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Found 3 results

  1. Hydroblade

    ISU Grand Prix Series - Skate America

  2. Hello, good morning and welcome to all of you orbiting through fluffy Pooh space With the Olympic season already underway and the GP series quickly approaching, it is about time we come together to unleash our inner prophets, oracles, fortune-tellers, doomsayers, jinxers and coin flippers – and meet in an epic battle about points, points, points and bragging rights to see who’s tea leaf reading skills will proof the best. Are you ready for 7 rounds of nail bitingly suspenseful horoscope creating? 7 Weeks of nerve shatteringly difficult crystal ball visions about those golds and silvers and bronzes? Well, I sure hope so! (because otherwise, this is awkward ) In all seriousness though – welcome everyone to the Planet Hanyu GP series prediction game. It will basically include what it says on the tin - predictions about the 6 GP events + the GPF, and is solely there for all of us to have fun. So to say the most important thing up ahead: there is no qualification to participate, even if you don’t know all the skaters from all disciplines or sometimes really have no idea what would be realistic – just take a guess, throw a coin or use the randomizer – and be potentially surprised how that can get you more points then an “educated” prediction sometimes. Ice is slippery and all! Also, Fay & team are setting up threads to introduce the skaters of different GPs and help you a bit if you are unfamiliar with some 😊 We'd be happy if many of you participated! Explanation & rules: Links to Questionnaires for the single events: (So far: Warm-up round, CoR, SC) Google spreadsheet containing everybodys points here. Google spreadsheet containing everyones detailed answers for closed rounds here. And PDFs showing you the overall answers from the Planet Hanyu Cassandra trainee team are here: