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Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd 'RE_PRAY' TOUR - Saitama


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13 minutes ago, Perelandra said:

Oh, I just went to the website and signed in via Google, for yourself please try the sign in via whichever platform that you signed in with when you set up your account Google, Facebook etc then when your username appears click on it and the drop down box should include the 'my beyond' choice

Really sorry to hear that you are having such trouble and you should not have to purchase again $35 dollars is a significant sum of money wherever one lives, it seems to be working fine for me with English subtitles. 

Tq so much.Now i am able to access it following your instruction.

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I finally had the time to watch Re_Pray🥳. It's performance art and I love it💜.

Thought it was quite interesting, the parallels one could draw between the gaming behavior and the mindset of a competitive career. Him as a game character was also such a cool move😎🤩. Have to say I don't like all of his new pieces (the one with the red costum, the music was just too chaotic for my liking), but I like how they all clearly transported his thoughts and the story. New costums were all amazing, by the way😍🤩. The best move was him doing different sounds of skating without music. It felt like he listened to all of us saying we love the sound of his blades on ice, it's just such a distinctive sound.
I also loved how much fun he seemed to have during the encore, so nice to see.

But what sticks with me the most, and that might sound a bit strange, is the outro video, the one where he skates at the rink and with each cut he is in a different costum. My mother thought the same, it kind of left a deep impression with us.


Overall a great piece of art and I can't decide if I like Gift or Re_Pray more and thankfully don't have to 😁.

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I rewatched RE_PRAY for one more  time before the stream disappear (I still hope for DVD one day or even for a dl link ,paying it of course) and I cannot stress enough what a magnificent work of art it is,Yuzuru really has a galaxy brain!

The six minute warm up was amazing ,the tension of it(what can I say? Years of watching -FS have trained me like a dog….I hear warm up and I fret) the determination and his wonderful technique were fully on show under the simple neon light. Truly a gift!


I also liked the way it was filmed, no feet cutting neither cameras panning away during a jump and I think we could also appreciate the beautiful effects on the ice.

And then of course this amazing guy in the middle of it all,Yuzuru opening us his world through skating ,music, emotions and gaming.

I think I have many fave moments but Seimei skated at the end touched me deeply more then usual.:heart:

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I rewatched RE_PRAY many times (and just finished another time before the VOD is gone!), and the more times I watched it, the more I like all

his new programs!  They are al

so cool and dramatic.  Megalovania is an all-spin program, that is so innovative!   

Yuzu’s skating is so good, even way better than when he was in his competitive career and breaking records left and right, how is this even possible?!  His movements are so sharp and yet so smooth.  Attention to every single small music note.  The amount of work and practice he must have put in, it’s unbelievable.

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