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  1. Does anyone have a picture of Yuzu front and bank with either Seimei 2.0 or Origin 1.0 costume on? Preferably hands on the side if possible.
  2. I’m not sure if this has been discussed before. But the sole reason Yuzu never publicly mentioned when he will r***** is because of how his scores will get affected if they knew exactly when he will do so (see Patrick and Javi). But him being cryptic about going to Beijing made them feel that isn’t most likely that he will thus the blatant attempt to take him down. That and aside from the fact that they want an American to be the next OC. JSF is still hoping to get a ‘homegrown’ Shoma to take that role in Beijing rather than their no. 1. Both JSF and ISU baffles me. Only Oly have a clue to milk the right person but they don’t have power over ISU ruling. I honestly want to see Yuzu have that 3rd OG. But they way they are treating him I would rather like him to leave the sport and schedule CIOUNTU at the same time as those competetions. Let’s see who will get a full house on those shows.
  3. On another note. Interesting what Johnny says here back in 2011....Patrick who?
  4. Hi there! I dont post much but seeing a fellow “soon-to-be” engr on this forum has caught my attention. Seeing you are already in your 3rd year, you should be able to identify the pattern on how to study. On your last semester that’s when sleep is really non-existent, at least on my case. But after all is done - it’s all worth it! My only advice to you is learn how to balance your life as a student. Work hard, study hard but at the same time have fun! Nothing will ever prepare you once you started working. It’s a high paying job but work itself will give you stress on a different level of what you’re having now. Good luck!
  5. Revolution on Ice? Was there ever an ice show with Yuna and Yuzu on?
  6. I liked to believe that his sister and father stays longer with them in Toronto. Otherwise, it’ll be sad to know if they only saw each other for a couple of days a year.
  7. I don’t see any problem with that. He already have the money to actually enjoy studying unlike most students whose goal is to finish school quickly, get a job and earn money. It’s also a good way for him to kill time productively when he is not training/competing. I have this feeling with him that he haven’t have any concrete plan yet after competing. He doesn’t seem to be inclined to stay famous for the rest of his life under the lime light.
  8. The next pose. Lol. Upside down.
  9. Seems like its part of the reason why he chose to train outside of Japan. Sendai is not known for having an influencual local skating community. And yet ironically 3 of their only FS OGM are from Sendai. He will just be neglected if he train elsewhere within Japan. A very wise move from him to choose TCC. Sad to say, all this pooh gate and JSF controversy will reach him in no time.
  10. After all that has happened, I just wish that Yuzu had a reunion in Tokyo with his sister and father. For me, there’s no other love and support compared to that of your own family. No friends, collegues, fans, ridiculous amount of pooh can give you that feeling of comfort by knowing and having the presence of your family there with you. And knowing how much he adored his onee-chan and respect and love his parents, they are the best theraphy there is for him at this time.
  11. I’m masochistic and watched it partially yesterday to kill some time. The guest is Joe Inman. From all that he said. It seems that he doesn’t even know what the bullet points are and will give points subjectively depending on whether he likes what he sees or not. He doesn’t even seem to both care whether transition is there or not let alone bother if it is diffilcult. In summary, he doesn’t like Yuzu. Aside from prasing Yuzu’s 4T+3A+seq and a bit of his 4Lo there’s nothing else to look forward to. Yeah, don’t even bother watching it.
  12. Does anyone know here who pays for coach’s lodging and plane tickets when their students from different feds compete at the same competition? Like Javi & Yuzu for example?
  13. Hahaha. He really did not get that fixed. Looks like it’s crooked forever!
  14. When Michal Brezina mentioned that he can do 4S+3A seq at Helsinki FS presscon I think
  15. I was referring to the gift that ANA gave him after his 2nd OGM recently. It was a first class ticket for him and his family anywhere in the world. He even joked that they will choose the most expensive destination there is. He usually travel business class if I’m not mistaken. Seeing how busy he is with media obligation, shows, training and competetion I think they haven’t used it yet. Either that or his family is too modest to use it up.
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