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Yuzuru Hanyu Fancams and Reports

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I took a few videos and pictures (secretly) over the course of 2 days at the Tokyo World Team Trophy event.


Also, I was trying to be covert while using a phone camera so...


Thanks for taking & posting!


I was wondering how they could prevent fans from using camera phones. Are there strict ushers? (I want to try to get tickets for WTT 2019, so asking for myself!)

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Yuzuru's English has improved a lot, interview with Charlie White:

With PJ https://www.facebook.com/16086272393217 ... =2&theater

With WC twitter https://twitter.com/helsinki_2017/statu ... 3589057537


Lol https://twitter.com/Yuzukony1/status/847492738056454144


English subbed of an interview after SP


5 minutes interview at WC 2017 after FS was translated as well:

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Dandelion‏ @neechannn i @max_ambesi

When you were underscored but still managed to set a new world record


He is so happy https://twitter.com/nagi_y1/status/848132438685474816


A lot of compliment

https://twitter.com/icenetwork/status/8 ... 7807372289

"Can't skate it any better than that. A virtuoso performance from Hanyu"



"johnnygweirPure Hero. Yuzuru Hanyu, 2017 World Champion"


https://twitter.com/LauraLepisto/status ... 6774782976

"WHAT just happened. The best event in history!? WOW."



Meagan Duhamel‏: New world record is coming. #YuzuruHanyu must be from another planet. #outofthisworld



Eric Radford @Rad85E

Yuzuru Hanyu = #nocomment #flawless #Helsinski2017 #worlds2017


https://twitter.com/max_ambesi/status/8 ... 8433183744

Massimiliano Ambesi‏ @max_ambesi

Yuzuru #Hanyu the only man in history to overcome the wall of 320 points (three times in career). #羽生結弦 two times World Champion #awesome




IOC President congatulates Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu after his specatcular victory at the world championship men’s free skating in Helsinki.




Once again you proved , that you are great champion, coming back from 5th place to take the gold, congratulations Yuzuru!


An article from New York Times

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/01/spor ... .html?_r=2

Dazzling Free Skate Lifts Yuzuru Hanyu to World Title


Article on Reuters http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-figure ... KKBN1733G7


They even know Yuzuru's a fan of Pooh:


Two days after Hanyu's gold-medal prospects appeared to be in jeopardy, when a landing on bended knee from his quad Salchow left him trailing in fifth place, the Winnie-the-Pooh fan had his coach Brian Orser banging the side hoardings in celebration as he racked up a world-record 223.20 points for the free skate.

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Jackie Wong has something nice to say about Yuzuru


Hanyu continues to cement his GOAT status

I've commented a few times about Hanyu's 2015 Grand Prix Final performances and his status as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Saturday's free skate was the first time we've seen him skate cleanly since that Grand Prix Final, and he was unbelievable and looking like the dominant skater we had expected him to be since that competition.

This was really only the second time that he has delivered well under the pressure of an ISU Championship event with expectations on him to win (the first being 2014 Worlds in his free skate). It was a testament to his skating and the mistakes in the event in Sochi when he still won the title despite errors. And during the last two Worlds, he has taken a lead into the free skate and faltered, with training mate and friend Javier Fernandez grabbing the gold instead. It was the exact opposite in Helsinki - Hanyu went from fifth to first with his magnificent skate, and Fernandez dropped from first to fourth after a mistake-filled free.

So how do this free skate and this win change his position in the history of figure skating? Well, it definitely elevates his status and allows him to continue to make the case for himself as the greatest. In an era when the difficulty level of men's skating is at an unbelievably high level, if he can sustain this through the next season and win his second Olympic gold, we can give him the GOAT medal.


From http://www.rockerskating.com/news/2017/ ... at-returns

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Philip Hersh's new article on icenetwork: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/04/04/222260052

1. Yuzuru Hanyu can look erratic, both painfully and delightfully so.


Even with that, the Japanese star is exceptional enough to have achieved consistently brilliant results in the past four seasons.


Olympic gold. Two world titles. Two world silvers. An unmatched four straight Grand Prix Final victories by a singles skater. Highest scores ever in the short program and free skate, and over a competition. A fan base in his own country and across the world that, thanks to social media, may be the largest in the sport's history.


