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46 minutes ago, sweetwater said:

What a lovely picture :tumblr_inline_nhkf04zUM41qid2nw:

I don't know exactly why, but I always find the back of a cat's head so adorable.
I wonder if the other Chopin on the ice is watching the test skate somewhere :D

If he is not watching (because he is training, for instance), then he certainly will, won't he? He knows so well other skaters' programs, I suppose he watches them with attention. And DoI.

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woah. There is a thread about cats. :nicethread:

I am an extreme cat lover, and I adopted 16 strayed cats before (until now)

Idk why but these cats are seriously obedient like when they want to pee they get out of the house and do their business outside.

Once I shut the door so my cat couldn't go out, and it went into my bathroom and peed on the floor:tumblr_inline_mzx8t1Yuvn1r8msi5:

I find male cats so clingy when they are young and afterwards get super aggressive and dominant when they get older, and they tend to run away from home often. Sometimes they will bring a female cat home, or a male cat which he quarreled with.

Chaotic but I love them:xD:

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1 hour ago, IceWings said:


I'm so sorry to hear that. It's so hard to lose a dear pet. Sending much sympathy your way. :sadPooh:

Thank you, I am having difficulty coming to terms he’s no longer with me. He was well over 17. 

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