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  1. Eclair

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    but then Yelim would be 2 +2 If Sasha wins her next JGP, what about the skater who comes in 2nd then? If she also was 2nd in another JGP, then total score would be the tiebreaker, wouldn't it?
  2. Eclair

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    okay, but that is impossible while there is a chance that Yelim gets the JGPF. So who has to place how for that to happen?
  3. Eclair

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    can someone remind me, what has to happen for Yelim to get a GPF spot?
  4. Eclair

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    Alena looked really pale and sick and the beginning ... hopefully she is fine well, I love her and what can I say, if Trusova can get an 80+score with over the roof PCS and pre-rotated jumps, then Alena can get a 70+ score with one less jumping pass. And she does have the quality to get high GOE in everything. I do admit, I'm biased here though. I want Alena's true artistry to triumph over the cluttered, non-sense choreography of the usual Eteri girls...
  5. Eclair

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Short Program

    WHAT? LOL LOL LOL I love him, but that's what Boyang got last week for his SP. And Shoma was around 45 at Lombardia too wasn't he?
  6. Eclair

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Short Program

    he looks in good spirits, fit, healthy and trained! Beautiful program, I love his nuance
  7. soo are we sure we'll see Yuzu's program later? Do we know, that he won't just skate around a little, do a 3axel, mark some places and then leave the ice?
  8. Eclair

    Team China

    I think the choreography and music of his FS are fantastic. it's a masterpiece. But the execution is still lacking. Of course it's difficult, but he was so slow, neither choreography nor jumps were good ... unfortunately ... I hope he can give this program the credit it deserves because it really is one of Lori's better ones. I know it's early so there is that. And he did improve. But I wish he would improve faster.
  9. Eclair

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    I'm curious what Mikhail says here: Can someone summarize?^^
  10. Eclair

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    yes, that's what I meant with more passion, sharpness and tango, less Adios. Especially in the beginning and the middle. The stepsequence is OKisch, though not great. That ending pose must go.
  11. Eclair

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    I think this is just his resting bitch face. No specific emotion whatsoever
  12. Eclair

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    not a fan of Evgenia's FS ... the music is just too dragging and the choreography is like Adios Nonino 2.0. There was a reason Adios never achieved the popularity as other yuna programs ... it was too subdued, too subtle in it's intricateness (even though it was there) to love it at first sight. David Wilson should add more tango, less Adios into it ...
  13. Eclair

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    Alina's last spin was right in front of Eteri. That girl has some nerves of steel to not botch up under Eteri's critical eye. Also, not much interaction between those two. A little bit cold. Right lutz edge, but pre-rotated more than 90° and that was an underrrotated 3loop close to downgrade. also, that music cut and choreography is just terrible. My ears and heart bleed for her, as she has so much musicality in her, that is not used. Evgenia: best program, but still the same jump issues /flutz/ pre-rotation. I want to see Brian and Eteri interact with each other.
  14. Eclair

    [2018] JGP Linz (29.08 - 01.09)

    that was the first thing I did too when I saw her score! Now Anna won the SP but Alena won the FS. And that with a tougher panel and small mistake and going first in the sp. I think this competition was a good one for Alena and the competition inside the group is still open - I'd even argue slightly on her side with all the positive feedback she gets for her jumps, her GOE potential and her PCS potential.