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  1. Eclair

    General Skating Chat

    you should apply at ISU for a freelance job for developing a good method to sniff out national bias As well as block judging go you!
  2. Eclair

    General Skating Chat

    so apparently they liked the judging at Golden Spin pre-Olympics...
  3. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    here is the whole Han Yan issue from a pretty reliable source. They are fans who personally know him and are close to him. It's a tragedy and so cruel, I almost can't believe it ... On the other hand, I think Boyang has more of a saying. He is popular with the fed and they want to keep him happy. So, I don't think he personally objects to going to TCC, especially since he always seems to enjoy his stay at Lori's in Canada.
  4. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    I think maybe Brian meant, that since Yuzu is a very well-mannered person, if he asked directly for permission to coach Boyang, Yuzu would have said yes, even if at heart he didn't like it. So the best way is to just throw the idea at him and look at his reaction. And apparently there was none and also I assume, Brian gave Yuzu at least a full month to consider and that's the reason why he announced coaching Boyang just now and not in April .. at least that what I hope he meant. Otherwise it would be a little weird ..
  5. Eclair

    Team China

    like the music choice so far I hope the choreography to it won't disappoint!
  6. Eclair

    Team Russia

    could be from averbukh ... I seriously can't tell ... sorry ... but props to her to try out choreographing and I'm really wondering how she'll look on ice next season under Orser and Tracy!
  7. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    I hope Jason adds to the TCC spirit instead of throwing it off-balance. If Tracy liked him so much and thinks he fits in there, that's great. It sounds as if Brian isn't as sure though and this sounds to me, that he isn't sure how much more technically Jason will improve ("We can work with him technically, but we have to keep him healthy.). TCC is going to be a busy place and I'm not sure whether I like that or not. Especially since now both Jason (I like him) and Boyang (I like him more) are potentially showman-like skaters ...
  8. Eclair

    General Yuzuru chat

    the vest is fantastic. the yellow skirt-shoulders on the other hand ...
  9. Eclair

    Team China

    Wang/Liu are training in Montreal long-term now Zijun Li uploaded a video of her skating saying: skating now feels so fulfilling: no news from Boyang, but we'll see him at THE ICE Han Yan gave a speech about his journey in figure skating:
  10. one of his programs: Classical music - Rachmaninov - choreo by Shae-Lynn or Jeff Buttle another of his programs: he'll repeat his let's go crazy SP or Princess Monoke soundtrack, choreo Shae-Lynn, for example this: my dream would be Yuzuru skating to Princess Monoke soundtrack and Javi skating to Io Si Saro: Maybe even Les Mis, East of Eden, Moonlight Sonata or a mix of Yo-Yo Ma's pieces edit: yes, the more I think about this, the more I'm sure he'll repeat his 'let's go crazy' SP
  11. Eclair

    Team Japan

    So interesting ^^I love these! what did they all say? Did Rika somehow run longer than the rest of them? and what did Satoko say, from the way she said it, it seems the fitness test could have gone better?
  12. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    it depends on what Brian sees in Boyang, I guess. I think he sees unfulfilled potential and has an interest in coaching Boyang, therefore there are talks about some arrangement. I agree though that it's though to find a reason why Brian would agree on Boyangs Chinese coach going to TCC, too. There is this issue, that the Chinese fed doesn't like their skaters to be solely coached by a foreign coach, so I can see that Brian could agree on Boyangs coach sitting in the kiss&cry with them, but to be there full time? Personally, I think the most ideal situation for Boyang himself is, if his coach comes with him as he's a great support to him. And I do believe, that HongBo Zhao meant some kind of long-term arrangement. What I fear is, that Brian won't agree to have Boyang's coach at TCC, the Chinese fed at the same time don't agree on only having TCC coaches coaching Boyang, therefore they won't find an arrangement. Or something along the line, like: Boyang is in TCC half the season, the other half in china and they will communicate about how his training goes. Half-hearted basically, and I doubt this will be effective
  13. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    well Boyangs coach said, that since his own kid is now an adult and in college, Boyang is to him like a second son. So I don't doubt that he would happily going with Boyang to TCC. What TCC makes of it is the question though
  14. Eclair

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    actually the original statement didn't indicate neither short-or long-term. My personal guess is long-term, because 1. last year Boyang went to Lori's house for a few weeks for choreography too and his coach didn't went with him 2. HongBo Zhao said that Orser is the best at polishing and finishing skaters. This is something that needs time. It doesn't make sense to send him there for a summer camp for that. All in all, I don't think his coach remaining on his side indicate anything short-term. It makes sense for his Chinese coach to stay with him, because they've known each other since childhood and as far as I understand, his coach gives him great support and their close relationship is probably part of the reason Boyang is to carefree and resilient. It doesn't make sense to give this up and throw him into a completely new environment especially with his language barrier. Personally, I'm hoping for Brian and his Chinese coach to both coach him at TCC long-term. That would be ideal.
  15. Eclair

    Team China

    oh I meant his other short videos... he posts them occasionally and you can find some of them here in the thread. main action is mostly either singing, dancing or eating.