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  1. Team Japan

    Wakaba is now competing at Challenge Cup!! 2 skaters, until she skates her SP!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    did you notice, just like Brian, Boyang's coaches hair is thinning, too ...
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    talk about flu meds^^
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I saw that 4lutz-3Toe Rippon and I was like
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    lol then maybe the issue is my doctor. Whenever I went to him because of flu symptoms, it's like: as long it's nothing bacterial but only viral, there is nothing I can do about it. Just drink a lot and keep warm. But then I again, we have here pretty strict regulations to prevent resistances developing ..
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    yeah but never heard of doing that for regular flu viruses - quite the opposite, if you have the flu and it's due to a virus, you usually get told that there is only home remedies you can try, but no antibiotics or such. same goes for noro virus. but maybe Raf didn't mean virus when he said virus, but actually meant infection?
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    in that interview with Raf he said, that Nathan is out with a virus right now. It's pretty serous (but not life threatening or anything as I understand), as Raf got called and told to take medication, too (didn't understand that part - what kind of virus requires other people to take medication, too? (except for maybe STD's but I don't think Raf would be in immediate danger if that was the case^^).
  8. General Skating Chat

    what does the video show? it's not available for me ...
  9. General Skating Chat

    there is an translation of that article posted on FSU
  10. serously, I'm not surprised at the PCS of everyone ... And feeling especially sorry for Evgenia either. She got her 38 PCS undeservedly for so long, now another girl is russia's number 1 and gets even more undeservedly. No big difference for me. Sure, medvedeva has improved a lot, but I mean, not enough to get 38 regularly, when satoko is always around 33-35. German Eurosport were on fire. Started with complaining about the judging with skater 2. And didn't stop complaining until the last skater. They thought, that Kaetlyn should have been nearer to the top 2. that Alina doesn't deserve so many PCS. That Kaori should have gotten higher GOE than Satoko. That Bradie was scored very generously etc. etc.
  11. ridiculous. BradieTenell falls and scores 9 points higher than a clean IsadoraWilliams? With Bradie getting 29 PCS and Isadora 25. At least they should be close. That's how being from a big fed makes all the difference. First two skater and I'm already annoyed
  12. I think while their relationship might differ, it's very admirable of him to try to love all of them equally. Like when parents have multiple children, of course they'd be closer to some of them than others, but by trying to love them all the same even if they might have a different personality than what is preferred, is the only way to deal with it. Especially if you want them to develop on their on pace, their own way. It wouldn't help at all if he said, I'm closer to this student /child than to that other because our personalities match better. So I madly respect his psychological abilities!
  13. General Skating Chat

    the Chinese judge did his job the dumbest way he could I think, even if the US judge is investigated, she did the smart thing and didn't let her scores deviate too much from the rest, even though she accomplished the same thing as the Chinese judge by letting her scores get deleted to rise the average scores. Oh that last bit was interesting, I agree. I wonder, if it mean something that Brian doesn't have a US skater right now. Someone said, he once said it's because he can't because he lacks the papers to do it. But then TSL said, those paper are a formality that coaches usually let their assistant take online and that's an excuse because Brian doesn't want to deal with the crap of the US fed. I too think, that if Boyang asked Brian, he would probably agree to coach him. But I'm also not so sure that the Chinese fed lets him. The most they ever did was to let foreign coaches coach their skaters part-time or as 'specialist camps'. Zijun once was trained by Mishin full time and that didn't went well with her fed I think. And I don't think Brian would agree to only train Boyang as a 'secondary' coach or with the Chinese fed having too much of a say. Another issue it, that I could see Brian not wanting to take on Boyang/Nathan/Vincent as long as Yuzuru is still competing, because he doesn't want him to see them doing 4lutzes everyday and start trying those again... Since there is speculation that Javi will stay in Brian's coaching team after retirement, I think it would be awesome if Boyang trained there too, especially they both kind of are more the performer and not grand artist type. Apart from not speaking English very well, Boyang is used to his current coach since he was little, so that would be a huge change for him. Boyang was asked to commentat his SP and FS and it was very descriptive, like in 'this is the 4lutz' 'this is the 4sal, the landing was good, it got x GOE', this is the camel spin, the levels are needed for that and that.' It kind of showed what his priorities in thought process and training are and there was no explanation of the story or the feeling of the programs. No matter what, my personal opinion is, that if Boyang doesn't change coaches, he will loose out on PCS and GOE's big compared to Nathan, Vincent and Shoma. Especially if one of those would go to Brian instead. Gold in 2022 I would deem impossible, except there is a splatfest. A medal would be hard but not impossible. On the other hand, Boyang is really used to his current coach, so who knows how a new one would affect him.. But knowing Brian's team, I'd expect it to be a friendly place and Boyang is so likable that I guess this will not be huge a problem.. Of course the thought behind Brian coaching Boyang is that he improves SS, TR, packaging and keeps his Tech level. Brian couldn't do that with Nam though, so who knows how much he really could do with Boyang. On the other hand, I love what Brian did with Elisabet. She may not be very consistent right now, but her skating clearly showed the difference in school between Brian and Eteri.
  14. General Skating Chat

    OMG if Boyang looses his 4th place finish because of that I've often thought, that the way the CHN judges score Boyang shows, how they have no clue how the system works. They just extremely overscore. While the smart judges know, that they have to over score a little in every GOE and PCS category, so that it won't be too glaring, won't generate the feeling of negativity in other judges, and maybe won't even get deleted...