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  1. It is quite normal for men to use "ore" in casual settings and use "omae" to address their peers and younger ones if they are close in such settings. I've heard Yuzu call younger skaters like Shoma "omae" in behind-the-scenes footages. His casual language is manlier than most people would expect. He sounds like an older boy in a college sports team ;-)
  2. As I understand it, his name isn’t automatically on the list. He did enter the competition. Thus the fuss. But whether or not each skater actually participates is unclear due to the COVID situation. I believe that’s basically what they say. And I count it as good news because it shows he’s in good condition. Edited: Corrected the letter size. I can't seem to figure out how to post from my phone...
  3. The news seems legit. Does this mean he is going to reuse Otonal/Origin for the next season? He said he would perform the ultimate versions of those programs if it took 3-4 years. He wouldn’t just drop them, would he? If he needs to stick to them, I hope he takes on a new set of programs next season and comes back to them for the Olympics season like he did for Pyeongchang.
  4. The magazine is actually defined as "business/culture/life magazine for men" and the name was chosen exactly for the reasons you cited. Being passionate about a lot of things in life. So maybe it's not just a magazine cover? I'm hoping there will be an article about him if only to help draw in more male fans
  5. Before any discussion, there was a tweet about the original plan I mentioned. It was deleted while I was typing a reply. About the misunderstanding, I take your word for it. I guess there are always some unreasonable people. All I can say for sure is I haven't seen any of those twitters in Japanese even though I read almost all the twitters searched by the words "羽生くん" and "羽生さん" for the past few days. (Of course, sadly I have already muted and blocked quite a few unreasonable people.)
  6. Oi, that’s your misunderstanding. It originally WAS planned during the K&C. So, many people sent this account opinions against it. Thus she/he contacted the organization asking if they play the music whenever it’s appropriate. (That is what I remember. I went back to check, but the account was already deleted.) This Japanese account was simply following that progress. I do think some people are worrying too much, but I haven’t seen any misunderstanding on twitter.
  7. Oh, I'd like to think shanshani was just unlucky! I spent a year in Vancouver as an ESL student and intern. Almost all the people I ever came across were so nice. They were kind to those of us international students and tourists, who could be, you know, a little slow sometimes. Like rockstaryuzu said, there is a huge Chinese community and a lot of other Asian immigrants, who seemed to be blending in nicely. I'm sure they have their own problems, but as far as I can tell, Vancouverites were very nice in general, and it confirmed the image of friendly Canadians for me. I'm glad Yuzu lives in Can
  8. Re B-day, sorry sorry, got it! This is a completely different topic in my mind, but I often think Yuzu fits the traditional Japanese stereotype in terms of manners and consideration for others a lot more than most people of our time. He bows to everyone at every occasion, lines up journalists' recorders for them, helps prepare the conference room, straightens up desks and chairs when it's over, tidies up his hotel room before he leaves, treats the national flags carefully, applauds to the fellow skaters on the podium etc... the list goes on and on. Many young people today don’t do
  9. I think some people are making this issue more complicated than necessary. It's not about assuming someone's personality based on their nationality or culture. When you can't ask him directly, assumption is all we have. In this case, it's called consideration. And it's not just based on the culture but also on his past behaviors. The question is simple. When you have enough reasons to assume that he might not like it, are you still willing to risk it? And for what? I'm not against singing itself if it's not during the competition.
  10. There is definitely a cultural difference. It's not really about birthdays but about competitions, public settings, and respect for others. I'm in the Japanese Yuzu fandom on twitter. I haven't seen a single favorable opinion. Most of them are like "Oh no, please, please don't! I don't speak English. Someone please talk them out of it!" Some people are aware of this cultural difference and feeling frustrated and helpless saying it's impossible to make other people understand their perspective. But I don't think so because we all care for Yuzu and I've seen sensible cross-cultural discussions h
  11. I am against the idea of singing Happy Birthday during the competition simply because it's A COMPETITION not a show. His Kiss & Cry time is for the skater after him to prepare for his performance. Yes, it would be like what they did for Javi at 2015 GPF which Yuzu very much minded and has been trying to keep his fans from doing.
  12. I was there at the arena and what I remember clearly is not a silence or a sigh but えーっ!(Eeh!?) from some fans the moment the score was announced. I was taken aback by the reaction and immediately worried that this was going to offend the judges (it was basically a boo and not the same as complaining afterwards), embarrass Yuzu and ruin the happy mood of the general audience. I don't know about others but that was why it took me a second to start applauding. Maybe the score was a few points lower than I expected but not outrageous enough for me to induce an involuntary boo, so I was dismayed b
  13. Actually, he didn't say it had inflated PCS. He said, "I put on a lot (of topping) so..." They said the theme was "mega topping of love" (and it was for his fans!) thus the sweet overload
  14. Perhaps nobody including Yuzu himself has any illusion that he will be judged properly in the coming competitions. But I guess he wanted to acknowledge the better judging this time. You know, as positive reinforcement? Thanks in advance?
  15. I know, right? I mean there should be a reason why the 4lz has such a high base value. But like he says, maybe anyone can jump it if they want to (work on an "efficient way".)
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