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Yuzuru Hanyu Fancams and Reports

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I took a few videos and pictures (secretly) over the course of 2 days at the Tokyo World Team Trophy event. I will add to this initial post once I've compiled my reports from where I originally posted it.


Here are a few videos and pictures from Days 1 and 2.


Day 1~

Team intro

https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1597812 ... begin-2017


Inside the rink


https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1597881 ... i-snuck-in


I tried :rofl:

https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1597871 ... hwarted-by


Day 2~

During the 6 minute warm up before his FS.

https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1598276 ... ated_post=


https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1598276 ... p-his-quad


Inside the rink



Space kitty lost during the intro line-up


https://yuzupoo.tumblr.com/post/1598278 ... tures-from


Sorry for it being blurry. It was posted on tumblr first and I think they resize it. Also, I was trying to be covert while using a phone camera so...

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Asiacheetah, thank you such a lot - we also look forward to your reports!

Or... can you access them in GS now?


I'll have to go thru the two threads I posted them in to find them. I don't have access to my account.


Actually I posted a few in the Fan Fest so those are lost to the ether. Mostly they were posted during the 6 minute warm up. When I wasn't super stealthy video mode.

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Live reports and fancams of Yuzuru at WC 2017.

I will just copy what I posted at FSuniverse here:


https://twitter.com/FSpiritVarz/status/ ... 4881047552

Yuzu entered the arena, said hi with bear hug to Liza's mom and to Tracy, chatted with her a lil, hugged Brian, waved to Liza happily


Yuzuru imitated Brian's actions while coaching Liza. He is so cute. https://twitter.com/boc_co4/status/846257890050654208


Like coach, like student: http://i.imgur.com/OeGFbqm.gif


Yuzuru's SP practice first day, no sound


My friend at WC told me:

There is an Australian old lady (77 years old) who said she used to teach dance and she's even seen Baryshnikov and she said Yuzu is as good as them. And that he doesn't have to be told how to interpret the music and what to do with his body.


His 4T1lo3S http://www.facebook.com/groups/16103935 ... 165999114/

4S3T https://twitter.com/BeanySkates/status/ ... 4232637440


4Lo https://twitter.com/Expletivum/status/8 ... 1893366787

Ina Bauer 3A spread eagle http://pamigena.tumblr.com/post/1588860 ... ctice-2703


Yuzuru's practice video day 1 at WC 2017

Part 1 http://dai.ly/x5gesai

Part 2 http://dai.ly/x5gf3y8

Part 3 http://dai.ly/x5gex5z


Thank you so much Kiches


Second day he had not too good practice in the morning:

The Biellmann is back, this mean his shoulders are ok now: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSLGK7LAJw7/


He did a 3A out of nowhere before ending the practice http://weibo.com/5577379807/EBTfckXFj


His 4Lo https://twitter.com/BeanySkates/status/ ... 2791961600


I made a gif of Yuzuru's frustrating 3A out of nowhere from Pamigena's video



His practice on the third morning was so so.


Pamigena videos of Yuzuru in practice http://pamigena.tumblr.com/tagged/my-video

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Great report of Yuzuru at WC 2017 from kichessarjilian

https://kichessarjilian.tumblr.com/post ... -legacy-in


Won0066's reports:

https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... worlds-sp/

https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... ss-moment/

https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... ce-photos/

https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... ny-photos/

https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... la-photos/


Morozombie's report:

https://morozombie.blogspot.com/2017/04 ... ience.html

To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, watching figure skating on a screen is to live figure skating pretty much as watching pornography is to the felt reality of human love. Nowhere have I been more reminded of this fact than when I witnessed* Yuzuru Hanyu skate his Hope and Legacy long program at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki last week.