And imagine what his record would be had he not lost leads after the short program at the 2015 and 2016 World Championships.


This year, he rallied from fifth in the short program to take the gold.


My icenetwork colleague, Jackie Wong, makes a case for Hanyu as the greatest ever, given the technical demands of the sport today. Certainly no one before him has blended free skates of such consummate artistry and four quadruple jumps.


Comparing the achievements of skaters from different eras is impossible because of changes in the sport's judging and scoring systems, and the advances in jumping. The best way to judge is to look at dominance in a particular era.


By that standard, there is no doubt after this season that Hanyu, at 22, already has a place in the sport's pantheon.


He could increase his stature even more by putting together two error-free programs at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. He won the gold in Sochi with a sloppy, two-fall free skate.


The signature performance of Hanyu's career came at last season's Grand Prix Final, an event that gets little attention outside the skating world. It would be nice if he could match that next February, when even the people who watch skating but once every four years would know they have seen an athlete for the ages.

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Hanyu, who stood in fifth place following the short program, performed a superb free skating program to “Hope and Legacy” by Joe Hisaishi, nailing his best performance of the season and a record of 223.20 points. He perfectly executed four quadruple jumps, including a quad loop, plus five triple jumps including two triple Axels, spins and footwork. All his jumps come “out of the blue” with no preparation at all and they are perfectly landed on soft knees with beautiful running edges. They all look so easy, as if they were just single jumps!!! He is unique. Impressive were also his step sequences, especially, in my opinion, his choreo sequence filled with original and beautiful moves. His skating is very soft and graceful and filled with passion. Simply fantastic. One of the best programs I have ever seen. He was awarded twelve 10 marks in the Program Components.


From Sonia Bianchetti, a former ISU official and referee


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"If myself ay the age 17 saw my current records now, he might tell me I should've got more gold medals. But there was no year that was wasted, and I was able to win at this superb Worlds, so I feel proud of the result." - Yuzuru Hanyu



Please click CC button for English sub

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YesWay's photos of Yuzuru at WC 2017: http://photos.phantomkabocha.com/Figure ... index.html


Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski were interviewed by Maggie Hendricks for USA Today



Johnny Weir: "As a commentator, I'm looking from the outside in some ways. Yuzuru Hanyu is definitely somebody I've respected his entire career, someone I am impressed with his level of growth. Despite being the reigning Olympic champion, he still will progress and try new elements and really fight for every program he's in, which makes him exciting to watch in addition to being a beautiful skater."


Someone cut out the part in which PJ Kwong and Paul Dore talked about Yuzuru at the men event recap:


Another great video with comments from Scott Russel about Yuzuru at WC 2017:


Below are some transcribed (and some translated) remarks about Yuzuru’s jumps and general jump quality from commentators all around the world.


Kurt Browning: “[quads] each as good as the one before” “every single landing looked like it was on butter” “Relatively simple triple flip, but basically camouflaged within the choreography”


Robin Cousins: “Effortless triple flip, coming in the middle of the step sequence, just out of nowhere.” “Shivers. That was sublime. Goodness me, that was sensational. Because you can’t, no one will, even Javi, will have the delicacy of this jumping, this technique. It is delicate even if he’s flying through the air and he’s forcing his body to do these quads. They are light and elegant. Not one of them on the minus side, absolutely… yeah, on the money. There is no tension in his upper body when he rotates, you see it especially in slow motion… just look at his upper body, there’s never any tension in his upper body when he skates anyway. What command. …it was just beautiful.”


Alban Preaubert, Florent Amodio, ESP France commentators, translated by Altie:

(Alban) “I think that when we’ll see the protocols there will be +3 GOEs e-ve-ry-where, I cannot imagine another outcome! The quality of execution is extraordinary, you just can’t do better!” “There are transitions everywhere, even before the triple axel ! And they are all extremely complex”

(Florent) “He’s done such an elegant program, with such ease. Yes, ease is the word, because he flies on the ice, everything is ethereal, the jumps are majestic…” “Look at how high the quadruple salchow/triple toeloop is ! And here, the quadruple toeloop ! What a mastery !”


