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On 12/2/2018 at 5:41 AM, BWOZWaltz said:


プリキュア the anime with this particular episode where this boy Anri participate in a skating competition. 

Now Anri has an injury to his leg that could jeopardise his skating future so the comp could be the last one...:13877886:




They're saying that this Anri character must have been inspired by Yuzu as Anri uses frills and ribbons for his skating costumes and have an attitude of "boys can be pretty like princess as well"...



On 12/2/2018 at 9:31 AM, kaeryth said:


Try the fancam thread. It usually includes video links of open practices.




On 12/2/2018 at 2:38 PM, BWOZWaltz said:


Music concert by figure skating program. This is a TV program in which a musician plays music synchronised with figure skating programs. Shohei Sekimoto who was 4th prize in Chopin International piano competition 2005.


On 12/2/2018 at 2:53 PM, ralucutzagy said:



On 12/3/2018 at 6:25 AM, IULIANA said:

Its worth reading, even with google translate!


On 12/3/2018 at 11:23 AM, ralucutzagy said:



18 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

This little boy, Yaroslav Polovik, won the Santa Claus Cup in Finland, wearing a Hope & Legacy-inspired costume. I think it's a different competiton(?) but shares the same name as the first competition Yuzu won in Finland as a little boy.




13 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



9 hours ago, Bilge said:



4 hours ago, Sammie said:



3 hours ago, Fay said:

Inna Goncharenko about Yuzuru: 



Question: The absence of Yuzuru Hanyu might make the others think that it’ll be easier now?

Goncharenko: the absence of the leader might lead to others bombing. When everyone’s competing, everyone’s more focused. The healthy Hanyu would have been a hot favourite. His programs aren’t well practised right now, at the start of the season, but seeing them is like seeing Mona Lisa. He’s truly dedicated himself to FS, and he’s a real pro in every aspect. It’s so regretful he’s been injured. I wish him a quick recovery and come back to the competition.


10 minutes ago, ralucutzagy said:



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23 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

He's an angel! :tumblr_inline_mg16f1RxCn1qdlkyg:


21 hours ago, kaeryth said:



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19 hours ago, ruruzest said:

im !

waiting to board 

and wish it could have been !


17 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

There's a thread in here! :8232307:



16 hours ago, kaeryth said:



ETA: The trophy for the "Yahoo! Search Grand Prize" are gold bars!



12 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:


More photos with the Poohs! Look at all those Poohs!! Our Overlord is amazing and so are the Fanyus! :8232307:




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6 hours ago, MrPudding said:



6 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



2 hours ago, Katt said:

Its an interview from an JSF official with a tabloid magazine. Yeah, it conflict with what JSF said after COR and I saw japanese fans mad about this article. Yuzuru has some officials support him and against him in JSF, its sad but that's how it is. We'll have to wait and see. I believe Yuzuru and his team would make the best decision :grouphug:


We got news today  https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2018/12/06/kiji/20181206s00079000422000c.html Brian said he would discuss with Yuzuru about Nationals and future competitions next week. He was in Japan temporarily for further inspection but he's returning/is back to toronto now. 


2 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:



Guys please calm down. This so called "interview" does not have the actual fact backed up. This is typical tabloid magazine's dirty trick. They never disclose the actual source or the name of the person who spoke about it. They always just put  "officials" or "a sports journalist" or "insider information".  Like this one http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/15697999/

Reputable news paper or publisher will not use this tactic of making up an article based on fabrication. This is just a writer putting on a speculation to stir things up. JSF president Hashimoto has confirmed that the federation will back up Yuzu. If someone from JSF secretly had an interview and said what s/he said in this "interview", that person will have to face the consequence of contradicting the official statement from the president.


What we/fans need to do is stay put and think about who's saying what to who's benefit. Those people who publish such speculations as well as people tweet about them just want to upset fans and that's exactly what we have to avoid. Do NOT fall into the trap. Please.




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2 hours ago, kaeryth said:



2 hours ago, MeowZu said:



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10 hours ago, Sammie said:



6 hours ago, Forcefield said:





Don't know if these has been shared.


5 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:



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