Japanese video messages filmed in TCC and found them too smooth. I mean, his Japanese wasn’t that good. I just wondered if some native speaker in the club was overseeing them
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