Annick Dumont (Fr2 commentator, coach), translated by plumededragon: Five triple jumps, including 2 3A, 4 quads… all brought with much elegance, so he has bonus on everything… It’s indeed the most beautiful program ever seen! Of the whole men skating history! … This program will have to be shown in all skating schools..


Max Ambesi & Angelo Dolfini (ESP ITA commentators), translated by Lys and Caro: “Quadruple Rittberger. Magnificent. +3. Quadruple salchow. Textbook perfect. Triple flip after difficult steps, perfectly executed. Quadruple salchow, triple toe loop. Perfection…” “The best free program skated by Yuzuru Hanyu, and that means that this is the best free ever skated in history… I’ve never seen anything like that…”


ESP Germany commentators, live, translated by Eclair: “Everything he showed today was done with an unbelievable ease.”


ESP Germany commentators, recap, translated by Nicole Silbermann: “The quad sal. PERFECT. Both of [quad salchow and quad loop]. There is no way to perform (this jump) any better.”


Brian Orser’s week at Worlds with skaters Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez

http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/brian-o ... -fernandez


The part about Yuzuru:


Continuing on this Worlds train of thought. Is there anything you said to Hanyu before his free skate? What was he like the night before leading into that?


I knew he was disappointed after the short so we needed to just let him be disappointed for that night. Then we did our practice the next day and he was on a mission to prove something. I totally had to hold him back and say, “Just do one practice. Don’t do a run through. We’re just gonna treat this like a day of rest.” He was kind of like, “really?” And I said, “Yeah, just trust me on this. I want you fresh for tomorrow; you’re gonna be fine.” Hocheese holely, he’s never been in this kind of condition before. So, just, “trust your training. You need to come to the rink a little more approachable, a little bit less focused.” He gets intense. There’s focused, and there’s intense. As soon as he came in and we started our off ice warm up, I looked at his team leader and I said, he’s got a better face today. I could tell by his face. He was a little bit more engaging and it just felt right.


Your communication has improved then? I read when you first started working with him you kept a translator on your speed dial!


Yeah! Well, you know what, he’s been studying English. He’s learning English. Sometimes he would just throw a yes or no answer without understanding the question. And now he takes his time and thinks about it and he explains what he’s feeling, or what the answer is supposed to be. He’s communicating that way. I said, “We can’t take anything for granted here.” Whenever he answered a question with “yea, yea, yea,” I knew that he didn’t understand the question. So I had to rephrase it.

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I took a few videos and pictures (secretly) over the course of 2 days at the Tokyo World Team Trophy event.


Also, I was trying to be covert while using a phone camera so...


Thanks for taking & posting!


I was wondering how they could prevent fans from using camera phones. Are there strict ushers? (I want to try to get tickets for WTT 2019, so asking for myself!)


Actually this is in Japan and as long there's signs against taking pictures, people will abide by it. I was told off by my fellow seat mates not anyone working there.

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Thank you for posting!


I hope you don't regret going despite the tickets being 42759374502347509843 dollars :sick:


Truthfully, the super expensive ticket was for Yuzu's SP where his heart and ours were broken so yeah... I could have done without rink side seats for that. My heart hurt for him. I did enjoy it overall tho and found some skaters I really enjoyed watching thru it: Loreen from France and her gorgeous SP, the French pair was really dynamic, Weaver and Poje were gorgeous.

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Thanks meoima for posting all these links! :bow:

I like how you can see his smirk in Brian's direction after 4T2T in this one :laugh:


Some more fancams:


SP by Aaron M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXXdybONS84

SP by HeeYuHee



FS by Aaron M

FS by Layla Hong

(720p60 but some jumps are out of frame)


EX by Aaron M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQyi7Y5Ndr0 (includes standby before EX)

EX by mont mer

EX by sn xy

(pretty good quality bird's eye view)

EX by Layla


Gala fluff:

Yuzuru's reaction after his EX - the original Embarrassed Swan?

(longer version from the other angle


Yelling Arigato gozaimashita on the way out from the gala:

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