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even though it's not new, I just came across this old interview of Zijun and Mirai. Isn't she the most adorable little thing out there? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQsUPc81n-g


Also an old video of Zijun in 2009 at 12/13 years old: 



she's such a talent and so energetic!!! Mingzhu  may have cleaned up her jumps, but during puberty she ruined Zijun :sadPooh: I just wish her the best and she seems to be on the right path now! 


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On 17/5/2017 at 00:25, xeyra said:

Has this been posted here yet?


Jinthe new Pairs team.



Ahh I missed out on this.Back on May 1st, Labor Day, they were at my home town for the new opening of the local mall rink (champions ice rink in the Global Center). Most of my rink mates made it there. The conclusion was 1) Sui/Han is awesome and super graceful pair off ice; 2) Jin Boyang is very taciturn and shy, he also generally does not say no, so almost everyone managed to get a photo with him in some way shape or form, he is willing to sign everything and a rinkmate got his entire t-shirt signed by the Chinese team (Sui/han, Shen/Zhao, Li zijun, Jin Boyang etc); 3) There's a new move they did immediately after this video, where 3 of the chinese males (Jin on the top naturally) did a 3-person spread eagle (laid against each other, not side by side), only Chinese men goof off this much. I need to ask if a rink mate would allow me to upload that video here...

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I'm glad S/H are keep going with L.Nichol. I love S/H with Lori much more than "before Lori" era. Except this program (by David Wilson) that one of the my favorites from them:






(is there anyone in the world could perfectly land this 3F jump after that scary throw?! And those spins are terrifying me every time when I'm watching, so dangerously close!)


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