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1 hour ago, sallycinnamon said:


I hope too that So Youn will come back in her top form. I think consistency will be the key for her, a lot can depend on that the next season. Da Bin was also consistent last season (at least in the second part of it) which paid off in the end.


And yes, it would be good for Jun Hwan to go to a senior-B competition before the GP series starts. Nebelhorn would be a good choice, but it may be easier to go to ACI or even US Classic International. I am also looking forward to cheer for him at senior competitions! :smiley-happy085:

Yes, ACI or US Classic would be better choices indeed but I think he still will be sent to Nebelhorn even if there's that Host pick, for sake of even trying :laughing:  I'm curious how quads are going on, obviously he will put 2 sals since he showed that he's capable of that already (Worlds were so close sob). Another quad would be great but most important is for him to be healthy and not push himself too much, he's too young and obviously he's big chance will be in Beijing. 

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Update for Team Korea. There will be 2017 S.Korea Oly & JGP Selection events on 28-30th July at Mokdong Ice Rink.



Official Schedules

Finally schedules are up! According to this http://www.skating.or.kr/download/do....xlsx&dir=game
which KSU released today in their website.

All time is Korean time, GMT +09:00

7/27 Official practice day
06:00-07:00 Junior men FS practice
07:00-10:00 Junior ladies FS practice
10:00-13:00 Senior ladies FS practice
13:00-14:00 Senior men FS practice
14:00-15:00 Senior Ice dance FD practice
15:00-16:00 Senior pairs FS practice

7/28 Competition Day 1 
08:30-09:10 Junior men SP practice
09:10-11:20 Junior ladies SP practice
11:20-13:40 Senior ladies SP practice
13:40-14:10 Senior men SP practice
14:30-16:42 Junior ladies SP - Entries by number: 19
16:54-17:40 Junior men SP - Entries by number: 5

7/29 Competition Day 2 
08:00-08:50 Senior ladies Warm-Up
08:50-09:10 Senior men Warm-Up
09:32-12:10 Junior ladies FS
12:22-12:58 Junior men FS
13:12-15:15 Senior ladies SP - Entries by number: 15
15:15-15:45 Senior men SP - Entries by number: 4
16:00-16:12 Senior Ice dance SD - Entries by number: 1
16:12-16:42 Senior pairs SP - Entries by number: 2
17:00-17:30 Senior Ice dance practice
17:30-18:00 Senior pairs practice

7/30 Competition Day 3 
13:02-15:10 Senior ladies FS
15:11-15:45 Senior men FS
16:00-16:12 Senior Ice dance FD
16:12-16:32 Senior pairs FS
16:50-17:30 Awards Ceremonies on Ice
17:45-18:45 Gala

Not entries by name yet



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15 hours ago, yana said:

Update for Team Korea. There will be 2017 S.Korea Oly & JGP Selection events on 28-30th July at Mokdong Ice Rink.




I hope we will see some videos/bits of videos from these event, but I am not sure we will be that lucky.


1 hour ago, yuzuangel said:



they photoshopped her quite a lot :tumblr_inline_mjgka6fbTE1qz4rgp:


I don't like when she is photoshopped that much. She doesn't need that at all, she is gorgeous anyway.

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