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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I didn't even know they were struggling with funding. Glad to give a little to help out.
  2. I actually like it. Looks very different, but in a good way. But I am one who had pink hair when I was a teenager, so there is that bias there.
  3. He had a really good score to not have it even be perfect! I really think his FS is going to do very well for him this year. Super excited to see how well he does! Even if he has no shot at being top 5, staying in the top 10 without any (consistent) quads is amazing.
  4. Ha, me too! I think he's doing it all the time lately. My friend RT'd his snippet of his video in Japanese and got one. #blessed
  5. I looooove this skate. I don't normally like his skating at all because he has a tendency to seem disconnected from what he's doing (kinda like he doesn't care almost) but with this one it's not like that AT ALL! It's just really, really fun to watch.
  6. He acts with Pooh-san the way I do with my cat... who is very much alive.... take from that what you will.
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