One key aspect of a live figure skating performance that cannot be translated onto the screen is that somewhat vague and underdefined criterion listed in the "Performance/Execution" component of the official Program Components Score explanations: "[t]he skater radiates energy resulting in an invisible connection with the audience." I would say that the "energy" and "invisible connection" parts imply that such a performance becomes more than the sum of its parts by presenting an invitation to participate in something that exceeds the fetters of our immediate experiences, but whatever that criterion means, Mr. Hanyu's performance of his long program at Helsinki last week undeniably embodied it, and embodied it in spades. I have been fortunate to witness a number of indelible figure skating performances in person through the years, but I don't think I've ever had an experience as an audience member quite like what transpired at Hartwall Arena during Mr. Hanyu's long program.

On screen, we can see the audience applaud and cheer, we can share in their obvious excitement despite being thousands of miles away, but that ineffable connection between skater and audience must be experienced in person. How do I even begin to describe what it felt like being in the audience during Mr. Hanyu's long program performance? It was, for the lack of a better word, entirely hypnotizing. The thing I remember most were those tingly moments when it felt like the 13,000-strong audience at the Hartwall Arena was living and breathing as a single, very large organism--for example, the silent, expectant tension that felt like the entire arena was collectively holding its breath when Mr. Hanyu was setting up for his second-half 4S-3T combination and the huge, collective roar and lapse back into regular breathing patterns when he landed it perfectly. The universally ecstatic, deafening applause breaking out when Mr. Hanyu landed his final jumping pass--the 3Lz--that continued unabated until he finally left the ice to enter the kiss-and-cry. Seeing the sheer happiness of the people all around me--Russian, Japanese, Finnish, American, whatever--wiping their eyes, hugging each other spontaneously, and letting out the occasional guttural roar or scream.

Given the attendant peculiarities of the particular context in which Mr. Hanyu skated his long program at Worlds (the fifth-place short program performance, the extremely high level of competition, the quest to regain a long-awaited world title), in retrospect, it's understandable why Mr. Hanyu's long program at Worlds was so spellbinding--simply put, it was one of those otherwordly, possibility-expanding moments in sports that allowed the audience to access certain registers of experience far removed from quotidian existence: exhilaration, beauty, intensity, awe, catharsis, greatness, greatness, and greatness.

*witnessed must be used here, because nobody simply saw that performance


Yuzuru Hanyu placed first overall with a total of 321.59 points to win his second world title in the most emphatic fashion, taking the podium by a storm by skating a phenomenal, world record-breaking long program after an inglorious fifth-place short program finish. I'm already waxed lyrical about the spellbinding experience of watching that performance live--click here for a refresher--so let's speak about the short program at Worlds. Despite the major loss of points due to the combination jump being invalidated because of the weight transfer between the salchow and the toe, I must say that Let's Go Crazy is also such a great, crowd-pleasing program to watch live. Look past the rather ludicrous purple-tinted costume and it's so easy to feel your jaw drop as Mr. Hanyu blazes through a series of ridiculously difficult transitions straight into a giant triple axel right in front of you. Ditto with how Mr. Hanyu throws himself into the step sequence with great speed and wild abandon before whipping the crowd into a frenzy with that slide towards the judges. All in all, a fantastic performance that did not let the mistake on the combination detract from the program.


1) Yuzuru Hanyu, Hope and Legacy LP at 2017 Worlds

Well, duh. It was an incredible experience to watch this version of Hope and Legacy live, and watching the skate on video just doesn't do justice as to how spellbinding the performance was. Upon re-watching Mr. Hanyu's Worlds performance on Youtube, however, what is more apparent in retrospect is how . . . effortless the entire skate was despite the overwhelming pressure that Mr. Hanyu must have been feeling: the flow in and out of the jumps, the lightness of the steps, how unharried and serene every movement was, as if Mr. Hanyu was skating alone in an empty rink with not a care in the world. Astounding.

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Yuzuru said thank you for the flower girls during gala https://twitter.com/skymugut/status/833374775732875264


Yuzuru says thank you, I love you in Chinese http://danjoshing.tumblr.com/post/15742 ... in-chinese


4CC press conference photo https://twitter.com/misayuzulove/status ... 7601690624


Evan Bates said something and Yuzuru looked at him with puppy eyes, so cute: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQxk1FygUda/

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