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  1. I actually think so too, but Shoma has the better execution. During Boyang's skate I imagined Sui doing this choreography and it would have been a masterpiece for years to come. I've never seen anybody saying that Boyang should get higher PCS than Shoma. Shoma deserves more than him for sure. But on the other hand, Shoma does get gifted in tech and jump GOE... I'm very happy for Boyang's skate, he looks trained and fit, but at the same time I miss his beaming smile and I don't think he is in a good place mentally. Not relaxed enough. And I don't think he has to be this hard on himself, just do his best, because honestly, no matter what, the political PCS and GOE of his components he cannot overcome by himself. He relies on them making mistakes.
  2. Eclair

    [2018] Other Federations

    yes, planned was a 3lutz-3toe, but he went for 3lutz-2toe but I couldn't care less about that 2toe, his quads were big, beautiful and far away from the boards!^^
  3. Eclair

    [2018] Other Federations

    link to Boyang's FS: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4323022120798732? His jumps! This technique! 100% clean and rotated! So satisfying to watch that technique. I'm on cloud seven ... edit: (Afterthought:) Maybe he should consider taking his shirt off in practice at international competition, too. Maybe his PCS will then rise, too Because 94 is high even for nationals ^^ Like in here: https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151%3A4322233561088647&segment_id=4322233561088647
  4. Eclair

    Team China

    okay this may be nc-17, adults only, but I think you will appreciate, lol
  5. you don't sound like someone with 'amateur eyes' who just wants to know what proper technique should look like as you claimed to be ... I changed the flutz part from 'both' to 'some', as it is true that Kostornaia has a borderline flutz. But I don't appreciate your mocking response, when I took the time to answer your question sincerly. Bye.
  6. No skater ever left Brian Orser or Raf or Mishin and said afterwards, that the reason they left and were injured was because of constant overtraining and that the coach wanted them to push further even though injured. Yulia, Adian as well as Evgenia said after they left Eteri, that the way of training has led to their injuries and they can't sustain this kind of training after puberty. Not surprising, that therefore Eteri gets critisized a lot. And from russians, too - Tarasova for example is no fan of Eteri's 'factory' for skating (Eteri refered to her school as a factory herself in an interview).
  7. There are certain jumping techniques that will give junior ladies skaters very consistent triples, but is not sustainable when their body change: use of the arms instead of legs while jumping, small jumps that rely on rotational speed a lot more than jumping height and distance etc. Examples of people who had that technique and never had a chance to survive puberty with them are: - Caroline Zhang, Yulia Lipnitskaya, Elena Radionova, to a degree also Evgenia Medvedeva and Anna Sherbakova (although it's not as bad with her as with Yulia), Serafima Sakhanovich, Then there are jumping techniques that doesn't say anything about whether the skater will keep their jumps through puberty, but are considered 'bad jumping technique' in general: - pre-rotation, under-rotation - flutzes and lips (wrong edge take-off on lutzes and flips) - messy toe-tap - loss of speed when landing a jump, no smooth glide out of a jump Examples of those are: Satoko, Evgenia, Marin etc. Then there are skaters who have impeccable jumping technique. These are the skaters who have the best chance to survive puberty, although nothing is guaranteed: - they jump big, have a clean take-off, don't use their arms much and don't pre-rotate on the take-off. Examples are: - Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Carolina Kostner(basically everyone from camp Mishin) - Yuna Kim, Rika Kihira, Alina Zagitova, Alena Kostornaia, Wakaba and Kaori (although some do occasionally flutz/ pre-rotate).
  8. Here is an interesting tweet for anyone who feels that Tuktamysheva should have gotten the Euros spot:
  9. no she was 12th https://www.fsrussia.ru/results/1819/rusnat1819_ENG/Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf
  10. yeah I know... it will be stressful for all skaters... I'm a little disappointed my info on Alena's age eligibility was incorrect ... apparently you have to turn 15 before July 1th to go to senior worlds. I was secretly hoping this whole season, that they would allow Alena to go to senior worlds....
  11. are you sure? I thought she would be age eligible for worlds this season? It was mentioned at the start of the season by someone ... and isn't she 15?
  12. If I were them, I'd name Tuktamysheva and Kostornaia to the wolrds team and send Alina, Samodurova, and Konstantinova to EC to battle it out. or if they want to give all ladies a chance (unlikely), name Tuktamysheva, Kostornaia and Konstantinova to the worlds team. And Alina, Samodurova, and Evgenia to EC. But what they will probably do is: name Tuktamysheva, Alina and either Konstantinova or Kostornaia. name Alina, Tuktamysheva and Konstantinova or Kostornaia to the wolrds team.
  13. Evgenia herself said in an interview, that the training amount she did under eteri was not sustainable if she didn't want to ruin her body. It was in an interview I think after the Olympics, where she was asked about her visits to the german doctor before the olympics. Sorry, I don't remember it more in detail..
  14. Eclair

    Team China

    I heard the words at Helsinki. He said: It's not my place to answer. BIG big difference to 'it's not my decision to make' which he didn't say. Good to know about the Century Star rink
  15. Eclair

    Team China

    Like I said, I'm not sure he has any severe problems with the fed. They certainly weren't delighted, when he refused to go to Orser, but before that the 'fed'-people really liked him and also joked with him, so maybe their relationship is just a little cool at the moment, but nothing serious. Or maybe not.