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  1. Sigh, I guess this is just how this sport works now. They are athletes, they wanna win. Sometimes I'm worried, but it's just useless. They want to win, create history and stuff. No matter what, it's better to think positively for them.
  2. The irony, no seniors on podium for senior competitions.
  3. This, it couldn't be more obvious. Their figures are just so freaking different. I'm so glad Anna had beautiful skate, but her stick like figure is really worrying me... So scary to watch..
  4. Alina is really really strong to keep giving her best performance. The amount of negativity she received is also huge, but she has her confidence as Olympic Champion. I think that saved her a lot.
  5. As long as she doesn't give up, Empress Liza has showed that it could be possible..
  6. Dunno why, I suddenly imagined Eteri and TAT as bff... Okay, time to sleep..
  7. Ferrer

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    Yeahhhh, the real queen is now owning!
  8. Ferrer

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy Birthday Zuzu~! Wish you can be healthy to achieve your dream.. We're all rooting for you~
  9. Ferrer

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    The media is scary, I hope she's strong enough to fight this and come back better.. Remember why you moved, Zhenya! Fighting!
  10. Ferrer

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    That Olympic silver medalist keeps her PCS nice even though she was too tense and nervous to sell her program at all. She can be better if she let go of the pressure, but how long will that take...
  11. Ferrer

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    That was too much of a mess, why give 1 or 2 points if she isn't going to podium anyway. That will be too much outrage.
  12. Ferrer

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    With how overscored Alina is, I really freaking feel confused just how this ladies' discipline work. And I just realized they still put Zhenya's FS higher than Marin's. Ffs, Marin is such a beautiful skater, that PCS is a crime... Where's the justice..
  13. Ferrer

    [2018] GP IdF - Ladies SP & FS

    Just want to make sure.. Stanislava had no UR at all? Really?