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  1. Let's Go Crazy!

    I was wondering as well. But looking closely it was his white jacket/vest with the company logo blurred out.
  2. Media Link Requests

    Oh wow! That was fast! Arigatou!!! By any chance do you know how many SOA episode there is of our golden boy?
  3. Media Link Requests

    Does anyone have a link or copy of the SOA episode with Yuzu, Nobu, Satton, Keiji etc dancing at the beginning of the video with english sub?
  4. Media Link Requests

    Sorry, I did not realized that I haven't thanked you yet. Thank you very much!
  5. Media Link Requests

    Oh! Does anyone have a download link instead? I was in the middle of watching it.
  6. Media Link Requests

    Does anyone have a copy of this SOA episode? I was in the middle of watching it but it loooks like it was taken down just now. Even the Korean subs was taken down as well. Spirit of Athlete I - When Yuzu Goes to Canada [Engsub]
  7. Media Link Requests

    Oh. Thank you anyway. I really want to see the whole interaction between Yuzu and Shouma and of course Javi from that presscon. They are the friendliest rivals in this sport. Hopefully, the ladies can learn from them.
  8. Media Link Requests

    Hello everyone! I’m quite new to the fandom. I have been spending my time over the last few weeks reading and watching everything about Yuzu. I’ve also browsed thru this thread looking for more videos. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen a complete video of the group press conference of the trio after the SP and FS in Pyeongchang. Does anyone by chance have a copy of those press con?